The picturesque Orebić is in the south-western part of the Pelješac Peninsula. It is surrounded by lush cypress and Aleppo pine trees. Moreover, Orebić is famous for its award-winning wines. What to do in Orebić? If you choose from the following holiday activities, you will definitely have a great time.
what to see in Orebić

This article gives you an overview of the following topics:

Things to do in Orebić: The most popular beaches

The Southern Dalmatian Orebić boasts beaches with crystal clear waters and lush Mediterranean vegetation. Firstly, Beach Trstenica is 1 km long. This pebble beach is easily accessible, only a 10 to 15-minute walk from the main pier. It is very popular among the residents of Orebić and the nearby island of Korčula as well.

Secondly, the beautiful Perna is only a short walk away from the town centre, just like Trstenica. It has a beautiful natural environment. The pebble beach is surrounded by pine trees. Do you like exciting water sports? The constant winds create waves perfect for surfing all around Orebić.

Located on the other side of the Pelješac Channel, The main beach of Korčula, Banje, is ideal for families with children due to its numerous facilities. This beach is relatively crowded in high season, therefore we recommend arriving in the early hours. The beach is only a 5-minute walk from the Old Town. It is 40 metres long and 6 metres wide. You can rent a beach umbrella and a sun lounger on the beach. There are a yacht club and some restaurants nearby

What to do in Orebić: Nature activities

Mount Sveti Ilija

The highest peak of the magnificent Pelješac is on the north-western part of the peninsula, above Orebić. You can approach the 961 m high Sveti Ilija from several directions. The trail from the village of Ruskovići is the steepest. The main path starts from Bilopolje. Reaching the peak takes 2-3 hours. It offers a breathtaking view over Orebić, the islands of Korčula and Lastovo, and the open sea. Bring enough water with you, and be careful because most of the trail is exposed to strong sun.
what to see in Orebić


The archipelago consists of 19 islands that are located near the end of the eastern part of Korčula, not far from the old town. The first and closest island is Badija, where you can visit a monastery built-in 1392 and a chapel from the 15th century.. In addition to these monuments, we recommend visiting the 4 km promenade along the coast. The island is about 1 km2 in size, characterised by a beautiful natural environment. It is covered with dense maccia, or evergreen shrubs, pine forests, citrus trees and olive trees. Badija is also home to friendly moose.
Vrnik is the second-largest island, where you can find a quarry from the Roman Empire era. Today, it is the oldest and the most famous quarry of Korčula. Only a couple of families live in Vrnik, and there is a town that received the same name as the island.

On the island of Sutvara, you can also find a tiny beach whereas on Majsan the ruins of a 5th-century old temple. Furthermore, Sestrica consists of two islands: the smaller is Mala Sestrica, the larger is Vela Sestrica. The most famous sight of the latter one is an abandoned light tower erected in 1871.

Things to do in Orebić: Discover the highlights of the town!

First, the beautiful gardens of the former ship captains’ houses, the churches and the seven Neo-Renaissance fountains catch the attention of tourists when they come to Orebić. There is a Franciscan monastery on the slopes of Mount Sveti Ilije. It is home to an exhibition of ship models. The Maritime Museum presents documents related to navigation – books, photos of Pelješac sailboats –, and maritime equipment.
What to do in Orebić

Traditions and events in Orebić

The idyllic Orebić is home to some great events such as fisherman festivals, theatre performances and cultural events. The main holiday of the town takes place on July 16. It is the feast day of Our Lady of Carmen, the patron saint of the Pelješac sailors.

Gastronomy of Orebić

Plavac, the red wine of the Pelješac Peninsula is still among the best Croatian wines. If you want to try the traditional dishes, we recommend visiting Konoba Babilon. It is characterised by delicious meals and friendly service. Also, the terrace under the wine grapes is especially pleasant. There are some great cafés near the marina like Lučica and Tri Palme.

Orebić and the region are a great holiday destination where you can discover the unparalleled beauty of nature. You can relax on gorgeous beaches, you can go hiking, and in addition, you can immerse yourself in the Dalmatian cuisine and quality wines. Read more if you plan sailing in Orebic or rent a boat in Orebic.