The mostly rocky island of Amorgos offers two important ports to sailors. There are diverse beaches and several excavations to visit here, and you can also have a unique gastronomic experience that you might not have anywhere else in the world. There are no crowds during the main season, so you can visit the island anytime.
What to do in Amorgos
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Things to do in Amorgos: Sandy beaches

Amorgos has several beaches of different styles; most of them can be found on the northern part of the island. If you are looking for full service and comfort, you should visit the beaches of Katapola or Aegiali. If you prefer peace and quiet, we recommend that you go to Paradisa or Gramvousa. The beaches in Amorgos are mostly sandy, but there are also some pebbly and rocky parts.

What to do in Amorgos: Landmarks

Explore Katapola!

Katapola is the larger one of the two ports on the island. The village at the port has Cycladic architectural characteristics. You can find many restaurants, bars and taverns here. You can get up to the top of the hill nearby on foot from the village. It is recommended to visit the ruins of Mynos and the beautiful view of the bay from there.

Visit Aegiali!

There is a peaceful, family-friendly village around the port of Aegiali in the north. You can choose from a few restaurants, bars and shops here. There is even a playground, so the children can also have some fun!

Visit the Monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa

The monastery can be found next to the capital of the island. It was built 300 metres above sea-level in the cliff side. Its whitewashed walls are in great contrast with the surrounding cliffs. This is the second-oldest monastery in Greece, built-in the 11th century. There are 300 steps leading up to the main entrance. You can see the interior without having to pay a fee, but they accept donations.
what to see in Amorgos

Things to do in Amorgos: Entertainment options


The island of Amorgos is a great place for those who like moderately difficult hiking routes. The villages of the island are connected by designated tourist routes. They used these roads as early as in the ancient times, even though not for a touristic purpose. The island offers 7 main routes that you can combine freely thanks to the overlaps. You can usually complete the shorter ones in 1-2 hours.

Movie tour: The Big Blue

Most scenes of the 1988 adventure movie The Big Blue were shot on the island of Amorgos. If you are a fan of this cult classic, you should definitely explore the related spots! The kids in the movie were raised in the capital of the island, Chora, and Jacques Mayol is diving in the bay of Agia Anna in the movie. The shipwreck where Jacques saves an American soldier is located in the southern part.

Gastronomy of Amorgos

Amorgos is famous for their unique cheeses made from goat’s milk. The herbs of the island are also popular – they mainly use them for making tea. If you like alcoholic beverages, there are two local drinks that you should try: Psimeni Raki, which is a home-made appetiser with honey flavour and Rakomelo, which they drink warm.

If you drop anchor at Amorgos, you can go hiking on the diverse landscape, and you can also enjoy the sea in a peaceful environment. Regardless of which type of beaches you prefer, you will definitely find the perfect one for you on Amorgos! Read more if you plan Amorgos sailing or yacht charter in Amorgos.