The Bimini Islands are so small that we can explore them in only a few hours. Still, there are so many sights of all kinds that one day will definitely not be enough to see it all. The beaches are beautiful, the history is exciting and they also have a delicious cuisine. No wonder that Bimini was among the favourite places of Ernest Hemingway. This tiny archipelago full of mysteries will inspire everyone.
What to do in Bimini
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What to do in Bimini: the most popular beaches

The Bimini archipelago – despite its small size – has amazing beaches. If you feel you need to be alone, and you prefer hidden places, you can sail to any of the neighbouring islands (cayas). Turtle Rocks, Piquet Rocks, Holm Cay and Ocean Cay all offer quiet, smooth sandy beaches. The most popular beaches are the ones on the main islands: North Bimini and South Bimini. One thing is certain: we don’t have to travel a lot to find the beaches that are best suited to our needs. We are now going to show you a few examples.what to see in Bimini

Radio Beach

One of the most popular and best-known beaches can be found on North Bimini, directly next to Queen’s Highway. It is a very long shore segment – almost 3 kilometres in length – stretching from Alice Town all the way to Bailey Town. They refer to it as Radio Beach most of the time, but in fact, it consists of three connected beaches. Radio Beach is followed by Blister Beach and Spook Hill Beach. It would be a tough call to name the best or most beautiful one, and it is not in our place to do so. It depends entirely on you which parts you will like the best and where you want to spend a beautiful day.

Tiki Hut Beach

South Bimini also offers several romantic and peaceful beaches. Tiki Hut Beach might be the most significant one. It is a white sandy beach located on the western coast, and has a length of over 2 kilometres. The shores are surrounded by breathtaking flora consisting of rattans, sisals and unique tropical flowers.

Honeymoon Beach

Honeymoon Beach is the famous beach of Gun Cay, located south of Bimini. The origin of the name is unknown, but make no mistake, the beach is not only for lovers. We can only approach it on a boat or on any other type of vessel. The beach is covered by warm sand, and diving in the incredibly clean water is a fantastic experience. There are several stingray species living near the beach, which have been so used to the presence of humans that they just swim around in peace. If we are careful enough and pay attention not to step on them, the chances of being stung are very slim We can even touch or feed them.

Bimini Beach Club

There are a lot of private beach clubs on Bimini. Most of the are not open for the public, with the exception of Bimini Beach Club on South Bimini, for instance. This place is very exclusive; we can just sit back and enjoy the Bahamian sunshine, then take a dip in the crystal-clear water on the private beach.

Things to do in Bimini: The Bimini legends

The people of Bimini are justly proud of their rich history. It is the home of several spectacular, exciting and mystic places. Some of these places have a mysterious origin or have such a diverse past that they always have something new to offer. It is definitely worth discovering all of them.

SS Sapona shipwreck

The SS Sapona has a diverse and exciting history. It was built as a First World War troopship, but it was eventually finished after World War I, so they used it as a casino and an oil reservoir. They also stored alcoholic beverages in the ship during the Prohibition in the 1920s. In 1926, it ran ashore because of a hurricane and suffered great damage. After that, it was used for training purposes by the military of the United States, as a target for bomber aircrafts. Today, the wreck is sitting untouched four metres deep in the sea near South Bimini; most of the ship has been destroyed by the bombs and the weather. The internal structure is still intact though, preserving its secrets deep down in the ocean. The wreck functions as a navigational landmark, a fishing spot and a very popular diving place as well. Those who love history and the incredible stories of the past should definitely pay a visit!
what to see around Bimini

Bimini Road

Bimini Road or Bimini Wall is a mysterious underwater rock formation located near the northern corner of Bimini. They say that it belongs to the sunken city of Atlantis. They first mentioned the town in connection with Bimini during the 1930s, in a prophecy by famous clairvoyant Edgar Cayce, according to which Atlantis would emerge from the waters of Bimini. Actually, they did report strange activity underneath the sea from a private plane flying over North Bimini in 1968. The limestone formation runs from the northeast to the southwest almost 1 kilometre long, and is incredibly similar to proper roads built by humans. Of course, it is our call to decide what we believe in: the famous legend or the wonderful creative energy of nature. One thing is for certain though: we must all see this place! It is also a great diving spot.

Fountain of Youth

Indian legend has it that there is a fountain, the water of which has a rejuvenating effect on anyone who drinks it or takes a dip in it. Bahamian aboriginals believed that this fountain would be found on Bimini. Thus, the explorer Juan Ponce de León embarked on a journey to discover it. He left in 1513 for Bimini with three ships, but failed to find what he was looking for. Then he continued his journey all the way to Florida through the Gulf Stream. There is still a fountain on South Bimini considered the fountain of youth by the locals. Even though the story might only be myth, the fountain in Bimini is still very interesting. It is thousands of years old; its basin was probably carved out from the limestone by the ground water.

What to see in Bimini: other attractions

What to do in Bimini

Bimini Museum and Bimini Craft Center

Bimini Craft Center can be found in Alice Town. We can find a collection of locally handcrafted items here. They sell authentic products, pieces of art as well as souvenirs. Bimini Museum is located opposite the centre. It was founded by the Bimini Historical Society, and it commemorates the history of the island. They present the colourful history of Bimini with paintings, pictures, artwork and written documents, preserving the memories of everyone who has contributed to the development of the island.

Dolphin House

The Dolphin House was built-in 1993 by a historian of Bimini, Ashley Saunders. He was inspired by the ocean and the dolphins when designing the building. Dolphin House is truly unique, as they used recycled materials for its construction. The structure is also very special and valuable from an artistic point of view, attracting large crowds of visitors. They also have a gift shop inside, and they offer walking tours in the city guided by a historian.

Bimini Big Game Club

Bimini Big Game Club was started by Neville Stuart in 1936. The businessman organised ambitious fishing contests that attracted anglers from all over the world. The club operated mainly as an exquisite restaurant at first. In 1954, they moved to their current location, Alice Town, and then the place became a major venue for big-game fishing. The club earned its current shape during the 1970s; that is when the amazing yacht marina was added. The mission of the club’s owners is to preserve their heritage for the future. It has become one of the major holiday resorts for anglers, and its have added several events to their portfolio. Regardless of why we arrived on Bimini, we will definitely find some of these events interesting We can go fishing, scuba-diving or just enjoy the amazing atmosphere of this old historic place.

Gastronomy of Bimini

If you would like to try the cuisine of Bimini, you must visit one of the local snack bars and restaurants. Besides filling our bellies, we can also get to know the locals, get an insight of authentic Bahamian fish frying and try different delicacies. One of the unique Bahamian specialties is the conch and the salad prepared with it. Some of the restaurants have an open kitchen setting, providing us with the opportunity to see how the food we ordered is prepared. The restaurants on the beach are more romantic, offering a wonderful view of the sea. They serve fresh frutti di mare, sushi and hamburgers, always with a twist by the local chefs. If we prefer to play it safe, we can choose from traditional American and Italian dishes as well.

Bimini is a unique gem on the Bahamas that offers everything the we like so much about this region: wonderful beaches, ports and waterfront activities as well as wonderful monuments. Choose Bimini for your next sailing adventure, and get to know the fascinating tales of the island!