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What to do in Budva

What to do in Budva: One of the most popular towns in Montenegro', 'Budva has [...]

What to do in Herceg Novi: Explore one of Montenegro’s best cities!

Herceg Novi is your destination if you are longing for a picturesque seaside resort. Thanks [...]

What to do in Tivat: Visit one of the oldest towns in Montenegro!

Although one of the most exclusive ports is located in Tivat, the coastline still has [...]

What to do in Kotor: Discover the jewel of Montenegro!

This stunning town is located at the foot of the Orjen and Lovćen Mountain sin [...]

What to do in Bar?

Bar is Montenegro’s most important and also largest southern port city. Its trade function is [...]

What to do in Montenegro? A tiny country with many opportunities

Travel to Montenegro and discover this little-known tiny country! Sail from the bay of Kotor [...]