This stunning town is located at the foot of the Orjen and Lovćen Mountain sin the Gulf of Kotor. Thanks to its architectural gems and monuments, it is unique not only in the region but also in Europe. What to do in Kotor? Here’s a look at the holiday activities you can choose from if you visit Kotor.What to do in Kotor

This article gives you an overview of the following topics:

Things to do in Kotor: The best beaches

Since we are on a rocky terrain here, the town’s beaches are at the foot of the mountains. The beaches in the bay are fed by the mountain streams which make the water much cooler than the open sea.
The Orahovac beach, close to Kotor, is very special because of its lush Mediterranean greenery. The pebble beach is 1000 metres long, so you will always find free space. The Plavi Horizonti beach in Tivat is also an excellent choice. The Blue Flag” href=”” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Blue Flag-certified beach is covered with golden sand and is recommended for families with small children. If you like snorkelling, you can see many unique fish species in the crystal clear water. If you wish for a special vacation rent a boat Kotor and sail in Kotor.

What to do in Kotor: Nature tours

Lovćen National Park

This beautiful park is located on the border of the Mediterranean and mainland climate. The 900 square metres area is home to 200 bird species and 85 butterfly species. In addition, 1300 species of Montenegro’s rich flora are represented here.
Moreover, aside from the rich flora and fauna, you can also find many cultural and historical monuments in the park. The site of the mountaintop Mausoleum of Petar II Petrović-Njegoš, this impressive tombstone offers breathtaking views over the area. He was the first bishop of Montenegro who made Montenegro and independent state. He is considered one of the most outstanding Serbian poets. In the mausoleum, you can admire the stone statue depicting Petar II Petrović and the large stones surrounding it. The stones showcase Montenegro’s history and culture.
There are many hiking trails in the National Park with well-marked signs.

Islands in the Bay of Kotor

It is worth taking a trip to the two tiny islets in the middle of the Bay of Kotor. One is Gospa od Škrpjela, also known as Our Lady of the Rocks. It is an artificial island with a little church, a museum and a gift shop on it.
The other islet is called Sveti Đorđe or St. George. There is an old cemetery beside the St. George monastery.what to see in Kotor

Things to do in Kotor: Discover the highlights of the town!

The old town of Kotor is considered to be the best-preserved city protected by a wall in the entire Mediterranean region. The 20 metres-high walls were built more than a thousand years ago. Explore the narrow alleyways and cosy cobblestone streets. Kotor has some impressive buildings, and we recommend visiting the churches and other interesting places.

St. John Fortress

Follow the signs in the Old Town showing the way to the fortress. Although more than 1000 steps lead to this masterpiece of medieval architecture, the view is worth the effort. The architectural style of the fortress, standing at 260 metres, was influenced by several cultures like Byzantine and Venetian.

Cathedral of St. Tryphon

Located in the heart of the Old Town, the Roman Catholic Cathedral os St. Tryphon was built-in the 1100s. The largest and most beautiful building in the area is a great example of Romanesque architecture. Interestingly, they discovered the foundations of a 9th-century church during excavations.
The building was named after the patron saint of the city, as was the square where the cathedral stands. You can go inside with an entry ticket. The main attractions of the cathedral include the Corinthian columns and the stone ornament above the main altar from the 14th century.

Church of St. Luke

This small Byzantine-Romanesque church was built-in the 12th century. This is the only building in the Old Town that could withstand all the earthquakes in the area. The Catholic and Orthodox altars of the church are excellent proof of religious tolerance in the region.

Church of St. Nicholas

Located on St. Luke Square, Kotor’s most important Orthodox church is easily recognisable by its distinctive black domes. While most of the churches in the town are hundreds of years old, the Church of St. Nicholas was built-in the early 20th century. You can discover a rich collection of icons, sacred images inside, while in the small museum you can learn more about the cultural history of the community.

Montenegro Maritime Museum

An old Baroque palace, owned by the Grgurina family in the 1900s, houses the museum. The collection showcases a collection of objects found by the Boka Marine Association. In addition, you can get to know Montenegro’s inland waterways, and you can discover the history of maritime trade.

Square of Arms

The city has three old entrances. One of them is the Sea Gate or the Main Gate. After entering here, you will reach the Square of Arms, the largest square in town. It was named after the merchants who sold high-quality, very valuable weapons here in the Middle Ages. They also repaired arms here.
The square is surrounded by symbolic buildings like the Clock Tower, the Napoleon Theatre or the Rector’s Palace. The Venetian buildings enhance the beauty of this place, with cosy cafés and restaurants all around.what to see in Kotor

Traditions and events in Kotor

Thousands of tourists visit the summer events like Bokeljska Noć or Summer Carnival. People wear colourful masks and clothes, and they march through the city to drive off the ‘devil’ at the beach.


If you like having some fun, Kotor is a great destination. There are many pubs and night clubs in the Old Town. Maximus is a great choice. After reopening, this club became the centre of nightlife in Kotor once again. This nightclub is a huge venue, accommodating up to 4000 people.

Gastronomy in Kotor

Montenegro’s gastronomy is mainly inspired by Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. One of the best restaurants in town is the Galion, located at the southern end of Kotor. It is at the end of a small isthmus, thus offering breathtaking views over the Old Town and the port from its terrace.
If you are visiting Kotor, we recommend trying the local wines, Vranac or Pro Corde.

Old Town Market

This small but upscale market is easy to find as it is located outside the city walls. You can find a variety of fresh produce here, including vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, cheese, spices, olives and wine. Since the market is very popular among tourists, we recommend visiting early in the morning.

In this article, we have introduced the best holiday activities available in Kotor. If you drop anchor here, discover the historic Old Town with its vibrant nightlife and exceptional cuisine. Read more if you plan sailing in Kotor or boat rental in Kotor.