If you’re keen on the Italian temperament and long for picturesque landscapes, you’re ought to add Liguria to your bucket list. This north Italian region stretches alongside the sea, from the French border to Cinque Terre. Those not familiar with the region, might not be able to imagine what is there to do in Liguria. We’d like to give some ideas.What to do in Liguria

The most beautiful towns

Romantic landscapes, blooming lavenders, flower scent floating in the air, turquoise waters, almond and chestnut trees, stunning historical towns–pure Liguria. Liguria indulges all the senses. The region is brimming over with atmospheric little nooks; it’s a real adventure to explore these places. We’ll introduce you to five must-see coastal towns to add in your list when visiting Liguria.

San Remo

The justly famous and beloved holiday resort of the Italian Riviera, San Remo is situated 20km from the French border. San Remo has also known as the ‘Town of Flowers’ for its blooming plant and flower cultivating industries.
If you asked tourists what to do in Liguria, most of them would advise you to visit the San Remo Casino.
San Remo’s charm lies in its wealthy-looking streets, atmospheric promenades fringed with swaying palm trees, and splendid beaches. It’s also worth taking a stroll in La Pigna, San Remo’s old town, crammed with narrow alleyways, or in the La Casbah area that has a real Eastern feel to it. Read about what to do in San Remo.


Savona– the capital of Savona Province –, however, is worlds apart. The city is famed for its industry and its busy port, from where ferries depart to the nearby island of Corsica. Savona boasts several attractions, including the Priamar Fortress, The Church of San Giovanni Battista, and the Della Palle and the Pozzobonello palaces.


The name Arenzano and the term ‘luxury’ have merged together. The city’s exclusivity is perfectly depicted by such sumptuous mansions as are Villa Figoli and Villa Negrotto Cambiaso. It was the opening of the Grand Hotel in the 20th century that has sealed Arenzano’s fate of becoming a tourist paradise.


The centre and the biggest city of the Ligurian region is Genoa. The city is also home to the second-largest port of the Mediterranean Sea and is therefore quite popular in boating circles. It’s a real paradise for those who are passionate about maritime history. Christopher Columbus was born here and there’s also a Maritime Museum in Genoa. Read about what to do in Genoa.

If it wasn’t enough already, you can also admire the World’s oldest functioning lighthouse, La Laterna, in Genoa’s old port, Porto Vecchio. The main square, Piazza de Ferrari, which functions as a meeting point, is encircled by the Opera, Doge’s Palace and the birth house of Christopher Columbus.Visiting the San Lorenzo Cathedral and the 16th-century palaces, the Le Strade Nuove, which are part of the UNESCO World Heritage, is also ought to be on your list of things to do in Liguria.what to see in Liguria


If you’d like to surprise your other half with a romantic holiday, think no longer, choose Camogli. The village is flecked with charming, colourful houses, the homes of fishermen, back in old times. This tranquil little village is a perfect place for letting some steam out, as well as for long walks. You’ll also be spoilt with the most delightful dishes in the local restaurants. If you are interested in fish and are wondering what to do in Liguria in May, then visit the Camogli Fish Festival.


Levanto could be a perfect base for exploring Cinque Terre. The charming coastline boasts a splendid, long, sandy beach; a perfect spot to relax. Its main square, Piazza del Popolo is also worth a visit. The most prominent landmark of the latter is the 13th-century loggia. Some of the most unique features of Levanto are its painted street walls; the sides of the buildings are covered in paintings, depicting windows and balconies in such detail that they look real from a distance. Foodies and shopping lovers will also have their expectations fulfilled, given that Levanto is crammed with restaurants and shops.


Portovenere is nestled in the Gulf of Poets. The name celebrates the many great poets who set foot here, including such great figures as Lawrence, Shelly, or Byron. Its port is fringed with a line of colourful houses and the Church of St. Peter, on top of the cliff, towering majestically over the port adds to the uniqueness of this splendid view.what to see in Liguria

Things to do in Liguria: a fascinating culinary journey

Those who like fish will be spoilt by the Ligurian cuisine. The three core elements of the local cuisine are fish, pesto and focaccia. However, you can sample some rather unique delicacies too, such as polenta, panissa or chickpea fries, the ravioli-like stuffed pasta–pansoti, the trofie pasta or the taggiasca olive. You’re also ought to sample the so-called farinata–the Italian ‘chickpea pancake’ and the torta pasquolina–a traditional Italian egg and vegetable pie.

Anchovy is another popular ingredient in the region. The range of ways, anchovies are prepared and served is practically infinite: marinated, fried, grilled, battered, layered, or simply as a topping on some buttered bread. Ligurian anchovies are especially well known for their soft, mild flavours. That is due to the fact that the sea in the region has got lower salt levels, and you definitely will taste the difference. Apart from being the core element of the Ligurian cuisine, the Genoese pesto is world-renown. It consists of only seven ingredients: basil, garlic, parmesan, pine seeds, olive oil, salt, and pepper. The adventurous can also try the unique rocket and mint version.

What to do in Liguria ?

Casino San Remo

When visiting one of the most fascinating towns of the Ligurian region, make time to visit the world-famous Casino San Remo. Try your luck!

Wandering in Camogli

Take a pleasant stroll in this notoriously romantic village, then enjoy a delightful aperitif in one of the bars.

Cycling in Levanto

Bicycles are Levanto’s beloved form of transport. Join in! Hop in your bike and visit the villa of the Agnelli family, the founders of Fiat.

Stall hopping in Portovenere

Visiting the local market is a uniquely different experience in every country; try the Italian version!

Lemon Festival in Monterosso al Mare

If you like local goods, visit the Lemon Festival in May. Try the real limoncello or take a bite of the refreshing lemon cake; immerse yourself in joy!

You definitely don’t have to think too long about what to do in Liguria, the region boasts opportunities aplenty. Stroll along the narrow alleyways, get lost in historical old towns then take a rest in one of the ports’ bars, and enjoy a delectable drink. Have some lovely food, converse, and enjoy yourself; that’s the true Italian lifestyle. Read more if you plan sailing in Liguria or boat rental in Liguria.