Sicily as „the island of Sun” is surrounded by three seas. It is the view of Europe’s largest functioning volcano Etna, the giant cacti and the wonderful flowers that grow next to main roads that make Sicily so amazingly beautiful. The island is made attractive by its traditions, rich historical past, tasty wines and the flavours of Italian cuisine. Even roads are paved by lavenders with fantastic colours and scents as well as gigantic palm trees, not speaking of the beaches! Sicily has 5 million inhabitants and an area of 25, 700 km². The capital of the triangle-shaped island is Palermo. It has a Mediterranean climate, thus fruit trees flourish already in February and the island is most attractive in July and August for those who love adventures. What to do in Sicily: you’ll surely find the program in Sicily that makes your holiday unforgettable.What to do in Sicily

This article will introduce Sicily in the following points:

Sicily’s geography and winds

This island full of forests and mountains is located in the Mediterranean Sea that separates it from the rest of Italy. The neighborhood of the island includes the Pelagie islands (to the southwest), the Egadi island groups, the island of Pantelleria (to the west) and the Lipari islands (to the north). On the east of the island southeastern winds, on the southern side southwestern winds, while on the western and northern side north western-western winds prevail. In the sailing season, the northwestern wind blows from sunrise to sunset with the strength of 3-4 on the Beaufort scale. The western wind helps you sail to the east. The strength of sea currents can be felt south of Sicily. Lovers of more active holidays and water games and sports prefer visiting the island in May, June, and September because the weather is more pleasant than with temperatures around 25-26 C. Check the sailing conditions and wind rose diagram of Sicily.

Things to do in Sicily: port towns

When you reach the shores decorated with bays, you can decide to look for a busy port city, seek a smaller town or explore the islands around Sicily. No matter how you decide, you’ll get unforgettable experiences.
If you want a vibrant and colorful port city, your best options are Messina, Palermo, and Catania. These cities are the furthest away in Sicily, so by visiting them, you can sail along the island.


is called the gate of Sicily, because you also arrive here first, if you come from Italy. Though it has a wonderful location, it didn’t become a tourist centre. The city still has many opportunities, you can explore it during the day, try local dishes and you can spend the night in various wine bars and clubs.


The city is in the western part of the island, on the shore of the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is the largest port city in Sicily. We suggest port Marina Villa Igiea for stop or rest. The port with a sandy bottom is as deep as 5 meters and has 379 fix places. It is only used for sailing tourism and receives yachts only up to 65 meters in length.
The city with a flourishing port offers many programs to tourists. The city has a lot to explore for those who are interested. Besides local gastronomy, you can also try quality delicious street food that is available in a wide variety. If you like a busy life, then this city is a perfect choice for you, where you also find a super nightlife.what to see in Sicily


The city that is the second-largest city of the island is located in the east on the coast of the Ionian Sea. The city is also part of the UNESCO World Heritage list due to its unique Dome square. Etna that stands close to the city gives a breathtaking view. The city is full of sights, use the days to discover it. You can spend the nights at pubs and bars. It is worth knowing that Catania has been Sicily’s entertainment center.

Where is it worth mooring?

Marina di Portorosa is in the north of the island along a 4, 000-meter long quay. It is a really elegant and modern port in the neighbourhood of Fumari. It is adequately insured and protects you from winds. Lipari islands are very close, just a few kilometers away. There are several ports on the coast and the modern pillars provide you with power and water.
Milazzo, where you find the port Marina del Nettuno is just a few kilometers to the east from here. This port on the peninsula can host max. 160 yachts.
The port Marina is in the north of the island, east of Capo d’Orlando.
You can find ports also when you sail towards the south of Sicily. Marina di Ragusa that belongs to Ragusa has a total of 700 yacht spots for tourists.

What to do in Sicily: The most beautiful beaches of the island

Sicily is characterized by variable and special beaches. Besides the three port cities, there are pleasant and lively beaches in other towns too. One of these is a beach between Messina and Palermo, the Lungomare Cefalú. The atmosphere of the beach with golden –coloured sand is guaranteed by the historic city centre that is just a few steps behind the wonderful sea. If you want calm swimming and sunbathing or just want to admire the picturesque landscape, then this beach is your first choice! A beach with one of the warmest sea waters can be found in Lipari-islands The coast section that lies in a beautiful environment is especially popular among tourists with family.
Oliveri is located in the north of Sicily. The fairy-tale like Spiagga Marinello beach is to be found in its neighborhood. The warm and shallow sea is divided by a small, sandy appendix into two.

Beaches also worth visiting

A few steps in the back you see small lakes on the sandy beach. The best bet of water sports lovers is the beach of Taormina, Isola Bella, which lies to the north of Catania. The fast deepening beach is highlighted by a breathtaking island from the range of beaches. If you want to be far from the noise of vehicles, then you’d better choose Cala dello Zingaro. This fantastic beach is in the western corner of the island. The sandy beach with rock walls has a rich animal and plant world. The discovery of Sicily can be a superb adventure for the family.What to do in Sicily

The greatest experience for kids can be the common bottlenose dolphins that may jump around your yacht. Mediterranean plants, flowers, and lemon trees give a special unmistakable scent for Sicily. Experience the luring sight of wonderful local specialities. Those who seek adventure will be delighted by not only the discovery of sea and islands. There are a tremendous number of historical relics that towns preserve here. Start your unforgettable holiday and jump into your boat! Read more if you plan sailing in Sicily or yacht charter in Sicily.