These islands are ‘the door to the New World’ after Columbus set foot upon their soil. Are you also ready for exploration?! I hope, yes. Because the 690 small and big islands and the over 2000 cays can give you the ultimate experience. If you are keen on nature and active holiday, visit the Bahamas.What to do in Bahamas

The main points are the following:

What to do in the Bahamas: Diving and other opportunities in water

In fact, diving is the second popular activity here besides sailing. Thanks to the forming power of nature there are several tranquil, protected bays and undiscovered underwater caves.

Diving on the Abaco and Berry islands

If diving, visit the Pelican Cays Land, the Sea Park or the Fowl Cay nature reserve on the Abaco islands. After check the ‘Bimini Wall’ which is a 4000-meter long underwater rock formation. This can give a unique experience for every diver.

Besides, spectacular caves, cays and wreck dives are waiting for you on the Berry Islands. The experienced divers can jump into the 20-feet deep blue hole in Hoffman Cay. This gorgeous place is the surface entrance of an underwater cave. Last but not least, Mama Rhoda Reef is also on the to-do list. Actually, it is called ‘eel garden’. So you can see here these sea creatures really closer.

Diving around Nassau

All divers dream about Paradise Island and Nassau. What makes them so special? First of all, the hot weather and the crystal-clear water. Then, it does not matter whether you are a beginner or a professional diver, there are exciting dives for both in mysterious caves, sinkholes and cays.

Have you ever heard of the ‘Devil’s Backbone’? It is a shallow and jagged edge reef extending across the northern end of the Eleuthera and Harbour Islands. For exploring the flora and fauna of the ocean the Exumas and its surrounding smaller reefs are one of the most spectacular places of the Bahamas. Watch out for sharks around the Amberjack reef. Anyway, there is also the famous 400-feet deep Mystery Cave.what to see in Bahamas

Diving on Cat and Inagua islands

Pristine is the perfect word to describe Cat Island. However, its northern shore is clear and wild, it is one of the best diving places in the world. Until nowadays the awe-inspiring cays are barely touched, so you can expect a lot of challenges. Not to mention the vertical walls, mysterious sea caves, wrecks, sharks, dolphins and stingrays.

Rum Cay’s location on the continental shelf presents opportunities for some of the best diving in the region, both inshore and on the edge. HMS Conqueror, the world-famous wreck of the Bahamas can also be found here. Basically, this 19-century-old wreck is the fundamental item of the Bahamian Underwater Museum. Let’s talk a bit about Inagua Island where the water is clear blue. The average underwater visibility is 100 feet all year. What to expect under the water? Breath-taking coral reefs and numerous yacht wrecks full of treasure, according to legends.

Things to do in the Bahamas: Aquaventure Water Park, Pirates Museum

After diving relaxes on the cosy beaches. Check our recommendation on the best Bahamian beaches.

For families with kids, the Bahamian aquaparks and adventure parks are a must. For example, the Aquaventure Water Park is a real entertainment facility for all the family members. The 141-acre park offers a number of exciting tours, theme adventures and other entertaining activities.

Another family programme could be a visit to the Pirates Museum. It can be found in the city centre in a harbour. The pirate yacht ‘The Revenge’ is anchored next to it on the dock. Awesome. Thanks to interactive devices you can get to know information on the history of pirates. Honestly, you feel here as if you were living in the world of pirates. The necessary equipment like cannons, hammocks and other memories are also to be seen.aquaventure water park bahamas

What to do in the Bahamas: Explore the nature in the Bahamas!

National parks and many protected areas expect you in the Bahamas. Just a few from the best ones:

Clifton Heritage National Park

The 208-acre park showcases the cultural, ecological and historical heritage of aborigines in the Bahamas. From spectacular natural beauties to sandy beach and cliffs the national park stands out gorgeously on the southernmost top of the New Providence island.

Looking at our adventures outdoors? Well, the list is endless with hiking tours, wild animal and bird watching tours, boating, fishing, swimming and snorkelling. Don’t forget to visit the historic sites of the region.

Ardastra Gardens, Zoo and Conservation Centre

The Bahamas’ first and only zoo is a 4-acre tropical garden lying in the centre of the capital. It is home to many species of mammals, reptiles and birds such as flamingoes, the national bird of the Bahamas. Head to the zoo to see a memorable show with the flamingoes marching on command called Marching Flamingoes, and for an up-close encounter with these unique birds.what to see in Bahamas

Stingray City Park

You can get here by yacht from the Great Harbour Cay Island. It is a tiny member of Berry Islands. The stingrays living here are known as the ‘puppy dogs of the sea’. Underwater dives are organised where you can watch their feeding meanwhile shooting a lot of pictures or even swimming with them.

Things to do in the Bahamas: Culinary experience, golf – enjoy life in the Bahamas

Gastronomy of the Bahamas

Trying the cuisine of the Bahamas will be the highlight of your vacation. Like many other neighbouring countries, rum-making is also famous in the Bahamas. Interested? Then visit Nassau’s well-known John Watling’s Distillery. Of course, you can take part in guided tours and try out many types of rums.

Got hungry? Buy a mouth-watering fried Bahamian fish in Arawak Cay in Nassau. Mussel salad and shrimps are the popular local specialities. On Sundays, there is even live music by local bands. Besides music and food taste local beers or cocktails. For instance, Sky Juice is a fine mixture of coconut milk or water and gin. And there is sweet milk, sugar, cinnamon or freshly-grated nutmeg on the top. An unforgettable experience, indeed!What to do in Bahamas

Things to do in the Bahamas: Golf

However, it’s not the best to pursue sports when your stomach is full, playing golf must be included in your programme. Actually, there are four islands in the Bahamas entitled to organize serious international competitions. So where can you try this healthy, but not exhausting sport? Either on Grand Bahama Island, New Providence Island, Great Exuma or Abaco Island.

Now you understand there is a lot to see in this magnificent country. Read more if you plan Bahamas sailing or yacht rental in the Bahamas.