Skopelos is the most beautiful of the four inhabited islands of the Sporades. The island welcomes you with beautiful pebble beaches, crystal clear waters and breathtaking pine forests. It is also a perfect starting point of a boat trip since the island of Alonnisos is very close.

Skopelos Sailing Trips

This article gives you an overview of the following topics:

Things to do in Skopelos: Sandy and pebbly beaches

The island of Skopelos has many beautiful pebble beaches that are partly organized. The beaches that are suitable for swimming are along the west and south coast. However, there are three great destinations around the capital, too. The most popular beach is Stafilos, southeast of the capital. It is a pebble-sandy beach, partly organized. You will feel right at home here even if you prefer a quieter beach. Just go over to the less organized part, away from the beach bars! Beach Adriana is even quieter, and it is only accessible by boat. However, if you choose this coast, an organized beach will welcome you!

What to do in Skopelos: Sights to see

Visit the capital!

The capital of Skopelos is on the east side of the island. It is a typical Greek town in the archipelago. Whitewashed houses, cottages with red roofs and narrow streets characterise Skopelos. There are many grocery stores and souvenir shops near the marina. If you like photography, visit the Skopelos Photographic Centre! However, if you love historic monuments, check out the Folklore Museum in the centre of town!

Go hiking on the island!

There are many monasteries, churches and sacred places on the island. First of all, north of Glossa, you can visit the Gourouni lighthouse from 1889. If you come to Stafilos by boat, we recommend visiting Drakontoschisma, which is only accessible from the sea! It is a rock formation that seems to have been cut by human hands. Legend has it that the patron saint of the island, Saint Riginos, chased away a dragon that had been terrorizing the island. You should also climb Mount Karia to see the graves of the pirates.

Things to do in Skopelos: Entertainment opportunities

Watersports and diving

You can try several exciting water sports on Milia Beach, on the west coast of Skopelos. You can go kayaking, water skiing, jet skiing or even scuba diving if you have some experience. The north-western meltemi wind and the location of the beach make it a perfect location for wakeboarding and surfing.

Gastronomy of Skopelos

We especially recommend trying the local cheeses, cheesecakes and cheese pie variations made from them. Custard is also very popular. Skopelos has rich fishing traditions. Restaurants and taverns offer great seafood and fish dishes. There are several plum orchards on the island, and plums are sold in the local shops. For example, the Damaskino Avgato dessert is very popular. Some restaurants combine cheese pies with plums, offering versions with plum jam and syrup filling.

Although Skopelos does not have a very lively nightlife, the island still offers plenty of entertainment. Especially sports lovers can feel right at home. For a sailor, the island is a great choice because of its location. Skopelos is close to the other inhabited islands of the Sporades. Syros is the only exception, but it is further away from the other islands.