Podstrana is located in Central Dalmatia and its proximity to Split makes it a particularly attractive destination. Apart from its rich gastronomic offer, it is best known for its crystal-clear beaches. What to do in Podstrana? We’ll show you what exciting program opportunities await you when you come here.What to do in Podstrana

This article summarizes the following:

Things to do in Podstrana: Crystal-clear beaches

The beautiful beaches of Podstrana are more than 6 km long. Their common feature is that their water is crystal-clear and shines in many shades of blue. The tiny pebble beaches of the bathing areas are sometimes sandy. They are especially ideal for families with small children due to the slowly deepening water. The central location of Strožanac Beach, close to the city, makes it extremely easy to reach. It is located just south of the harbour, near the Split Hotel. The excellent bathing place offers many high-quality services. You will find restaurants; changing rooms and showers are also available. You can rent parasols and deckchairs on the beach. If you are here, snorkelling is highly recommended for you, but you can try the paddle boat or try the picking ball game.

What to do in Podstrana: Programs in nature

There are olive trees, vineyards and peachtree plantations on the slopes of the Perun Mountain facing the sea. If you like hiking, great hiking trails await you, but you can also cycle and climb the mountain. A local travel agency organizes excellent kayak tours. The beauty of the idyllic river landscape is enhanced by the lush vegetation, and you can admire the different species of fish and birds.

If you are looking for a particularly exciting getaway, the Zipline polygon is 3 km from Omiš. It has 8 wire ropes with a total length of 2100 meters. The adrenaline-rich program is set in a beautiful natural environment as guests descend into the canyon. The speed of the Zipline is 65 km/h, while the longest track is 150 m above the ground with a speed of 70 km/h. The group gathers at Josipa Pupačića Nr. 4 in the agency’s office. From here, the participants, awaiting an unforgettable adventure, will be transported to the venue..What to do in Podstrana

Things to do in Podstrana: Explore the city’s attractions

The new parish church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary is on the beach. The modern concrete building with stone slabs began to be built-in 1967 but was not completed until 1991. The old parish church dedicated to the Immaculate Conception of 1777 has undergone significant expansions over the years and was rebuilt-in its present form in 1896. It has five altars made of stone and marble. St. George’s Church on Perun Hill was built before the 10th century.

Being on the top of the mountain, it has been damaged many times because of bad weather and lightning. It was also hit by a grenade during World War II. Despite all this, the building was always successfully restored. The Roman mosaics discovered in St. Martin’s Cemetery are especially the notable ones among the archaeological finds. In the area called Polače are the remains of a late Roman villa building.

Traditions and events in Podstrana

The beach resort is mainly famous for its peach fruits and peach fields. The Peach Festival is held every year in July, where the best fruits are presented. The nearby Omiš’s cultural calendar contains important events such as the Omiš Summer Festival and the Dalmatian Choir Festival. The latter, like the Podstrana Peach Festival, is also held in July.


The town has cosy little beach bars with fine cocktails. If you want to party in the old town of Omiš, you will find several discos and bars in the main square. The Mediterranean, sparkling Split has plenty of nightclubs, and O’Hara is especially recommended. The second-largest city in Croatia is always full of life: musicians, dancers, and concerts provide a great atmosphere.what to see in Podstrana

The gastronomy of Podstrana

The whole Dalmatian region is known for its excellent gastronomy. Their cuisine blends Mediterranean recipes with local, fresh ingredients. The latter include fish, vegetables and high-quality olive oil. Would you like a special treat? Be sure to try grilled fish, black risotto or pasticada. The latter is also called the “queen of Dalmatian cuisine”.

When visiting Podstrana, the Jure Restaurant, opened in 1995, is a perfect choice, as its cuisine offers a great variety of delicious food. In addition to fish and meat specialities, seafood is on the menu. It is also worth tasting high-quality wines. The restaurant’s terrace has wonderful sea views.

The Arkada, which has been operating since 1969 and is known for its rich tradition, is also a great choice. The restaurant awaits you with delicious food, polite service, and reasonable prices.

The article above described the best things to do in Podstrana. If you choose this pleasant, quiet Dalmatian resort, you will certainly not be disappointed. Clean beaches, great hiking opportunities, and an unforgettable gastronomic experience await you thanks to the local delicacies. Read more if you plan Podstrana sailing or rent a boat in Podstrana.