If you prefer tranquil spots to busy destinations, Vis is the perfect island for you. This is one of the greenest islands of the Adriatic with huge woods, crystal-clear air, cosy beaches and idyllic coves. What to do in Vis? Owing to variable program opportunities, your holiday will be unforgettable.
What to do in Vis island

This article gives you an overview of the following topics:

Things to do in Vis island: Breath-taking beaches

Beaches around Vis

The island’s centre is the town of Vis lying in a protected huge bay. The most popular beach in this Central Dalmatian town is the 100-metre long Prirovo. It lies in gorgeous natural surroundings. The pebble beach is embraced by tamarisk trees. If you are visiting, and you like water sports, we recommend diving. You can rent beach umbrellas and sun lounges, and there are restaurants and cafés nearby. In addition, you can discover the remains of the old, ancient port not far from there.

Grandovac Beach on the eastern side of St. George’s Bay is also a great choice. The 60-metre long beach boasts beautiful tamarisk trees, just like Prirovo, and there are beautiful pine trees as well. Thanks to the crystal clear waters, diving is a real treat here. The beach is very popular among young people, the beach bar hosts many concerts and events. Another beautiful one, Stonica, is 6 km from Vis that is also called as ’Vis Hawaii’. Furthermore, the sandy Zaglav beach can be found 10 km from the town on the South, not to mention the other one, the pebbly Srebrena.

Beaches around Komiža

The most popular beach in Komiža is Stiniva, which was voted the most beautiful beach in Europe by the readers of European Best Destinations in 2016. Pay attention when you are travelling to this pebble beach since it is very hard to spot thanks to the high cliffs and narrow entrance. We also recommend visiting Gusarica, Nova Pošta, Velo Žalo or Kamenica beaches. If you are looking for some peace and quiet, you can discover some secluded places. As for water sports, we recommend sailing, surfing and diving. Since there are several shipwrecks around the island, diving is a particularly exciting activity here. Do you prefer land sports? You can play volleyball or you can go for a nice walk on the beach. Read about what to do in Komiža.
what to see in Vis island

What to do in Vis: Hiking opportunities

Mount Hum

The quite hilly island hides many climbing routes. The most outstanding top to conquer is the 587-metre high Hum although the Sveti Duh Chapel is also a great destination. Upon reaching the top on Hum, definitely visit Titove špilje, that is, the Tito caves with partly walled entrances. An interesting fact is that Josip Broz, Yugoslavian revolutionist and head of state, and the partisan leaders spent a few months here during the Second World War. You can reach the two caves on a staircase including 275 steps. The climbing route between Komiža and the top of Hum is much steeper; do not risk climbing there in summer. The reason is that there is strong sunlight at that time. Another spectacular destination is the Saint Andrew mountain lodge on the top above the bay.

Biševo – and Ravnik-island

The Island of Biševo is located south of Vis. It is small in size, only 5, 8 square kilometres. The island is famous for its Blue Cave, discovered by Baron Eugen von Ransonnet. This natural attraction in Baluni Bay was originally only suitable for diving as the natural entrance is below sea level. However, in 1884 they built an artificial entrance for boats to enter the cave. The 15 metres high and 24 metres long cave is very popular among tourists. To experience its beauty, visit the cave around noon. The sunshine penetrating through the crevices of the cave paint the water a wonderful blue colour.
The Green Cave on the Island of Ravnik also awaits you with an unforgettable experience. The cave owes its lavish colour to the sunbeams playing on the water.
What to do in Vis island

Pakleni- archipelago

The archipelago is located north of Vis, consists of twenty smaller islands. Locals call them ‘Forski školji’. The Sveti Klement island is very popular among locals and tourists. It is the largest island with its size of 5, 3 square kilometres. The pine, cactus, rosemary and laurel forests make it especially beautiful. A botanist, Eugen Meneghello planted an arboretum with plants that domesticated over the centuries. If you are looking for some peace and quiet, there are several secluded bays with crystal clear water on the island.
Momića Polje, Vlaka and Palmižana are the three towns on Sveti Klement, but local residents only stay here during the summer season. Besides Palmižana, Zdrilica, the Sveti Jerolim Island and Marinkovac are also great holiday destinations.

