La Maddalena’s beautiful, untouched beaches are very popular among tourists. If you visit here, do not miss out on the last home of the Italian hero, Giuseppe Garibaldi, located on the neighbouring island of Caprera. What to do in La Maddalena? Choose from the many holiday activities available in this charming town!What to do in La Maddalena

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Things to do in La Maddalena: Beaches and water sports

The La Maddalena Arcipelago, close to Costa Smeralda, is popular among hiking and sailing enthusiasts. If you like swimming, or you would try diving, you can discover many beautiful beaches and hidden bays in the area.
Cala Francese is one of the most popular beach on La Maddalena Island. Tourists come here on the weekends and in summer as well. The well-maintained beach is quite clean, ideal for relaxation and sunbathing. Although there are not many facilities around the beach, you can rent beach umbrellas and sun lounges from nearby hotels.
The sandy Bassa Trinita is also famous, popular among tourists and locals as well. This clean beach is not only perfect for swimming and sunbathing, but for taking a nice afternoon walk or having a picnic. Like Cala Francese, this beach is quite popular, so it is advised to arrive early in the morning.

What to do in La Maddalena? Discover the beautiful islands!

The archipelago is located in the northeastern part of Sardinia and is the most beautiful and spectacular sight on the island. La Maddalena has been a national park since 1994. It has a territory of 18, 000 hectares and consists of several tiny islands, connected to one other. Some gorgeous islands close to the galluric coast are Maddalena, Caprera, Santo Stefano and Spargi. Close to Corsica: Budelli, Razzoli and Santa Maria. We recommend visiting these islands because there are many holiday activities available to choose from.
What to do in La Maddalena


The island is most famous for Italian freedom fighter Giuseppe Garibaldi. If you visit the place, you must definitely see the place where he lived; the house functions as a museum today. There are simple furniture, family portraits and personal items exhibited. From the house, you can get to the hero’s grave on a path; it can be found in the upper parts of Garibaldi Bay. You can explore beautiful rocky and sandy bays such as Coticcio Bay from here. Then you can get to Stagnali Bay continuing towards the south. This is where the Caprari Sailing Centre is located; it is one of the oldest sailing centres in the country and one of the largest ones on the Adriatic Sea.

If you are looking for even more sights to see, you can access the corner of the Punta Rossa peninsula through breathtaking beaches. You can admire old buildings of a military base here.


The island with spectacular coves and sandy beaches lies in the Strait of Bonifacio between Corsica and Sardinia. The Roman Spargi cargo yachtwreck stems from 120 BC. The 35-meter long yacht’s treasures are preserved in the La Maddalena Nino Lamboglia Museum nearby. If you happen to sail by the Spargi Island, definitely visit the fortresses erected in World War I and II.


This tiny island is only 1, 6 km² in size. As a part of Maddalena National Park, it is a special nature reserve with a famous pink sandy beach, known worldwide. Budelli is an untouched area, it is protected by particularly strict rules and only part of the island is free to visit. The shore has pink tones thanks to the coral and shell pieces crushed by the waves.

Isola di Santa Maria

After that, we are going to sail to the island of Santa Maria near Corsica, where you can choose to dock at two places. Cala Muro Bay is located in the northeastern part of the island, and Cala Santa Maria is in the southeastern region. The latter is one of the most significant coastal sights on the island where you can enjoy peace and quiet in a beautiful environment. The bay has crystal clear water known for its turquoise colour. You can explore some very interesting spots on the island, for instance, the remains of a medieval monastery. They say that Benedictine monks used to use the place as a shelter.
what to see in La Maddalena

Traditions and events around La Maddalena

The most important event on the La Maddalena Archipelago is the Louis Vuitton Trophy. The sailing regatta takes place around May-June. The Fish Festival is held in Santa Teresa Gallura in July, where you can try the most delicious roast fish and Vermentino wine. We recommend you drink a glass of excellent dry white wine as it is one of the best in the country.
The Baltic Cup in Porto Cervo is a sailing show organised by the Costa Smeralda Yacht Club. It is also held in the summer, in June.

Gastronomy in La Maddalena

The holiday resort has many cosy restaurants and bars. Close to the town centre, the Ristorante Il Gotto is a particularly good place to try delicious, excellent seafood dishes. This restaurant offers exceptional service, friendly waiters and reasonable prices.
The Sottovento Restaurant is also a great place, and just like Il Gotto, it offers quality services and a friendly environment.
Are you looking for a delicious pizza? Choose Ristorante Pizzeria Roby’s. If you are in town, check out the fresh seafood and other high-quality products at the town market.

In this article, we introduced the best things to do in La Maddalena. If you choose this holiday resort, you will not be disappointed. Picturesque bays, many holiday activities and local delicacies await you offering fantastic gastronomic experiences. Read more if you plan sailing in La Maddalena or rent a boat in La Maddalena.