Baška Voda has become one of the most popular holiday destinations of Central Dalmatia in the last twenty years. The town has pebble beaches. There is a nature park nearby where you can discover the botanical garden. What to do in Baška Voda? Explore the great holiday activities the town and the surrounding areas have to offer.What to do in Baska Voda

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Things to do in Baška Voda: Beautiful beaches

Baška Voda has a pleasant, Mediterranean climate. The most popular and largest beach is the pebbly Nikolina, located in the centre. It was named after St. Nickolas, the patron saint of travellers. The beach is recommended for all ages and it also has a Blue Flag certification. You can rent sun umbrellas and sun lounges, and you can go pedal boating. Lifeguards look after the safety of tourists.
The pine trees on the shore provide pleasant, cooling shade on hot summer days. Are you looking for active recreation? There is a sandy volleyball court near the beach, or you can try one of the most popular local sports called picigin.
If you get hungry, there are cafés, beach bars and restaurants nearby. Apart from Nikolina, the Ikovac beach is also a great choice, only 500 metres from the city centre. The beach is well-equipped, perfect for families with young children. There are a bar and a restaurant in the area.

What to do in Baška Voda: Nature activities

Biokovo Nature Park

The Biokovo mountain range is located between the Cetina and Neretva rivers, reaching for the skies behind the Makarska Riviera. In 1981 a 200 square kilometres large area was put under protection under the name Biokovo Nature Park. The entrance is only a few kilometres away from Makarska.
Today, the park is characterised by extremely rich flora and fauna. In addition to the golden eagle, the white-headed vulture there are wolves, wild boars, chamois and mouflons. The highest point is the 1762-metres high Sveti Jure, the St. George’s Peak. The place offers breathtaking views over the Makarska Riviera, the Central Dalmatian islands, and in clear weather, you can even see the Italian shores. Sports lovers can go mountain biking, hiking, horseback riding or paragliding.
What to see in Baska Voda

Kotišina Botanical Garden

The Kotišina Botanical Garden is part of the beautiful Biokovo Nature Park, which is 350-500 metres above sea level. The park was founded by Dr. fra Jure Radić, a priest and a scientist. In addition to scientific research, one of the main goals was to observe, protect, preserve and promote the flora and fauna of Biokovo. On the 16.5 hectares, you will find hundreds of plant species.

The canyon of Cetina river

The canyon of Cetina river has been a protected area since 1963. If you are visiting, you can go kayaking and rafting. The romantic walks on the beach and cruising can give you unforgettable experiences in one of the most beautiful canyons in Croatia.
Do you like history? Hiding among the rocks and towering above the peaks you can discover the ruins of medieval castles. They offer breathtaking views over the region. The best known is the Viseć fortress, located near the Radman mills. By the end of the 20th century, this area had become one of the most popular holiday destinations in Dalmatia. Another interesting thing is that taking advantage of the beauty of this place, some scenes from the famous Winnetou films were shot here between 1962 and 1969.

Breathtaking waterfalls

If you visit here, you can admire the 49 metres high Velika Gubavica and 7 metres high Mala Gubavica waterfalls. They are located deep in the Cetina Canyon, near Zadvarje. You can even swim in the river below them.

Things to do in Baška Voda: Discover the highlights of the town!

What to do in Baska Voda

Church of St. Nicholas

This Roman Catholic church dedicated to bishop St. Nicolas was built-in 1889. The bell tower and parish were built later, in 1991. The neo-Romanesque church was declared a cultural monument in 1969. The windows are adorned with gorgeous stained glass. In the parish, you can visit the ethnographic and sacral collection.

Church of St. Lawrence

The Church of St. Lawrence dates from 1750. It stands on the foundations of an ancient building. Jure Jurišić Akčić donated the image of the saint and the antependium, or the textile that covers the altar to the church. The church was built-in the late Baroque style.


The town has three major museums. The Archaeological Museum is in the Town Hall building. You can discover restored artefacts here that have been discovered during archaeological excavations on Gradina Hill. In the Native Museum, you can visit folk art exhibitions, view old photographs and sacred items. The Malacological Museum is in the nearby Makarska. The museum has a collection of 3000 species of molluscs. Here, you will find the limestone skeletons of snails, mussels and other sea creatures that lived in the nearby waters, but there are some species that were found in the Atlantic Ocean.

Traditions and events in Baška Voda

During the summer, you can visit fiestas, or festivals, fishing and folklore evenings, Klapa singing festivals and other concerts. The Big Band performs at local and national festivals as well. The band was founded in 1998 by young, amateur musicians, under the name Općinska glazba Baška Voda. Since then, the band has had more than one hundred members, and today it has about thirty active members. The band has been performing under the name Big Band since 2008, playing jazz.

Gastronomy of Baška Voda

If you get hungry after hiking in the mountains, the Konoba Panorama restaurant is a perfect choice. It is at the foot of Mount Biokovo. The road leading here has a fantastic view of the sea. The restaurant offers delicious local dishes, the waiters are friendly, and the prices are reasonable.
The peka is a bell made of cast iron, and according to gourmets, making a meal using the peka is the top of ember-roasting. This is the best way to preserve the rich flavours. We recommend trying the ember-roasted octopus in the Konoba Panorama restaurant.
Another great restaurant is the King in the city centre, with a pleasant atmosphere, attentive service and excellent food. If you choose this restaurant, book a table in advance.

Baška Voda is an excellent holiday destination since it is the gem of the Makarska Riviera. The town has beautiful beaches, and for sports lovers, there are many hiking trails available. If you are visiting, be sure to try the delicious local meals. Read more if you plan Baška Voda sailing or rent a boat in Baška Voda.