Things to do in Vis: Explore the Vis island’s main attractions!

Town of Vis

The Church of the Holy Spirit rises at the corner of the bay, among some beautiful pine trees. It was built-in the 17th-18th centuries. The Franciscan monastery stands in the centre of Prirovo Peninsula, with the Church of St. Jerome in front of it. The latter was named after the patron saint of Dalmatia. The monastery has a semi-circular shape because it follows the outer wall of the Roman theatre it was built on. You can still visit parts of the ancient theatre, like the stage door and the first-floor corridor.

The Church of St. George stands on a peninsula, next to the entrance of Vis Marina. It was named after the patron saint of the town. You can see palaces in the marina like Mardesicev, a Radosijev, Vukasinovic-Dojmijev or Tramontana. The 17th-century Perast Tower is also nearby. The town’s Archaeological Museum has a priceless archaeological collection.
What to see in Vis island

Komiža town

You can find the Clock Tower on the south side of the Komiža marina, next to beautiful, 16th-17th century Venetian houses. It is part of the Venetian Fortress, built-in 1585. Today it houses the Fishing Museum. Here you can see the fishing gear, nets, knots, and even the replica of a 20th-century fishing boat. The town boasts many churches. We recommend visiting St. Mary of the Seven Sorrows Church, standing next to the fortress. It was built between 1752 and 1759, and it is the youngest church in Komiža.

Another must-see is the Church of St. Nicholas on the hill above the town, dating from the 13th century. The Romanesque-style building was extended in the 16th and 17th century. It is surrounded by bastions and walls. The late Baroque altars are from the 18th century.

Traditions and events in Vis

One of the most significant events in the town of Vis is the Vis Cultural Summer. The festival includes concerts, stage performances and exhibitions. The outdoor New Years’ Party, the carnival or the Amateur Theatre Festival in May are also great options. You can attend the Vis Regatta in October. In addition to the outdoor events, there are many clubs and bars in Vis, so everyone can find the perfect place to have a party. Another important town on the island is Komiža. The most popular events in the town is the Goulash Disko Festival. The festival takes place across numerous stages. Croatian and international musicians play for tourists.

The yearly Fishermen’s Night gives you an insight into the town’s fishing traditions. During the event, you can try some of the best fish dishes, you can buy fishing-related souvenirs and watch the beautiful fireworks. The kayak competition entertains the little ones.

Gastronomy of Vis

The sea fruit made by the locals and served in pleasant restaurants is a must. During your stay, do not forget to try out roasted sardines and the traditional scone. The latter is made from salty sardines cooked with onion on olive oil. About 20% of the island is covered with vineries. They are the best ones in Dalmatia; therefore, it is no wonder that the top wines can be purchased here, such as Opol, Visko Crno or Vugava.
Things to do in Vis island

The best restaurants

If you are visiting Vis, the Lola Konoba & Bar is one of the best choices. It is characterised by delicious dishes, attentive service, and you can sit down in a gorgeous garden. We also recommend Restoran Pohoda and Kod Paveka. The latter is located on the promenade. In addition to homemade Dalmatian specialities, there are delicious fresh seafood dishes on the menu, too. As for Komiža’s restaurants, Konoba Barba is a great place to eat. It is characterised by high-quality, locally sourced ingredients and friendly service. In addition, the terrace offers gorgeous views over the sea. The Restaurant & Wine Bar Hum is also a great choice. The restaurant welcomes you with excellent dishes and wines, friendly service and reasonable prices.

This article has given an overview of the best programs on the amazing island of Vis. Upon your arrival; you can see crystal-clear beaches and visit several interesting historic buildings. Not to mention the Central-Dalmatian specialities and first-class wines. Read more if you plan Vis island sailing or boat rental in Vis island.