Italy is one of the favourite European destinations of tourists. The Italians are hospitable, temperamental like other Latin people. What to do in Italy? Here is our to-do list.What to do in the Italy

The main points are:

What to do in Italy: as a nature-lover

However, the beaches are quite cosy and marvellous; there are plenty of natural beauties to see like national parks. Here is a short list of them.

Gran Paradiso National Park

The oldest Italian national park lies on the southern part of the Aosta Valley. Its symbol is the wild goat. When you intend to walk, there are many footpaths within the park.

Vesuvius National Park

One of the world’s most famous and dangerous still active volcanos can be found here. Its primary wine producing zone rises up the slopes of Mount Etna.


It is well-known not just for its wine regions, but its gastronomy too. The landscape, the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea, its historic and artistic sights are all unique. The truth is that tourists flock into Toscana all year round. If swimming, head to its beach offering fine sand and mild temperature. If it’s about active programmes, visit the zoos, adventure parks, water parks etc. You can be sure that no children are bored here.what to see in the Italy

What to do in Italy? Best places for swimming and diving

Want to relax on the shore? Choose Positano, Polignano a Mare or Capo Vaticano. All of them are worth visiting.

Levanzo is the perfect destination for active tourists who can try diving or fishing in the crystal-clear sea. Moreover, during hiking, you can encounter ancient cave paintings. Rather a romantic scene? Well, the best choice is Manarola. And of course, you are not allowed to leave Italy without trying delicious fish dishes or excellent wines.

Music and entertainment facilities

Italian musicians have gained fame in the opera. Just consider Andrea Bocceli or Luciano Pavarotti. The Teatro dell’ Opera di Roma, the famous Opera House in Rome, has one of the best acoustic in the world. So you can indulge in art and choose from numerous ballets or operas.

As a matter of fact, the Italian capital is always on the list of famous singers and performers during their European tour. There are fascinating concert halls. So do not hesitate, buy a ticket.


Parties, parties, parties…..all night. Hit the dance floor in the exclusive disco clubs of Bibione, Lido di Jesolo and Caorle.

The most outstanding is the Baiablu Beach in Caorle which is a real beach in the daytime; even though, it functions as a disco at night. You can even take part in theme parties. Don Pablo Disco beach is similar to this one.

Music of different taste? First, visit the town of Jesolo. Party seekers can also fulfil their needs on the Cappanina Beach.

Evening concerts with the music of 1970’, 80’ and Latin songs? Not kidding? Enjoy them on the main square of Bibione. Afterwards, hop in the city’s most popular entertainment place, the Koco Music Club offering concerts and karaoke parties.

Things to do in Italy: 3 important architectural sights


This is Italy’s most visited monument. It receives annually more than 6 million visitors. At least 50, 000 spectators were watching the bloody gladiator fights which took place in this huge ancient Roman building. Since 2010 underground tours have been organized. Moreover, the two upper levels have already been opened to the public.what to see in the Italy

Dome Square

The square in the city centre of Pisa is surrounded by several medieval architectural monuments. Its four outstanding sights are the Dome, the famous Leaning Tower, the Pisa Baptistery and the Monumental Cemetery. The tower’s tilt is caused by its inadequate foundation. Wanna take funny pictures? Let’s start here.

Sistine Chapel

The Vatican’s most famous building, the current pope’s chapel is known by everybody. This hall depicts the heyday of the Renaissance. The fresco on the entire ceiling painted by famous artists like Botticelli or Michelangelo made it world-famous. A beautiful scene is, for instance, the Creation of Adam.

The Italian cuisine and other interesting facts

Gastronomy of Italy

As you may know, pasta is a typical dish in Italy offered with many toppings. In fact, pasta was brought to Italy by Arabians. It was consumed with honey and sugar in the beginning. Thus, the tomato sauce was invented later. Did you know that more than 100 pasta types are produced? Pizza, their famous speciality, has conquered the world. Not to forget about their extra-strong espresso coffee and delicious cappuccino. Gelato, their world-famous ice cream, was made first by Italian confectioners. Buy a scoop if you’re staying here.

The famous Vatican

The Vatican is the world’s least state, the home of the pope. It bears significance from religious, cultural and historical points of view. Its most well-known building is the Saint Peter’s Basilica, the world’s second-largest Christian church. About 60, 000 people can listen to the Holy mass at the same time.


All students learnt about the history of Pompeii. At 79 BC a volcanic eruption of the Vesuvius blasted this once vibrant city and the whole population died. The disaster happened, actually, in one day. After the falling of ash, the city was buried metres deep, wiped from the face of the Earth. The rediscovery of the city was accidental during the construction of the Sarno Canal. Besides decomposed bodies, there are countless buildings restored through which you can have a real insight into the life of inhabitants of Pompeii. To make things more exciting, check the astonishing frescoes of the Villa dei Misteri, one of the most beautiful villas discovered.

Venice, Italy’s pride

North-Italy’s pearl was built-in the middle of the Venetian Lagoon. Consequently, it is called the Queen of the Adriatic or the City of Waters and Lights. It is situated across a group of 118 small islands separated by canals and bridges. Its special watercraft is called gondola. Do not miss it while staying in Venice. Furthermore, enter the famous architectural sights of the city such as the Basilica di San Marco, the Patriarchal Cathedral Basilica of Saint Mark on the St. Mark’s Square next to the Doge’s Palace. The Basilica is fascinating with its opulent design, gold ground mosaics, marble columns and statues.What to do in the Italy

So you have gained an insight into the must-see sights of this incomparable country. Whether it is about relaxation or active holiday you can find your best suitable destination. Read more if you plan sailing in Italy or boat rental in Italy.