El Masnou is one of the many stunning coastal towns of the Mediterranean. The town’s splendid beaches and unique historical monuments enhance El Masnou’s immense beauty even further. What to do in El Masnou? We will show you some of the fantastic activities available in and around the town. what to see in El Masnou

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Things to do in El Masnou: festivals and events

The La Festa Major de Sant Pere festival starts at the end of June with a spectacular fireworks show. In the following days, several concerts and other leisure activities spice up the event, thus making it more alluring for the younger generation too. El Masnou’s other prominent event is the so-called ‘Ple de Riure’ International Comic Theatre Festival that is organised annually in July. 5 days, all about humour, circus, music and theatre.

What to do around El Masnou? Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature!

Montseny Natural Park

The Montseny Mountains belong to Catalonia’s highly protected areas. The natural park of the same name is located 50 km from Barcelona and 25 km from the Mediterranean Sea. This area of 31, 064 hectares has been designated a natural park by the Catalan Government in 1987. The dominant fauna is determined by the area’s mostly forested characteristics. The most common mammals are wild boars and foxes but you can also spot various amphibians, reptiles and fish too.
The park awaits nature lovers with excellent hiking trails.

A stroll in the port

Take a stroll around El Masnou’s port and enjoy the idyllic view of the boats floating on the warm Mediterranean waters. The port is dotted with superb bars and restaurants; it’s worth having a light dinner and sampling some fine wines around here. Encircled by old neoclassicist and eclectic buildings, the huge port has a truly historic feel to it.
Thnings to do in El Masnou

The best beaches and most exciting free-time activities

Are you in for a swim? Choose El Masnou’s stunning beaches. Located to the East of the port, the huge Ocata Beach, with a length of 2500 m and width of 133 m is one of the best beaches in the area. Ocata Beach boasts crystalline waters and special child-friendly areas, therefore we highly recommend visiting this gem.

The smaller Platja del Masnou beach is located close to the train station. If you choose this beach, you are ought to try surfing. Besides, both of the above beaches offer excellent amenities for visitors. Apart from its splendid beaches, El Masnou also offers many free-time activities. The Teià Tennis Club, for instance, is one of the bests in the Maresme region and there are also some golf courses nearby.

The nearby Cambrils village also boasts great activities, such as hiking, cycling or horse riding. If you wish for a special vacation rent a boat in El Masnou and sail in El Masnou.
What to do in El Masnou

The local cuisine

El Masnou is dotted with superb restaurants; you can sample some traditional Catalan dishes as well as some international pièces de résistance.We particularly recommend the Tresmacarrons Vermut Restaurant, renowned for its delicious meals, cosy atmosphere and excellent service. La Santa Restaurant is also an excellent choice. The place offers a wide variety of delicious dishes. If your choice falls on this restaurant, try one of the most famous specialities of the Spanish cuisine: tapas, which is small portions of local dishes, often served with alcoholic beverages.

Our article has listed the must-do activities of the fantastic town of El Masnou. When in El Masnou, you will be spoilt with crystal-clear waters and excellent culinary experiences! Read more if you plan sailing in El Masnou or rent a boat in El Masnou.