Near Cagliari, you can find beautiful shore segments as well as mountains with giant woods. Tourists are welcome by the turquoise blue sea and the atmosphere of the old Spanish times. What to do in Cagliari? Explore the breathtaking parks, botanical gardens and other must-see sights! Cagliari cruise port

This article gives you an overview of the following topics:

Festival and entertainment

The most popular Sardinian festival is the celebration of Sant’Efisio, starting on May 1st. It has been organised since 1657. Legend has it that Sant’Efisio not only had a role in spreading Christianity but also freed Cagliari from pestilence and pirate attacks. The crowds, wearing costumes, leave from the city for Nora – 35 kilometres away – where the Saint died. His statue is carried by an ox cart, and the celebrating crowd accompanies it on foot.

Night life

Cagliari has a nightlife with a great atmosphere; both tourists and locals enjoy it. The entertainment opportunities are mostly offered on the Corso Vittorio Emanuele street and its neighbourhood, in the Stampace quarter.

What to do in Cagliari: Amazing parks and botanical gardens

park in Cagliari

Parco di Monte Urpinu

Cagliari is located in a valley among hills and mountains. Thanks to the great characteristics of the landscape, they have established many public parks. Monte Urpinu, for instance, is famous for its wildlife and challenging hiking routes. There is a wonderful view of the city of Cagliari and the sea from the top. An important inhabitant of the wildlife is the fox, and you can see several bird species as well.

Parco Naturale Regionale Molentargius

The Molentargius is famous for the most popular bird-watching spots. It is very close to the centre of Cagliari, so you can access it easily. There are two main basins here. The Bellarosa Minor is a smaller freshwater basin to the northeast, while the Bellarosa Maggiore is a significantly larger saltwater basin to the southwest. Between the two, there are other freshwater basins and canals.

Orto Botanico dell’Università di Cagliari

The botanical garden is on the premises of the University of Cagliari. This great facility is maintained by the staff and students of the institution. They use it as a research and educational centre. There are more than 2000 species in the area, which has a size of more than 5 hectares. It is divided into three main parts where you can see Mediterranean, succulent and tropical plants. If you are a nature enthusiast, this botanical garden is a great sight in the heart of Cagliari.

Things to do in Cagliari: Sandy beaches and sports opportunities

You can find one of the longest shore segments in Italy here. Poetto is famous for the perfect sandy beach. Calamosca or Cala Regina are also great choices. The latter is well-protected from the wind. If you would like to do sports, the city is ideal for surfing, sailing, scuba diving and hiking.cost of Cagliari

Specialities of the local gastronomy

The city is also characterised by the unique gastronomic traditions, which are mostly represented by the dishes made with frutti di mare and fish. The old Spanish times also influenced the local cuisine. We recommend the excellent local wines for the special dishes that you taste.

If you are looking for relaxation, the town city which has a pleasant climate, is the perfect place. You can relax on marvellous beaches, not to mention the sports opportunities and the culinary experience. Read more if you plan sailing in Cagliari or boat hire in Cagliari.