The exotic beaches and diverse bays of the town are among the most popular places of those who love the sea. There are also many other recreational opportunities in town and in the neighbourhood. What to do in Roses? Make the most of your holiday and choose from the following diverse programmes!What to do in Roses

This article gives you an overview of the following topics:

Things to do in Roses: Great concerts

The festival called Sons del Món takes place in July. It has become very popular since 2008. The programme is divided into two parts. The first one offers grand concerts usually held in the Ciutadella de Roses. This ancient fort is nearly two and a half thousand years old. The other venue is located in the historic centre of Castelló d’Empúries in a cosy town nearby. During the performances, guests may only enjoy the fine wines chosen particularly for the festival. As for the second part of the programme, it takes place in the terraces and wine-tasting places of the wineries.

What to do in Roses? Explore the boardwalk!

What to do in Roses
One of the most beautiful sights of the resort is undoubtedly the boardwalk with dozens of restaurants and statues. It is a perfect spot for a nice walk, especially during sunset when the temperature is already lower, and there is a nice light sea breeze. You can also see the two ports of Roses along the boardwalk. One of them is a fishing port, while the other provides moorings for yachts. Beside the fascinating view of the Adriatic Sea, you can also explore historic monuments here, such as the two artillery guns from the 18th century and an anchor from the Roman times.

Things to do in Roses: Crystal clear beaches

The town is most attractive for its beaches and bays. Swimming and sunbathing at one of the many breathtaking spots that have turquoise water will be a great experience. You can find everything here from giant sandy beaches to hidden miracles. If you would like to stay near the centre and acquire high-quality services, we recommend Roses beach with its 1, 800 metres length. The 550-metre-long Punta, which has shallow and clean waters, might also be a good choice. Would you like to go on a picnic? Then you should definitely visit Palangres Beach; it is located in a beautiful natural environment, and there are benches and tables here as well. You can find this resort less than 1 kilometre from Roses.
What to see in Roses

If you like watersports, you can do kayaking and kite surfing, and you can also go sailing here. The crystal clear waters and the diversity of the sea attract thousands of divers and snorkelers. If you wish for a special vacation rent a boat in Roses and sail in Roses.

Aquabrava aqua park

This incredibly popular aqua park is also located in a beautiful tropical environment; we recommend visiting it to everyone regardless of age. There are many exciting slides here, as well as a giant spot that has been completely rebuilt for children. You can find all the necessary amenities in the aqua park: bars, a self-serving restaurant, a pizza and burger place, a gift shop and an information centre for tourists.

What to do in Roses? Try the delicious dishes!

The cuisine of Roses is characterised both by tradition and creativity; its gastronomy is mainly based on fresh fish. Olive oil, honey, anchovy and the finest meats are also dominant in the region. These products not only constitute a diverse diet, but they are also very tasty and healthy. The traditional dish in town, for instance, is the “Suquet de Peix de Roses”.
We recommend Pasko’s Balkan Grill in particular where we can expect great quality food for fair prices as well as a very friendly service. If you are in the resort, visiting Martelo Bistro to enjoy its high-quality services may also be a great choice.

In this article, we have listed the diverse and interesting programmes in Roses. If you visit the place, you can enjoy picturesque beaches and incredibly delicious local dishes of the highest quality. Read more if you plan sailing in Roses or boat rental in Roses.