Stari Grad with its history of 2400 years is the oldest establishment not only on Hvar Island but also in the entire country of Croatia. It is located in a beautiful environment, surrounded by olive fields, vineyards and oakwood forests. What to do in Stari Grad? We are now going to introduce the great opportunities that you have if you choose this resort.What to do in Stari Grad

This article gives you an overview of the following topics:

Things to do in Stari Grad: Wonderful beaches

The town has several beautiful beaches where you can enjoy the sunshine, swim or just relax in the shade of hundred-year-old pines. The most popular beaches include the pebbly Banj located 500 metres from the city centre and Lanterna, app. 800 metres away. For those who love sandy beaches, Olive is a great choice, and so is Maslinica, which is located 2 kilometres from the centre. We also recommend visiting the resorts of Paklena, Zavala and Žukova.

What to do in Stari Grad: Programmes in nature

Hvar Island’s constantly well-tilled and neatly tended landscapes are among Croatia’s most beautiful sights. Stari Grad Plain became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008. You can go on a walk among olive groves, vineyards and beautiful lavender fields, and the surrounding areas can be easily explored on a cycling trip. There is a wonderful view of Stari Grad as well as Brač Island from Glavica Hill. The trip starting from the town takes app. 20 minutes, and it leads through wonderful Mediterranean pines.

Things to do in Stari Grad: Visit the sights in town!

You can admire the town’s several historical memories from Roman times such as mosaic floors, the wall remains and ruins of old spas. Only a few sights were preserved from Greek times, like the 11 metres long Greek wall, which is the eastern wall. We are going to show you further must-see sights of Stari Grad.
What to do in Stari Grad

Hektorović Castle

The town’s main sight called “Trvdalj” or Hektorović Castle used to be the summer home of poet Petar Hektorović; it was built-in 1520. Latin and Croatian inscriptions can be found on the building’s walls. You can admire the beauties of the palace’s garden: a magnolia tree that is more than 100 years old and a fishpond filled with seawater. The marble tables and desks in the garden belong to Hektorović Museum. In the museum, you can find a gallery upstairs, and in the building next to the fishpond, there is a small ethnological collection.

Dominican Monastery

The former Dominican Monastery from the 15th century is located beyond the Church of Saint Rocco, behind the garden of Hektorović Castle. It is unique because the Turkish pirate Ulus Ali burnt it down in 1571; it was rebuilt only by the end of the 1800s. Inside you can admire the painting The Mourning of Christ by Italian painter Leonardo Corona; some believe that it belongs to Jacopo Tintoretto. There is also a small museum of local history inside the monastery.

Church of Saint Rocco

The Church of Saint Rocco, which is a Renaissance-Baroque styled chapel in the private possession of the Hektorović family, is located at the left side of the castle. Its main altar is decorated with Saint Rocco himself, while the side altar on the left has a Madonna painting from the 18th century. The church has a wood coffered ceiling with a decorative Murano glass chandelier. The latter is also from the 18th century.
What to see in Stari Grad

Events in Stari Grad

Like other Dalmatian towns, this resort also offers several entertainment opportunities for the visitors. They organise the Stari Grad Summer Festival every summer, which is a music festival that offers great concerts and gastronomic programmes. Cultural and junior festivals, as well as sports events, are also organized in the area.

Gastronomy of Stari Grad

In Stari Grad’s restaurants, you can try amazing seafood and famous Croatian wines such as the Zlatan Pavac. One of the best choices is the restaurant Konoba Batana, which has delicious meals and polite staff. We particularly recommend tuna and truffle pasta here. Antika is another good-quality restaurant; beside the delicious meals, they also offer great value for money. We mainly recommend trying the frutti di mare pasta. If you are looking for a good drink, you can enjoy great cocktails at the Lampedusa bar.

In this article, we have listed the must-visit programmes in Stari Grad. The town on Hvar Island has several beautiful buildings to offer, and those who prefer active recreation will have the opportunity to hike in a beautiful natural environment. You should visit too! Read more if you plan Stari Grad sailing or boat rental Stari Grad.