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What to do in Brbinj: one of the most important towns on the island of Dugi Otok

Brbinj is located on a neck of land on the eastern coast of Dugi Otok. [...]

What to do in Murter: the “Gate of Kornati”

Murter is located in the northwestern part of the island with the same name. There [...]

What to do in Vodice: Breathtaking attractions

Vodice is situated in a wide bay. It is about 12 km from the nearest [...]

What to do in Zadar: the historic capital of Dalmatia

Zadar, located in Northern Dalmatia, is among the most popular and best-known holiday resorts in [...]

What to do in Omis: A Croatian town with the most beautiful location

Omiš is situated about 25 km southeast of the second-largest city in Croatia, Split. This [...]

What to do in Slano: One of the most beautiful villages in Southern Dalmatia

The picturesque bay of Slano and the village with the same name are located on [...]

What to do in Orebić: The largest town on the Pelješac Peninsula

The picturesque Orebić is in the south-western part of the Pelješac Peninsula. It is surrounded [...]

What to do in Cavtat

The town, which lies on a tiny peninsula, is located app. 20 kilometres from Dubrovnik. [...]

What to do in Vela Luka:
One of the most valuable archaeological sites in Europe

The south Dalmatian town is in the western part of the island of Korčula. It [...]

What to do in Korčula: Visit this picturesque town on the island of Korčula!

The most picturesque town on the island of Korčula is the town of the same [...]

What to do in Korcula island:
One of the greenest islands of the Adriatic

If you prefer peace and relaxation to popular holiday resorts, we recommend visiting Korčula. It [...]

What to do in Stomorska

If you are longing for a nature-friendly holiday, Stomorska is an excellent choice. One of [...]

What to do in Milna. One of the most idyllic towns on Brač Island.

The picturesque town of Milna is located on the western coast of Brač Island in [...]

What to do in Sumartin. The youngest town on the island of Brač

Lush, Mediterranean flora and cosy little streets characterise this popular resort town. It has gorgeous [...]

What to do in Brač

The island of Brač is rich in natural beauties. It is an ideal destination for [...]

What to do in Bol: Swim at one of Europe’s most beautiful beaches!

Bol, surrounded by oil trees and vineyards, is the largest establishment on the southern coast [...]

What to do in Hvar island
The sunniest island on the Adriatic Sea

The Middle Dalmatian Hvar is the fourth biggest island in Croatia. Beside its natural beauty, [...]

What to do in Vis island:
one of the most unique islands of Central-Dalmatia

If you prefer tranquil spots to busy destinations, Vis is the perfect island for you. [...]

What to do in Vis: Choose from the best holiday activities!

The town is in the north-eastern part of the island of Vis in Central Dalmatia. [...]

What to do in Komiža: The most beautiful natural attractions

Komiža, famous for its fishing traditions, is located on the western side of the island [...]

What to do in Šolta: The best holiday activities on the island

If you prefer a peaceful holiday, close to nature, Šolta is an excellent destination. Just [...]

What to do in Hvar: Discover the largest town on the island of Hvar!

The largest town on the island of Hvar is the town of the same name, [...]

What to do in Stari Grad: Visit the oldest town on Hvar Island!

Stari Grad with its history of 2400 years is the oldest establishment not only on [...]

What to do in Marina: Explore one of Trogir Riviera’s most popular towns!

Marina is located in Middle Dalmatia, and being close to Trogir makes it a particularly [...]

What to do in Supetar: The best holiday activities in the biggest town of Brač Island

If you prefer a quiet vacation, close to nature, Supetar is a particularly attractive holiday [...]

What to do in Split

If you would like to visit one of the most buzzing and most typically Mediterranean [...]

What to do in Trogir
Visit one of the most beautiful historic towns in Dalmatia!

Trogir’s rich culture results from Greek, Roman and Venetian influences. It has an excellent location. [...]

What to do in Podstrana: The best leisure activities

Podstrana is located in Central Dalmatia and its proximity to Split makes it a particularly [...]

What to do in Podgora: The best holiday activities

Like many other towns on the Makarska Riviera, Podgora has crystal clean beaches with azure [...]

What to do in Makarska: Visit the gem of Makarska Riviera!

The town, located at the feet of the mountain of Biokovo, is the centre of [...]

What to do in Ploče: The most beautiful natural sights

Ploče is located on the shores of the Adriatic Sea, halfway between the famous Split [...]

What to do in Baška Voda: Discover one of the most beautiful towns on the Makaska Riviera!

Baška Voda has become one of the most popular holiday destinations of Central Dalmatia in [...]

What to do in Dubrovnik: Get familiar with the pearl of the Adriatic!

This wonderful historical, Mediterranean city awaits its visitors with numerous sights. Upon visiting this city [...]

What to do in Kastel Gomilica? What can you do when you sail on the Croatian Adriatic and get on land at Kastel Gomilica?

Roman ruins, spectacular beaches, old fishermen’s ports, medieval and renaissance architectural monuments and untouched islands. [...]

What are the things you can do when you sail the Croatian Adriatic and dock at Biograd na Moru?

Biograd na Moru is a unique Dalmatian town. Narrow paved streets, small limestone houses built [...]

What to do in Sibenik during your Croatian Adriatic sailing

The majority of the Adriatic’s 1000 islands can be found in North Dalmatia. They stretch [...]

What to do in Sukosan

The majority of the Adriatic’s 1000 islands can be found in North Dalmatia. However, some [...]

What to do in Dalmatia

Thanks to its huge stretch of coast and the hundreds of its fantastic beaches, Dalmatia [...]