The ancient picturesque town is a popular destination among tourists due to the cultural and historic sights. The atmosphere is much calmer compared to other towns in Sardinia. What to do in Bosa? Get to know the cosy Sardinian town better!What to do in Bosa

This article gives you an overview of the following topics:

What to do in Bosa: Beaches and popular watersports

If you would like to swim, there are baches of picturesque beauty around the town. The long Bosa Marina, for instance, is well-equipped, and you can find bars, restaurants and shops here as well. The water is shallow, so families with small children often come to visit. The other well-known beach in town is the Spiaggia S’Abba Druche. However, take into consideration that it is only 180 metres long, so it is very crowded during the main season in the summer. We recommend this beach with its clean and transparent water to families with smaller children.

Do you like watersports? Bosa Marina is an ideal place for surfing, while Spiaggia S’Abba Druche is suitable for kayaking. Other beaches such as Spiaggia Compoltitu, Spiaggia di Porto Mànagu and Torre Argentina are perfect for scuba diving. The sea bottom at Torre Argentina is rich in fish.what to see in Bosa

Traditions and entertainment opportunities

Bosa is the centre of Planargia’s historic region. It is famous not only for gastronomy but handcrafting traditions as well; items that are especially worth mentioning are coral jewelry, asphodel baskets, and textiles. The celebration of Festa di Santa Maria del Mare takes place around the first Sunday in August: fishermen walk along with the statue of St. Mary from the town’s port to the cathedral. They also have firework and folklore performance to enhance entertainment.

If you are looking for other entertainment opportunities, you can find the Le Ragnatele adventure and rope park in Alghero nearby, which will offer a pleasant experience both for children and adults. There are 8 tracks, divided into 2 categories based on the difficulty level. They are marked in different colors. The red, green and yellow courses are for adults, while the orange, blue and pink ones are for children. The Mare Nostrum Aquarium can also be found in the town; here you can admire several species of fish and unique sea creatures. This is also a program that families with children must try.

What to do around Bosa? Explore the wonderful caves!

If you are interested in trekking and bird watching, we recommend that you visit the park of Capo Marrargiu Biomarine and the natural reserve Badde Aggiosu in Marrargiu e Monte Mannu. Interestingly, Bosa is home to the only indigenous colony of the Sardinian griffons. If you are lucky, you can spot them fly over the city. Near Bosa, in Alghero, the following two caves are worth visiting.

Grotta di Nettuno

It is one of the most known and popular tourist attractions not only in Alghero but in Sardinia as well. They discovered the cave in the 19th century. When you approach the cave, you can see wonderful places from the boat such as the gulf of Porto Conte or the vertical cliffs of Capo Caccia. You can also access Grotta di Nettuno on the stairs called Escala del Cabriol, which were carved from the rock in 1954.what to see in Bosa

Grotta Pizzi e Ricami

Are you a cave enthusiast? Then visiting the cave Grotta Pizzi e Ricami can also be an unforgettable experience. It is unique because the sunshine turns the crystal clear water turquoise. Due to safety reasons, we can visit this wonderful place wearing a diving suit, with the assistance of a guide.

The characteristics of the local gastronomy

You must definitely taste the unique local dishes, especially the frutti di mare. Or would you prefer a nice Italian pizza? Choose the Cossu Giovanni pizzeria. The Essenza del gusti di Nanni Solinas is a special restaurant because they provide an amazing view of the beach. The dishes are delicious, they are prepared with excellent quality ingredients and the prices are fair. The Giardini Malaspina Bosa Ristorante offers a wonderful view as well: it faces the town’s fort. Bosa is also famous for the quality of the olive oil and the wines. As for the latter, we recommend Malvasia in particular, which is perfect for the meals.

In case you would prefer to avoid the crowds, Bosa on the island of Sardinia is a perfect choice. Choose the beautiful beaches or the cosy little bays, where you can sunbathe and swim in a peaceful environment. If you are looking for natural sights and entertainment opportunities as well, sail to Alghero nearby. Read more if you plan sailing in Bosa or rent a boat in Bosa.