Virgin Gorda is part of the British Virgin Islands.. It is believed that the name (Virgin Gorda means “Fat Virgin”) came from Christopher Columbus in 1493 when the explorer travelled to the “New World” for the second time. The island is home to some of the most beautiful places in the region, like The Baths, Gorda Peak, or the beautiful beaches of the Valley. With its secluded little islands and a variety of holiday activities, you can get a taste of the authentic Caribbean culture.
What to do in Virgin Gorda
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Virgin Gorda’s beautiful beaches

Virgin Gorda is full of dreamy beaches. We can visit any part of the island, we will find a secluded, white sand beach, embraced by colourful reefs. Devil’s Bay is at the southern tip of the island. It is the most beautiful beach in the area. Even getting there is a real adventure because you have to go through bushes and climb rocks. South of here is Stoney Bay , a gorgeous beach, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea. The scene that awaits you here is picturesque and wild at the same time. The Pond Bay és a Savanna Bay are on the western side of the island. These are peaceful little beaches, where you can discover amazing corals and unique marine life. One of the most beautiful parts of the east coast is Brecher’s Bay , Biras Creek in particular. In the evenings, you can admire the sunset or the glimmering reflection of the moon on the open water. Each one creates a very romantic atmosphere.

The Baths

The Baths is without a doubt the most popular landmark in Virgin Gorda. It is a large rocky area where we can go swimming and climbing. These fantastic rock formations were born when molten volcanic rocks ended up on the shore and cooled down there. This is because the shores of Virgin Gorda are shaped by volcanic activity. The valley in the centre of the island is a volcanic crater. Crystal clear sea basins await you at The Baths, separated by these huge boulders. We can come here by boat or we can swim here from the neighbouring bays. In addition, there is a trail here through the boulders.what to see in Virgin Gorda

Holiday activities and sports in Virgin Gorda

Gorgeous dive sites

If you are a fan of underwater adventures, there are plenty of shallow dive sites in Virgin Gorda. is protected by two reefs. It is ideal for beginners due to the calm waters. Spring Bay is north of The Baths. The bay offers the same rocky environment, rich in marine life, but it is less crowded. We can find the Wreck of Chikuzen 20 km from Virgin Gorda. However, we recommend visiting this place with an experienced instructor. It is now covered with a large amount of sand, and the wildlife around is very rich. There are barracudas, perch, rays and nurse sharks. The Dog Islands is a small archipelago west of Virgin Gorda. it is one of the most beautiful dive sites in the British Virgin Islands.

Exciting water sports

Virgin Gorda is not only for swimming and diving. You can try several water sports like windsurfing or kiteboarding. The best place for these is North Sound, as the sea is beautiful and the reefs calm the waves.
Leverick Bay offers some exciting sports like flyboarding, or we can rent a jet ski or kayak. These are real adrenaline bombs.

Outdoor activities in Virgin Gorda

Nature lovers can choose from a number of outdoor activities. The national parks are completely untouched, commemorating the memory of ancient times. Let’s see some of them.What to do in Virgin Gorda

Oil Nut Bay

Oil Nut Bay is located at the northern tip of Virgin Gorda. There are six hiking trails in this four hundred hectare area. The landscape is truly dramatic, with wonderful flora and fauna. We can go on a pleasant walk here or a climbing tour.

Gorda Peak National Park

Gorda Peak National Park is quite small, but it has many rare and protected plants and animals. One of them is a rare shrub, the bill bush, which can only be found in the Virgin Islands. The Virgin Gorda gecko is the smallest lizard in the world.
Two trails lead to the lookout tower at the peak. One of them is shorter but steeper, and the other one is less steep and meanders through the forest. From the hilltop, you have a wonderful view over North Sound, and if the weather is clear, you can see all the way to Anegada.

Copper Mine National Park

The Copper Mine National Park is on the south-eastern part of Virgin Gorda. You can find the ruins of a 19th-century copper mine here. The mine was constructed in 1837, where the ore was mined for twenty-four years. In 1862 they closed the mine and it was never reopened. Only the main building and the engine house are all that remain.

Saba Rock

Saba Rock, located in the northeastern part of Virgin Goda on North Sound, has a fascinating history. Bert Kilbride, the founder of Introductory SCUBA Course arrived at Saba Rock during the ’60s and made the territory his own base. After a few years, he opened his bar, Pirates Pub here, then he established some berths as well. With time, this tiny piece of land became a shelter for skippers. Later he sold the place and a holiday resort was built here. They kept the berths though, and the place is still attractive thanks to the sailing-oriented attitude. They also established a museum on the island, which is definitely worth visiting…..try the Virgin Gorda sailing!

Festivals and the gastronomy of Virgin Gorda

The true Caribbean atmosphere includes lively parties, delicious meals and delightful cocktails. If you are looking for an unforgettable evening, Virgin Gora will not disappoint.
what to see in Virgin Gorda

Festivals and events in Virgin Gorda

The Virgin Gorda Easter Festival is the most important event. This is when Spanish Town really comes to life. During the multi-day event, the town fills with mocko jumbies, concerts, parades, a calypso competition and lively parties at night.
Another important event is the Spanish Town Fisherman’s Jamboree in late March, early April. The jamboree celebrates the fishing traditions with fishing competitions, delicious seafood dishes and live music.


Although most restaurants offer international dishes, Virgin Gorda has its specialities as well. These include seafood dishes, such as the unique fish soup, the chowder, edible whelks, mussel pie, or conch stew. Another delicacy is Roti, an East Indian flatbread with different fillings. Of course, when it comes to culinary experiences, let’s not forget about exotic fruits. Taste fresh papaya, mango, or guava. The most popular drink – being sailors – is rum and rum-based cocktails. Of the local rums, Pusser’s is the most popular, originally made for the Royal Navy.
These are only a few of the several holiday activities you can take part in Virgin Gorda. We are confident that those who feel best near water will love this island. Read more if you plan sailing in Virgin Gorda or yacht charter in Virgin Gorda.