Omiš is situated about 25 km southeast of the second-largest city in Croatia, Split. This quiet resort town is ideal if you prefer an active holiday. There are many hiking trails in the region. What to do in Omiš? In this article, you can read about the best holiday activities.
What to do in Omis

This article summarizes the following:

Things to do in Omiš: picturesque beaches

The main beach in this Mediterranean town is the 700 m-long Velika Plaža, located in the town centre. The sea deepens slowly, making it perfect for families with small children. Velika Plaža is well-equipped, you can go swimming, surfing, and you can play beach volleyball and football at the beach.

Slavinj is a 10-minute walk from the town centre. It is a small pebble beach. In addition, you can find the 400 m-long Brzet pebble beach next to Slavinj, behind Hotel Brzet. It is the most popular beach in Omiš. However, be careful because the sea deepens quickly here. You can rent beach umbrellas, sun loungers at the beach, and there are cafés and restaurants nearby.
What to see in Omis

What to do in Omis: Programs in the nature

The most beautiful natural gems of the Dalmatian Omiš are in Cetina canyon. In addition to boat rides, you can go on rafting adventures in the canyon if you like adrenaline-filled activities. Moreover, many scenes from the popular Winnetou-movies were shot here.

If you are looking for a particularly exciting getaway, the Zipline polygon is 3 km from Omiš. It has 8 wire ropes with a total length of 2100 meters. The adrenaline-rich program is set in a beautiful natural environment as guests descend into the canyon. The speed of the Zipline is 65 km/h, while the longest track is 150 m above the ground with a speed of 70 km/h. The group gathers at Josipa Pupačića Nr. 4 in the agency’s office. From here, the participants, awaiting an unforgettable adventure, will be transported to the venue.

Things to do in Omiš: Explore the city’s attractions

Mirabela Fortress

One of the most interesting attractions is Mirabela Fortress. It is situated on a hilltop. Since you can get there easily, it is a very popular monument among tourists. The Church of St. Michael is located in the Old Town, with a flight of stairs leading up to the entrance. The fortress was built-in the 13th century, it was part of the town’s defence system. Although in 1988 a lightning strike almost entirely destroyed it, it was reconstructed in its original form.

Fortica Fortress (Starigrad)

The fortress stands at 311 m, at the top of the Dinara mountain range. A marked trail leads to the fortress from the town centre. Fortica once played an important role in the town’s defence system for Neretva pirates. From the fortress, they were able to see the town, the Celtina canyon and the canal in front of the islands of Brač, Šolta and Hvar. Moreover, the fortress was designed in a way that soldiers could flee here if Omiš fell.
Things to do in Omis

Parish Church of St. Michael

It is the largest building in the Old Town, the church is located in the middle of it. It was built-in the 17th century but the bell tower was only finished in the 18th century. The church is a combination of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles. In addition, the coats of arms of Venetian nobles, local noble families and the town adorn the church walls.

Church of the Holy Spirit

The 16th-century Church of the Holy Spirit is the smallest church in the picturesque Omiš. Built in Renaissance style, it stands on the remains of an old Gothic church that was also dedicated to the Holy Spirit. The old church was already mentioned in 1461 and 1527. There is an exhibition room in the building today.

Traditions and events in Omiš

The Croatian town is home to many interesting cultural events like the Festival of Dalmatian Klapas or the Almissa Open Art Festival in August. The most popular festivals also include Ludi Skokovi Summer Festival and the Omiš Guitar Fest. If you are visiting Omiš, we also recommend visiting the Gusarska bitka and Gusarska većeri Pirate Festivals.

The gastronomy of Omiš

The specialities at this resort town are the grilled meat dishes like chevap, goat and mutton. Locals accompany their meals with dry red wine or beer. At the market, you can buy quality wines, olive oil, honey and fresh fruit. If you want to return home with some souvenirs, you will find the best deals here.

Bastion is the best restaurant in Omiš and in the region. It is located next to the main road. The specialities include fish and seafood dishes, pizza varieties and meat dishes. Puljiz is another great restaurant in Omiš. It is very cosy, and it has a beautiful roof terrace. Since it is a very popular place, you should book a table in advance. Like Restaurant Bastion, they offer delicious fish dishes, great pizza varieties, meat dishes, with fresh ingredients and large portions. Would you try the popular thin-crust pizza? Visit Pizzeria Antula where you can try their delicious spaghetti, lasagne and tortellini.
What to do in Omis

In this article, we showed you the best things to do in Omiš. If you choose this Dalmatian town, beautiful beaches, breathtaking fortresses, churches and unforgettable experiences welcome you. Read more if you plan sailing in Omis or rent a boat in Omis.