Costa Smeralda is located in the northern part of Sardinia, which is one of the most special places on the island. It was named after the wonderfully transparent emerald coloured seawater. What to do in the Costa Smeralda area has something to offer throughout the year! Bays extending into the land, white sandy beaches. The towns here are rich in Mediterranean landscapes, historical and cultural values, beaches and sports facilities which are easily accessible from the harbours.

What to do in Costa Smeralda
In this article we look at Costa Smeralda in the following points:

Things to do in Costa Smeralda: Sardinian paradise

Sailing to the north of Sardinia, you can find this stunning 55 km long beach. Clean, white, sandy beaches await visitors here, among which we can find rich people, celebrities, and important business leaders.
The area began to improve in 1961, thanks to Karim Aga Khan Prince. One of the beaches, Costa del Principe, was named after him. Architects such as Michele BusiriVici, Jacques Couëlle, SavinCouëlle and Vietti have been working here. Architects such as Michele BusiriVici, Jacques Couëlle, SavinCouëlle, and Vietti have been working in this area.
Walking around coastal towns, we can pass by villas of well-known personalities, Sardinia is very popular among the wealthiest. There are several towns and villages in the area such as Porto Cervo, Liscia di Vacca, Capriccioli, Romazzino.
In addition, the Tavolara Film Festival is organized in Costa Smeralda, and veteran car races are organized annually.things to do in Costa Smeralda

Coastal Wonders of Costa Smeralda

Take the directions to the surrounding islands of Costa Smeralda! From the sea, the view of the island’s is extraordinary. The characteristical coastal houses, balconies, and pubs provide a spectacular view. In the north-west, you can find Isole Nibani, while in the north Isola delle Bisce.
On Costa Smeralda, we have the opportunity to have a dip in the Mediterranean Sea and enjoy the fun water sports (surfing, water skiing, scuba diving). A few meters away from the water there are plenty of restaurants, bars, where you can taste the local specialities. We can even see some well-known person, who enjoys the sea with his family.
In case we want to find a program far away from the beach, you can visit an important archaeological site of Costa Smeralda, the grave of the Li Muri giants.

We also have the opportunity to go to museums such as La Fortezza di Monte Altura, the Monte di Mola Museum, where we can admire the remains of historical events, archaeological finds.

What to do in Costa Smeralda: Cities and Towns

We harboured the boat, we had enough of the beach, and we sported. What to do next? We can look around in different cities and settlements of the region.

It is located north from Costa Smeralda, this is the main centre of this area. This small town is one of the most expensive resorts in the world, where billionaires come mostly. Designer shops, luxury spas, expensive restaurants and exclusive entertainment venues can be found here.What to do in Costa Smeralda

Liscia di Vacca

Lisca di Vacca is a bay located in the northwest, a few kilometres away from Porto Cervo. In the local language, this name means ” cows beach”. This is because the shepherds used to bring their animals here to pasture. During the summer, tourists often come here, it is a popular beach.


This is a famous seaside resort, which is located in Costa Smeralda. The Italian name means children. It is located in the south part, 15 km from Porto Cervo, east of Arzachena. The resort has two beaches, which are separated by granite rocks. The surrounding small islands (Mortorio, Soffi and Chambers Islands) make the scenic view even more breathtaking. The crystal clear water, the beautiful golden coloured sand, and the cooling shadow of the trees ensure an enjoyable holiday.


This rocky coastline is located to the easternmost. This is rarely a populated area. This is a peaceful beach and with clear water. This sandy beach is very popular because of its beauty, it is popular in July and August.

Seasides in Costa Smeralda

Costa Smeralda and its surrounding have several special beaches, each awaits visitors with different atmospheres.What to do in Costa Smeralda

La Celviashore

You can find this deep- blue coloured, sandy shore in the south. You can rent sunbeds and sunshades, water sports facilities are also available.

Capriccioli Beach

East from La Celvia beach you can find the beautiful, quiet sandy plage. We especially recommend this coast to those who are seeking peaceful relaxation.

Pevero Beach

One of the most popular beaches in the area. This sandy shore is located in the north. Not far from the shore boats and luxurious yachts are floating on the water, this makes the scenic beach view even more beautiful. Mountains surround the crystal clear water by the mountains.

Principe Beach

This is the beach which was named after Prince Karim Aga Khan. Here the sea is beautiful, crystal clear, azure-coloured. The sandy and rocky coast are far away from the busy settlements, yet it has great popularity among tourists. This is no wonder: the sight is magnificent and the observer may feel like they are looking at a painting.
Costa Smeralda is one of the most popular tourist centres in the world. Almost the whole year is a perfect location for sailing enthusiasts. The Costa Smeralda part offers many experiences, even when we do not want to spend time on the boat. Each place is special and unique with its attractions, traditions, and programs. Reefs, hidden bays, bluish-green lagoons give you the chance for magical adventures. Read more if you plan sailing in Costa Smeralda or yacht charter in Costa Smeralda.