The Gulf of Kvarner is full of wonderful islands and towns. One of them is the Losinj island and its largest town, Mali Losinj. Every island is unique and special, but Losinj is among the most interesting ones. It’s the place with the most sunshine in Europe. The especially clean, balmy air of the island is very healthy and good for respiratory organs, and for those who have allergies. They considered it a health resort. You can smell the herbs all around. The Cikat Forest Park has several attractive walking trails. The island has a variety of promenades as well. One of the well-known is called the Way of Dolphins on which you can often see dolphins jumping out of the sea. It’s a picturesque view with well-equipped beaches, diving centres, a huge aqua park, and a 30 km long bikeway. Losinj has everything you could wish for.What to do in Mali Losinj

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What to see in Mali Losinj?

Mali Losinj, a tourist resort, is the largest settlement of the Losinj island and the Croatian islands as well. It’s a Mediterranean town on a wonderful location full of cosy, narrow streets, open-air restaurants, and cafés. Its long, wide promenade offers a pleasant walk. The port is next to the Privlaka alley. It’s a significant marina as it lies on the boat way between Istria and Dalmatia, and it’s among the main centres of the Croatian Adriatic Sea in terms of tourism and sailing.

City of Mali Losinj

The sights are in a walking distance to the port. The most important are Queen Sissy’s summer residence, the church of St. Martin, the Calvary, and the Aromatic Garden where they display herbs.
Only seven sculptures remained worldwide that portray the ancient Greek athlete, Apoxiomenos. One of them, a nearly 2000-year-old bronze sculpture was found near Losinj island. Visitors can view it in the Kvarner Palace.
The most famous club is the Catacomba where they entertain guests with live music every evening.
The first bottlenose dolphin reservation of the Adriatic Sea is near the town with a population of 120.
The town has two shopping centres, Discounter, and Konzum. There are several vegetable and fruit merchants selling their fresh, and juicy products in the port.what to see in Mali Losinj

Sports, activities, and beaches.

The beaches are in small gulfs between slope cliffs west and southwest from the town of Mali Losinj. Veli Zal Beach is 1 km southwest from the centre in Suncana Uvala (Sunny Gulf), and it’s on the online top list of the 20 best beaches in Croatia. The well-equipped beach is also a sports centre. There are 6 diving centres, 2 sailing clubs, tennis and surf schools, motor and moped rental, jet ski, water ski, and a huge aqua park on the shore of the small town. There’s also a sports airport in the town.

In 1885, Conrad Clar, a famous Austrian doctor arrived in Mari Losinj as a tourist. He brought his ill son with him who recovered. Since then they consider the island of Losinj a climatic health resort. Because of its protected natural environment, they also call the amazing site of relaxation and recovery the island of vitality. It’s an inevitable destination, come and see! You’ll leave with wonderful experiences. Read more if you plan Mali Losinj sailing or rent a boat in Mali Losinj.