Bar is Montenegro’s most important and also largest southern port city. Its trade function is still important, but nowadays tourism has somewhat got into the foreground…Bar is also the place, from where most scheduled yachts leave for Ancona and Bari in Italy. Due to its southern location, it has almost 270 sunny days a year, making it one of the sunniest towns of the Mediterranean region. Bar is a must for all sailors in Montenegro with its rich historical past and real busy Mediterranean and Balkanic atmosphere. Bar is often called the town of olive trees, as you can find huge olive plantation in the neighbourhood. You can also find the world’s oldest olive tree in Bar, which is said to be more than 2, 000 years old.What to do in Bar

Our story summarises the following topics:

What to do in Bar? The most popular beaches

Due to the large area of the port, the town can’t host the most exciting beaches directly in Bar, besides some shorter coast sections and the town beach. However, you don’t have to go far, if you want to combine your Bar sightseeing by going to the beach. If you follow the coast directly, you can reach 20 different beaches from Bar, which lie on a coast section on 9 kilometres altogether.


Bar’s town beach is in front of the town centre. You can find parasols with the stray top on the beach, which is covered by small pebbles. There is a long promenade that runs behind the coast. Here a variety of bars and restaurants expects holidaymakers. There are many hotels next to each other surrounding the whole beach behind the promenade.


Sutomore is a really busy beach very close to Bar, where visitors are expected by a coast section that is more than 1 kilometre long, covered by small pebbles.

The Read beach

We can’t miss the red beach on this list, as you can have a really unique experience on the beach covered by special red sand. It can be found north of Bar town, in the direction of Sutomore.

The Queen’s beach

The Queen’s beach is a little further away in the northern direction from Bar and is only accessible by yacht. It can be recommended to anyone who prefers relaxing or romance on more hidden beaches.what to see in Bar

For those loving active holidays

Of course, you can try many water sports at the majority of beaches, e.g. scuba diving, snorkelling, water ski, water banana, jet ski, or the ever-popular flyboard.
If you want to discover nature, the neighbourhood of Montenegro and Bar offer you many opportunities. Let’s see some of those…

Scutari lake

Scutari lake is easily available from Bar and almost compulsory if you want to see a real treasure of nature. Since it is a beautiful place, Scutari lake is clearly among the sights to be visited. Due to its geographical location and Sub-Mediterranean climate, the National Park is one of the most important living venues of swamp birds in Europe. About 280 bird species live at the lake including a rare pelican species that has become the emblem of the national park. Scutari lake is one of the largest lakes on the Balkans and has been a nature protection area since 1983. Thus it is preserving its natural charm wonderfully.

Biogradska Gora National Park – Rain Forest and Glacier lake

If you go a little further from Bar, this unique nature protection area will be worth a visit, as Europe’s only rain forest can be found here. If you don’t dare to walk there alone or in a small group, you also get the chance to join a bigger group of an organised tour and see this breathtaking natural park yourself.

Thing to do in Bar: For lovers of history

Bar’s old town

Bar’s old town is characterised by a basically Byzantine Turkish atmosphere besides the many Venetian style buildings. The royal palace in the old town was built during Venetian reign. At the entrance of the fortress, you can admire a large watchtower and the lion of Saint Mark making you remember the power of Venice. Residential buildings, a chapel and a winter garden were also created inside the palace.What to do in Bar

Nikola (Nicholas) Castle

If you visit the town, king Nikola’s (Nicholas) castle that was built-in 1885 at the seaside is worth a visit. The building itself consists of a large castle, a smaller castle, a chapel, a watchtower and the winter garden. Your visit there will become a rather complex experience. Today you can find the local history museum that preserves many archaeological findings from this region.

Stari Bar

This is one of Bar’s most interesting sights that is only four kilometres Bar’s centre. Stari Bar is actually the heart of the old town surrounded by castle walls. This is one of the world’s largest archaeological sights in a fortress. Stari Bar’s fortress-type construction is very much apparent even today. Stari Bar became abandoned during the 19th century, but you can still find local vendors coming from Bar at the marketplace. You can buy many delicious things, e.g. homemade cheese, wine, spirits, and olive products from them.

No matter if you are a nature lover or city visitor, if you prefer active or passive holidays, you are sure to find your ideal program near Bar. Read more if you plan sailing in Bar or rent a boat in Bar.