Ploče is located on the shores of the Adriatic Sea, halfway between the famous Split and Dubrovnik. Its beauty is further enhanced by mountains, lakes, rivers and lush valleys in the neighbourhood. You can choose from great hiking routes and try watersports such as windsurfing or kite surfing. What to do in Ploče? We are going to show you a list of the best programmes.
What to do in Ploce
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Things to do in Ploče: Beaches and watersports

The sandy beach of Ušče Neretve is located near Ploče and Blace. We recommend it even to families with small children. The natural reserve which lacks infrastructure offers only a beach bar, so we should have our own sunshades. If you visit the place, you must definitely try snorkelling, windsurfing or kite surfing. The beach of Opuzen, which is app. 1 kilometre long, is also a great choice. It has shallow waters, so it is ideal for children. The pebbly beach of Blace nearby is located in a town with the same name. The crystal clear water is ideal for scuba diving.

What to do in Ploče: Wonders of nature

Kravica Waterfall

One of the most important natural gems in Bosnia-Hercegovina is the breathtaking Karvica Waterfall, located near the Croatian border. The water plunges over 30 metres, 900 metres above sea level, and is feeding into a 120-metre-wide pool which is the largest limestone basin in the area. Beside the locals, thousands of people visit the place every year. Even though you can take a dip in the water, you should know that its temperature never goes above 15-16 °C even in the summer. The natural gem and its neighbouring area are especially popular, as there are many opportunities that visitors can choose from. Watersports enthusiasts can do kayaking or rafting, and there are also excellent hiking routes. We can do wall-climbing and explore a limestone cave here as well.
What to see in Ploce

Baćina Lakes

The Baćina Lakes can be found near the town; the depth of water varies between 3 and 45 metres. The lake system consists of 6 lakes that belong together and also separate one: the Oćuša, the Crniševo, the Podgora, the Sladinac, the Vrbnik, the Šipak and the Plitko. The lakes all share a unique value: they provide a habitat for several plants and animals. Although they are freshwater lakes, there are some springs here that are directly connected to the sea. The springs at the lake Plitko, for instance, supply Ploče and its neighbourhood with drinking water. The lakes have three small islands, and they have a crypto-depression basin, meaning that it is extending to below sea level.

Things to do in Ploče: Explore the sights in town!

The Church of the Queen of Heaven and Earth – also called “white basilica” – is one of the most beautiful modern churches on the Croatian seaside. They built it between 1999 and 2007, and it has 42 stained glass windows altogether. It is also worth mentioning the statues of the Apostles Peter and Paul, and a side altar decorated with a painting of Jesus Christ carrying the Cross. We can find the statue of St Nicholas, erected in the honour of Croatian heroes and sailors nearby.
What to do in Ploce

Traditions and events in Ploče

One of the most famous events in the port town is the Night of Fishermen. Visitors from the whole territory of Dalmatia arrive on the first Saturday of August to try the best fish dishes prepared by local cooks and teams. Boat races are another important tradition in the town; in the old times, wooden vessels were used for communication and transport. Today, the race called Maraton lađa is organised to revive this tradition. The race starts under the Metković bridge and continues along the places constituting the Neretva delta. The final stage is the town of Ploče where the river feeds into the Adriatic Sea. The entire track is 22.500 metres long.

Gastronomy of Ploče

The restaurant called Fulin was established in 1987; it is located in the centre of Ploče. The place has a long tradition and offers a pleasant atmosphere; they also have a professional staff and delicious meals. The latter includes special dishes prepared with eel and frog. As for drinks, you should definitely try the excellent black and white house wine and the schnaps. Another great choice is the restaurant Pećina near the main road. We particularly recommend the barbel or the risotto prepared with meat or frutti di mare. The staff is friendly, and they have affordable prices.

In this article, we have presented the best things to do in the modern town of Ploče. If you choose this place, you can see beautiful natural sights and try different watersports as well. The unique gastronomy will also make your stay unforgettable! Read more if you plan Ploče sailing or boat rental in Ploce.