Biograd na Moru is a unique Dalmatian town. Narrow paved streets, small limestone houses built tightly next to each other, small squares and chunky churches. This unique congestion serves both as the town’s charm and as shade in the warm summer. It provides a light recreation for sailing enthusiasts. What to do in Biograd na Moru

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What to do in Biograd na Moru?

Biograd na Moru, a town with 6, 000 residents, was originally built on the small Bozana peninsula more than a thousand years ago. Its name translates to “white city at the sea”. It used to be a centre where The Croatian kings were crowned. However, the glorious past completely vanished due to the Venetian and Ottoman invasion. Famous sights are thus missing in this town, but the old city is still beautiful.

The Mediterranean atmosphere makes it an ideal place for families. During the day, tourists of any age can find themselves a nice beach, while at night the buzzing downtown offers entertainment.

The two adjoining marinas (Marina Kornati and Marina Sangulin) are two large charter bases providing nearly 1, 000 moorings altogether. They share one entrance underwater. They are very well-equipped, and their moorings are spacious. We can find several restaurants, cafes and shops along the boardwalk that starts here.

Sights to see in Biograd and its neighbourhood

The oldest buildings of Biograd are from the 19th century. The giant white Baroque building of the St. Anastasia church which has three aisles, is located near the marinas. Behind the church is a bell tower with 5 floors. In the front garden, there is a fountain from 1884 standing next to the statue it got its name from. On the square near the bus station is the Church of St. Roch, the size of which is only 6×4 metres. Its only speciality lies in the fact that at the time it was built, the territory fell outside of the town that was surrounded by walls reinforced with circular towers. Later the walls were demolished.

The ethnographic museum is on the beach and has two interesting exhibitions. One is a collection of items of the Adriatic and the Mediterranean Sea, while the other is about the cargo of yachts from the 16th century. The latter exhibition shows us memories from the marine and military history of the Venetian era.what to see in Biograd na Moru

To the south from Biograd na Moru

South from Biograd, at Pakostane is Lake Vrana – the largest freshwater lake of Croatia with a length of 13 kilometres, a width of 3 kilometres and a depth of 4 meters. Part of the lake is a reservation for protected birds. The area is a paradise for fishermen and hunters. The main sight in Vrana is the ruins of a castle from the 11th century.

Vodice’s main charm lies in the atmosphere during summer nights, the walks on the beach and in the old town and the restaurants. The town has a well-equipped marina and many fine beaches.

Tribunj has one of the largest Adriatic fishing fleets; the boats provide a beautiful view.

Thanks to its ideal characteristics, Sibenik is a very significant marina in Croatia. The town that was founded in the 10th century offers several historic sights for spending a pleasant day here. The St. Jacob Cathedral is a World Heritage site as a constructional masterpiece. It is completely built from stone. Its most interesting part is the statue of 74 human faces, ornamenting the outer walls.

To the north from Biograd na Moru

Sukosan can be found north from Biograd. The airport of Zadar is located here. An interesting sight in the town is the palace of the archbishop of Zadar, built-in the 15th century, currently standing in the water.

Bibinje is a popular beach, and one of the most important marinas of the Adriatic with more than a thousand moorings.

Zadar is the most northern town of Dalmatia. It is a Župan establishment with a population of 76, 000. The sights are on a peninsula, and the marina is on the northeastern side. The old city is rich in beautiful historic sights; a medieval palace and tower, a city gate, a town centre, a city loggia, a cathedral and a church. The symbol of Zadar is the Church of St. Donatus. The boardwalk has a sea organ that is given a sound by the waves playing at its stairs; the Monument to the Sun provides a beautiful sight during the night with its light effects.

Things to do in Biograd na Moru: Sports and activities that you must try

They organise several sports competitions and other events in the town, both outdoors and at the swimming pool and cinema near Hotel Ilirija. The Biograd Boat Show and many further events are organised every October in the marina.
The first theme park of Croatia opened here in June 2017. Fun Park Mirnovec offers 25 attractions and has a territory of 4.5 hectares. The three themes are the Wild West, the City of Pirates and Space.

The most adorable cultural event in Sibenik is a child festival during the last week of June, with music, puppet shows and parades.

They have fairs in July and June in Zadar, and this is the time of the Dalmatian song contest as well.

They organise enjoyable bus trips leaving from here to the Krka Waterfalls, and we can even join a canoe safari on the Zrmanja River.What to do in Biograd na Moru

Biograd na Moru is a lively town with a boardwalk along the beach, live music events, sandy and pebbly beaches and dozens of hiking opportunities. It is a wonderful place for those who travel the Northern Dalmatian waters. Riviera Biograd has an enchanting effect on visitors with its natural richness and diversity. Relax your eyes after the blinding sunshine and glassy water on the wonderful sights of national parks and historic towns. Read more if you plan sailing in Biograd na Moru or Biograd na Moru rent a boat. Read more if you plan sailing in Biograd na Moru or boat rent in Biograd na Moru.