Trogir’s rich culture results from Greek, Roman and Venetian influences. It has an excellent location. You can easily reach other beautiful Dalmatian holiday resorts and islands from here. What to do in Trogir? We will show you the best holiday activities this picturesque town has to offer!What to do in Trogir

This article gives you an overview of the following topics:

Things to do in Trogir: Great beaches

The 500-metres-long Pantan beach is 1.5 kilometres east of Trogir’s centre. We recommend this pebble beach is recommended to families with small children. The pine trees next to the beach provide shade on hot summer days. If you want to refresh yourself, choose the Mosquito beach bar.
There is another beach nearby, the pebbly Medena. It is only 4 kilometres from Trogir. The 3 kilometres long beach is surrounded by a pine forest. It is well-equipped, offering several program options. There is a tennis court, a football field, a basketball court, minigolf, waterslide, and the little ones can play on the playground.
The most popular beach on the Trogir Riviera is the Okrug Gornji. You can visit this place on the eastern side of the nearby Ciovo Island. This pebble beach is quite big, more than 2 kilometres long. In addition, because of its popularity, it is also called Copacabana. If you choose this beach, you can try many water sports thanks to the MAX Watersports Centre.

What to do in Trogir: Nature activities

Ciovo Island

Ciovo Island is located next to Trogir. It is separated from the mainland by a 2 kilometres long strait. Rich, Mediterranean greenery and picturesque bays await you here. They are rich in wildlife. The largest town on the island is Okrug Gornji, which has almost completely merged with Trogir. However, the southern part of Ciovo is still mostly untouched.

Drvenik Islands

The Drvenik Veli Island covers an area of 12 square kilometres, the smaller Drvenik Mali Island covers 3.5 square kilometres. They have lush, Mediterranean greenery. The beaches have crystal clear water. Drvenik Veli got its name from a town next to Makarska, Drvenik.
If you prefer active holidays, you can go for walks, biking, skating, and you can try exciting water sports as well. The turquoise Krknjaši beach lies between the Drvenik Veli, Krknjaš Mali and Krknjaš Veli islands. It is also called Blue Lagoon. Thanks to its rich underwater world, it is a favourite spot for snorkelling enthusiasts. In addition to small fish, you can see sea urchins, crabs and octopuses here.what to see in Trogir

Things to do in Trogir: Discover the highlights of the town!

The Old Town of Trogir is under UNESCO protection. There are some very impressive buildings in the town. We recommend visiting the cathedral, palace and other interesting places.

Cathedral of St. Lawrence

The cathedral is a symbol of Trogir, which is located on the main square, like the City Hall. It is primarily marked by Gothic and Renaissance detail, but after an 18th-century fire, some parts got Baroque features. The main gate was built-in 1240. It is Dalmatia’s most valuable stucco work. The 47 metres high bell tower offers breathtaking views over the town.

City Hall

The City Hall on the main square is also known as the Palace Poderta. It was built-in the 14th – 15th century, located in front of the Cathedral of St. Lawrence. It features Romanesque and Gothic styles. There is a beautiful well with a winged lion on it in the garden.

Palace Cipiko

Palace Cipiko is next to the Cathedral of St. Lawrence. It was built on the remains of a Roman house. You can recognise it by the Venetian-style window frames. If you head up to the bell tower of the cathedral, you can take beautiful photos of the ornate balcony of the palace.

City Museum

The museum is housed in the Romanesque and Baroque-style Garagnin-Fanfogna Palace. You can trace the political, cultural and artistic development of Trogir from its founding to the 20th century in the collection. In addition to the Garagnin-Fanfogna Library, the museum also preserves various statues and remains of beautiful monuments. In the Cata Dujšin-Ribar Gallery, you can see paintings by Croatian artists.

Fortress Kamerlengo

They started building the fortress in the 13th century, but it did not reach its present form until the 15th century. Although originally it was built to protect the town from Venetians, it was later completed by them. Just like from the Cathedral of St. Lawrence, the Fortress has wonderful views over the region, and there is also an open-air theatre.What to do in Trogir

Traditions and events in Trogir

The town hosts impressive festivals every summer. You can see many musical events in Fortress Kamerlengo, including the Trogir Summer Festival. Since this holiday resort is a historic site, you can choose from many medieval festivals as well.
On the Day of Trogir, the actors wear authentic clothes, and you can catch a glimpse of the everyday life of medieval craftsmen. Other great events take place in Croatia’s second-largest city, the nearby Split. They organise the event Split Summer every summer, offering plays, opera and classical music performances. Another important event is that 2-day-long Split Beach Festival held in August. It takes place on the beach of Bačvice in a giant bay with sandy shores. The Holy Cross Festival and the floral and wine fares are also among the important events organised in the city.

Night life

You can find some very cosy bars in the old town, but the best night club is on Ciovo Island. The beachfront Plaža Okrug is near Copacabana beach, but the Monaco Club is also a great choice. It is located at the Ciovo Bridge. If you are looking for even more fun, visit Split. The holiday resort has many cosy bars and discos, so everyone will find their favourite place that suits their needs and favoured genre. Most people choose Diocletian’s Palace or the Bačvice complex if they want to have a party. Explore places such as the Academia Club Ghetto, the Red Room, the Tropic Club Ecuador or the O’Hara Music Club!

Gastronomy of Trogir

The holiday resort has many cosy restaurants offering Croatian specialities made from fresh ingredients. You have to try the seafood dishes. You can order tuna, mackerel, squid or sardines, but the real delicacy is the whitefish. The octopus caught around the Trogir Riviera is also an excellent choice. They are freshly prepared traditional dishes, served with chickpeas. Another famous speciality is the pašticada, a marinated meat dish. It requires lengthy preparation and cooking.

When it comes to Dalmatian gastronomy, it is important to mention wines that can be a great addition to a delicious Mediterranean meal. Thanks to the favourable weather in the Trogir Riviera, they produce quality wines. The nearby Hvar Island is a famous white wine region. We recommend trying Pošip.What to do in Trogir

The best restaurants

Konoba Trs

Konoba Trs is in the Old Town, in a 13th-century house. It is one of the best restaurants in Trogir, which serves delicious, fresh dishes, and the waiters are very friendly. You can try the traditional Dalmatian meat and seafood dishes and excellent steaks. The interior is simple but very cosy. You can sit on wooden benches surrounded by old stone walls. Konoba Trs is so popular that you should always make a reservation in advance. Prices are high.


The Vanjaka Restaurant is in a small square near the Cathedral of St. Lawrence. It features traditional Croatian cuisine and quality local wines. Gourmets can enjoy a first-class culinary experience here. Like Konoba Trs, the Vanjaka is also a great restaurant, so the prices are high.

Kristian Pizzeria

One of the best pizzerias in the area is the family-run Kristian Pizzeria. It is on a square you can reach through narrow little streets. We recommend the delicious pizzas and homemade pasta, but they also serve meat and seafood dishes. The restaurant welcomes visitors with reasonable, not too high prices.

Mali Raj

If you are visiting the nearby island of Ciovo, one of the best options is the Mali Raj restaurant in Okrug Gornij. Although, you have to walk uphill a bit to reach it. It is definitely worth it because this is the most popular restaurant on the island. They offer fresh seafood and meat dishes at affordable prices, and the service is particularly friendly.

In this article, we have introduced you Trogir’s best holiday activities. If you drop anchor here, visit the historic old town, and try the local, Dalmatian delicacies. Read more if you plan Trogir sailing or boat rental in Trogir.