Budva has recently become one of the most prestigious holiday resorts in the entire Mediterranean region. Beside the picturesque shore segments and islands, the town also has a rich history. What to do in Budva? We are going to show you the best programmes.What to do in BudvaThis article gives you an overview of the following topics:

Things to do in Budva: Crystal clear beaches

Budva has a 21-kilometre-long coast with 17 beaches. There are tiny pebbly, sandy and rocky parts as well, so everyone will find what they like best. The largest beach is the 1600-metre-long Slovenska Plaža, stretching from the port all the way Park Hotel. It is covered with pebbles, but there are some sandy parts as well. The shore segment is divided into several parts with different facilities. They have basketball and beach volleyball courts, and we can even play bowling. There is a boardwalk along the beach connecting it to the old city. Mogren Beach with its clear waters is located app. 200 metres from the latter; we can rent lounges, a paddleboat or a kayak as well. If you want to explore the wonderful underwater world, they organise excellent scuba diving trips in the area. If you wish for a special vacation rent a boat Budva and sail in Budva.

What to do in Budva: Nature calls

Saint Nicholas Island

The largest island on the southern coast of the Adriatic Sea is also called the “Hawaii of Budva”. It is 2 kilometres long and has a territory of 36 hectares. There are incredibly clear beaches here; the most beautiful ones can be found on the southern part of the island. The island has rich wildlife: beside the birds, deers, stags, mouflons and rabbits also live here. If you are looking for sights to see, you should visit the Saint Nicholas Church, which was built-in the 16th century; it is surrounded by tiny white gravestones. They say that these stones commemorate the crusaders who died due to an unknown epidemic while stationing on the island. Catering facilities include bars, cafés and a popular fish restaurant.

The island of Sveti Stefan

The amazing resort is world-famous for its beauty and architectural treasures. The prestigious island is characterised by narrow serpentine streets. It has small squares, three churches and elegant Mediterranean houses, too. The elite holiday resort has seen celebrities such as Sophia Loren, Charlie Chaplin or Kirk Douglas. Interestingly, the island received the Golden Apple Award – given to the most exclusive holiday resort in the world – in 1972. It was even included on National Geography’s list of the 50 most beautiful places in the world.what to see in Budva

Lake Skadar

Lake Skadar is the largest lake on the Balkan Peninsula, which does not freeze even during winters due to the Mediterranean climate. 2/3 of its territory belongs to Montenegro, while the other third is part of Albania. In the Montenegrin parts, on a territory of 40, 000 hectares, they established a national park. The lake is not only very important because of its beauty, but thanks to its fish and bird population as well. There are 270 registered bird species here including seagulls, herons and the endangered Dalmatian pelican. The lake is extremely popular among fisherman; the average depth is 5 metres. The surrounding area offers several routes that are ideal both for hikers and cyclists.

Things to do in Budva: Explore the sights in town!

The wonderful Budva is one of the best-known towns in Montenegro, and is also referred to as “Mini Dubrovnik”. The old city is located on a small peninsula and its walls are over 2, 500 years old. It has narrow streets, small squares and famous buildings such as the Citadel or the Church of the Holy Trinity. In the summers, the place becomes a cultural centre, hosting theatre plays and other events.

The Citadel

The most spectacular sight in town is the fortress built between the 5-6th centuries. Many say that it is standing in the spot of an ancient Greek Acropolis (citadel). It got its final shape in the 19th century, during the Austrian dominion. There is a restaurant upstairs with a spacious terrace that provides a fantastic view of the coast of Budva and Saint Nicholas Island. The fortress also has a small museum and a library. The latter exhibits rare volumes and maps. Inside the Citadel, you can see the ruins of the Santa Maria de Castello Church from which the whole building complex got its name. The fortress also hosts a cultural festival.What to do in Budva

Church of the Holy Trinity

The single-nave church was built after the fall of the Venetians; The Austrian government granted permission to build the church in 1804, at the request of the local Orthodox believers. The beauty of the facade is further enhanced by a rosette, which is a round ornament for buildings that resembles regularly arranged rose petals. You can admire three bells on the top. The religious icons or sacred images represent a significant artistic value. The famous local writer and politician, Stefan Mitrov Ljubisa’s grave can be found in front of the church.

The Church of Santa Maria in Punta

This is one of the oldest Pre-Romanesque church on the coast. They established it in 840; at first, it operated as a Benedictine and later as a Franciscan monastery. Even the first school of Budva was founded inside these walls. In 1807, the troops of Napoleon expropriated it and used it as a barn. Several old graves have been excavated in the church. The building today hosts art exhibitions and classical concerts.

Traditions and events in Budva

The largest carnival in the region with samba nights, concerts and masquerade dancers is organised here. Dance groups arrive from several countries of the Balcanic region and Europe to entertain visitors. The Sea Dance festival also takes place in Budva, attracting young party enthusiasts from all over the world to the picturesque beach in town. If you would like to party, the buzzing Spring Break Montenegro Festival is also a great choice. A must-see sight in town, the Citadel hosts the famous Theatre City cultural summer festival.
Things to do in Budva


If you like going out, Budva is a perfect destination, as it is not only famous for its cultural and historic sights but their buzzing nightlife as well. They even consider it the number one party paradise in Montenegro thanks to its modern discos and countless music bars; there are many traditional rock pubs and jazz clubs here. Visitors of the city can also get a taste of Croatian, Serbian and Montenegrin hits here.

Old Fisherman’s Pub

The authentic pub is an ideal starting point when exploring the bars and clubs in Budva. It has a great atmosphere, and it is located directly on the beach. Beside drinks, there is a wide variety of dishes to choose from, too. You can try fish dishes as well as the delicacies of Italian and international cuisine.

Trocadero nightclub

The Trocadero club has been the largest and coolest disco in the holiday resort since 1992. There are several floors with amazing lights, bars and a restaurant here. During the main season, the most popular local DJs and the more famous Serbian, Croatian and Montenegrin music stars provide entertainment.

Casper Bar

Casper Bar, which has two bars and three terraces, provides an authentic Mediterranean atmosphere. They have a capacity of around 300 people. Their musical palette is very diverse: you can listen to several genres during the night. Local and foreign DJs, as well as bands, provide a perfect atmosphere.

Gastronomy of Budva

The popular town’s most famous catering facility is the Jadran, which belongs to the Niklanovic family and has a 37-year-old heritage. It is located on the most beautiful part of Budva near the old city. We mainly recommend that you try the fresh fish, shells and crabs here, but there are also Italian dishes on the menu. Another great restaurant is the Porto – beside the delicious meals, you can also taste the excellent wines of the region. If you visit the town, it is also worth visiting the market where you can choose from a great variety of fresh products.

In this article, we have listed the best things to do in Budva. If you dock here, you should definitely visit the old city, which is rich in history, has a buzzing nightlife and offers amazing restaurants. Read more if you plan Budva sailing or rent a boat in Budva.