Not only sea lovers will find Carloforte the perfect destination, but also those looking for active leisure time. We recommend you visit the beautiful forest in Chia and the breathtaking historic monuments located in this area. What to do in Carloforte? We will show you all the highlights waiting for you here.What to do in Carloforte

This article gives you an overview of the following topics:

Things to do in Carloforte: The most important events

In late May, early June they organise the most important event in Carloforte. The Girotonno festival attracts many tourists to the city of San Pietro every year. This four-day festival is packed with cultural and gastronomic events to celebrate the long tradition of local tuna fishing.
In July, you should check out the Posidonia Festival in Carloforte. During this event, you can attend concerts and documentary-screenings. In addition, sailing, kayaking, and hiking are also available if you want to discover the region. You can experience the magic of the local gastronomy in Portoscuso’s restaurants and during the festivals as well. Among the most important events, we recommend you visit the Sea Urchin Festival.

Beautiful beaches, water sports

cost of AlgheroIf you would like to go swimming and sunbathing, you have come to the right place. Carloforte and the surrounding region boasts many beautiful beaches. For example, La Bobba is very popular with its sandy coast and crystal clear, blue waters. The beach is not only gorgeous but also well-equipped. There are buffets, sun lounges, and showers available. The silky white sand of Guidi Beach is a breathtaking addition to the dark rocks surrounding the coast. In the spring, wonderful flowers bloom everywhere in this area. The Punta Nera Beach is perfect for families with small children, and you should also discover the nearby cave.

If you like water sports the Girin Beach is a paradise for surfers and sailing enthusiasts. You would like to try scuba diving? Then visit Spalmatore Beach or Spiaggia di Cala Fico, which abounds with fish. If you dive here, you will never forget the experience.

What to do around Carloforte? Visit the magical forest!

If you would discover the surrounding area after relaxing at the beach, we recommend you visit the forest nearby.

The Is Cannoneris forest is located in Chia. Many animal species live here, like wild boar, deer or eagle. It is one of Europe’s largest holm-oak forests. Visiting this pleasantly cool place is the perfect program on a hot summer day. The narrow roads lead deep into the woods. The pinnacle is the Punta Calamixi which offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding area.

Local cuisine

You can try many delicious tuna dishes in restaurants around Carloforte. The local chefs are experts at preparing these traditional recipes. Are you looking for a unique gastronomic experience? If you would try some cocktails, visit the L’incudine, which is one of the most popular bars in the town.

Carloforte is the perfect destination at any time of the year if you are looking for a nice, relaxing holiday. You will find sandy beaches and crystal clear water everywhere, and the town is rich in beautiful historic monuments. Read more if you plan sailing in Carloforte or boat rental in Carloforte.