The island of Brač is rich in natural beauties. It is an ideal destination for families. There are beautiful beaches to swim, great hiking trails and breathtaking buildings. What to do in Brač? Choose from the best holiday activities the island has to offer!
What to do in Brac

This article gives you an overview of the following topics:

Things to do in Brač: The most beautiful beaches

The beaches of Brač are located on the northern coast of the island, while the southern side is characterised by secluded bays with crystal clear waters. The sandy Banj Beach is in Supetar, you can find it in the bay in front of St. Nicholas peninsula. It is a well-equipped beach, there are several water slides waiting for tourists. There are showers, beach umbrellas and sun lounges. If you get hungry, you can choose from many bars and restaurants.
It is also worth visiting the picturesque sandy beach of Postira, only 8 km from Supetar. The Bay of Lovrečina is located between Postira and Pučišća. This is the most unique beach on the island since it is covered with red sand.

On the eastern side of the Central Dalmatian island, the mostly sandy, slowly deepening beaches are replaced by rocky, fjord-like bays. They are located in Povlja and Sumartin. These include Travna, Smokvica, Tičja, Tatinja, Rasotica, Žukovik and Studena. Located on the southern side of Brač, Bol is the oldest settlement on the island. Its pebble beach, Zlatni Rat or Golden Horn Beach is world-famous. Are you looking for a less crowded place? Choose Borak, Potočine or Benačica.
What to do around Brac

Exciting water sports

If you are visiting Banj, snorkelling is the best water sport available, but you can go paddle boating, kayaking, canoeing, or you can try picigin, a ball game. There is a volleyball court near the beach. There are a water slide and an amusement park for the little ones. The Zlatni Rat of Bol is a favourite place of surfers. It is ideal for snorkelling, kayaking, wakeboarding, water skiing and riding a jet ski.

What to do in Brač: Holiday activities

Vidova gora

The highest mountain of the Adriatic archipelago is Vidova Gora, offering breathtaking views over the region. It is ideal for hiking thanks to the marked trails. Starting from Bol, you can find the first trail markers at the Church of our Lady of Mount Carmel. You can reach the 778-meter high peak in about two hours. There is a small restaurant where you can relax for a while after the hike. There is almost no shade along the way, so be prepared for the heat and bring enough water with you.
Zmajeva špilja, or the Dragon Cave, is near Murvica, next to Bol. It is only 20 metres long, divided into four halls. Inside, you can find the remains of a chapel and the residences of the hermits who used to live here. The cave is only open for guided walking tours. You have to book a tour in advance.
what to see in Brac

Sutivan Nature Park

The 12 km2 nature park is 3 kilometres west of Sutivan, in the middle of a pine forest. You can spend a whole day here with your family. You can see peacocks, pheasants, turkeys, doves and ducks. In addition, there are wilder animals such as mouflon, deer, ostriches and wild boars. Of course, the park also houses domestic animals like goats, donkeys and rabbits.
As for Mediterranean flora, you will be surrounded by olive trees, lemon and orange trees, mimosa, lavender, sage, pampas and oleanders. Interestingly, the restaurants on the island use many of these flowers to enrich the local dishes and drinks.

Things to do in Brač: The highlights of the island

Supetar is the largest town on the picturesque Brač. If you are visiting, discover the Parish Church of the Annunciation from the 18th century. The city also has early Christian mosaics, the remains of Roman villas and mausoleums of noble families waiting for history enthusiasts. Located on the west coast of Brač, Milna is particularly attractive for sailors, since the marina has more than 300 berths.
It is important to mention the high-quality limestone, often called the marble of Brač. Even Diocletian’s Palace in Split, the White House in Washington, the Berlin Reichstag and the Parliament in Vienna were built using this limestone. During Venetian rule they used it to build many palaces. Nowadays, Pučišća is the most important stone excavation place.

Traditions and events in Brač

The International Brač Summer Carnival lasts seven days and takes place in a different town every day. Friendly hosts, guests from several countries and great sports games characterise the event. If you want to have even more fun, there are great clubs and bars in Supetar. Discover Havana, the Paparazzo and the Thriller clubs. In Bol you can visit events like the Feast of Our Lady of Snow, the Živilo lito or the Adio lito. These celebrate the beginning and end of summer.

Gastronomy of Brač

Among the meat dishes you can try on the island, the dishes made from lamb are the most popular. Brač cheese is very famous. The Procip is an outstanding delicacy. They cut the cheese into slices and bake them in caramelised sugar. The Smutica is a traditional drink made from 4 parts fresh goat’s milk and 1 part red wine.
What to do in Brac

The best restaurants

Restoran Punta

This excellent restaurant in the Mediterranean Supetar is located right by the sea. It offers delicious meat and fish dishes, pizzas and great desserts. Take a seat on the terrace so you can admire the sunset during dinner. The portions are large and the prices are not too high compared to the quality. If you are visiting Supetar, Apinelo or Konoba Vinotoka are also great choices.

Ranc Restaurant

Only a 15-minute walk from the marina, Ranc is not only the best restaurant in Bol but also on the island. It is characterised by delicious dishes and excellent service at reasonable prices. The terrace offers a breathtaking view of the sea. Since it is very popular, we recommend booking a table in advance. The restaurant opens in the evening, so you can only dine here.

Konoba Mendula

It is also one of Bol’s best restaurants, on the same street as Ranc. Delicious meals and first-class service await you here. The restaurant has the best price-quality ratio, and it also offers a free salad bar.

Arguola Sandwich Bar

Would you like to grab something to eat? Visit the Arguola Sandwich Bar on Bol’s beachfront promenade. Aside from the huge, fresh sandwiches, you can drink coffee and beer. They bake the bread in the bar.

In this article, we have shown you the best things to do in Brač. If you choose this Central Dalmatian island, you can swim around crystal clear beaches, and you can also try exciting water sports. In addition, the local culinary specialities and excellent wines make your holiday unforgettable. Read more if you plan Brač sailing or rent a boat in Brac.