Thanks to its atmosphere, the port town is ideal for families with small children, especially during the off-season. As opposed to other popular resorts, visitors can expect peace and quiet here. What to do in Olbia? Choose from the must-see sights in town!What to do in Olbia

This article gives you an overview of the following topics:

Things to do in Olbia: A wide range of watersports

You can explore many wonderful beaches around Olbia and enjoy the pleasant Mediterranean climate. One of the most easily accessible beaches is Le Saline with its coarse red sand. It is very popular among those who love surfing and sailing, and we can also take nice long walks on the boardwalk. We also recommend Dottore Beach, surrounded by green land and beautiful granite rocks. There are colourful tiny pebbles in the white sand here. The crystal clear turquoise water is suitable for snorkelers and divers. Porto Istana Beach, which is opposite Tavloara Island, offers a wide variety of services. If you visit the place, you can try watersports such as surfing, canoeing, jet-skiing and sailing.

What to do in Olbia: Nature calls

Tavolara Island

The highest point on Tavolara Island, located 1 kilometre from Sardinia, is Punta Cannone. We can see mountains like Monte Limbara, Monte Nieddu or Montalbo from the peak. We can even spot the Strait of Bonifacio and Corsica from up here. If you like hiking, this island is the perfect place for you. Follow the designated route from the beach of Spalmatore di Terra in the western part of Tavolara. The track continues through the valley of Cannon Moth towards Punta La Mandria where you can admire the breathtaking view. Finally, you can climb up to the peak of the island from a white limestone bridge.
What to see in Olbia

Monte Albo

80% of the territory of Sardinia consists of mountains and hills. The most important ones can be found in the middle of the island, while Monte Albo is located in the north; its height is 1127 metres. Visiting the latter is one of the best hiking opportunities in Sardinia. In the spring, a wide range of orchids bloom in the area, most of which can only be found on this island. The designated route also passes by maple trees. Animals that can be seen here include wild boars, mouflon, martens and wildcats. Above the snowcapped mountains, we can observe golden eagles, falcons, common ravens and alpine choughs. If you get to the peak of Monte Albo, you can admire a wonderful view of the mountains of Northern Sardinia and the waters of the bay of Orosei.

Traditions and events in Olbia

The largest festival of the port town is the Festa di San Simplicio, which got its name from the patron saint of Olbia. They organise this religious festival in the middle of May, and it attracts thousands of tourists as well as locals. Another significant event is the Tavolara Film Festival held in July. It is considered one of the most popular Italian film festivals, organised every year since 1991.

Night life

The Sottovento Club is located in a very popular port town nearby, Porto Cervo. It is one of the largest discos on the entire coast, attracting many DJs. If you are looking for an authentic Sardinian party which involves dancing til the morning, the Sottovento Club is a great choice. Do you prefer peace and quiet? The Lord Nelson Pub is an English pub based in Porto Cervo as well; it is a great example of the more reserved side of the Sardinian nightlife. Locals and tourists alike are great fans of the place where they can choose from amazing cocktails and beers, and they can also enjoy live music.
What to do in Olbia

Gastronomy of Olbia

There are great restaurants and cafés in town. As for the latter, Caffe’ Cosimino is a great place in the heart of Olbia to have a nice coffee and breakfast in the morning. It is also a good choice if you are planning to party until late at night, as they have great cocktails and beers, too.

Italy’s wonderful island, Sardinia is famous for its gastronomy, so you can choose from delicious dishes in Olbia based on the frutti di mare. Would you prefer to eat something else? “Chiusoni al casu furriau” is a great alternative; it is gnocchi prepared with melted cheese and saffron, and is basically the Italian version of potato noodles. If you visit Olbia and are looking for a nice restaurant, La Lanterna is one of the best choices. The place is famous for the pizza, the frutti di mare, the pecorino made from sheep’s milk and the grilled dishes. Guests can also choose from a wide variety of wines. The restaurant, which has many comfy seats on the terrace near the sea, is perfect for those who prefer to relax in a simple and calm environment.

Excellent wines

Would you like to get a deeper insight into Sardinian wine-making? Visit the winery of Tenute Olbios, located 7 kilometres from the town. You can taste the wine they produce and take a nice walk in the vineyard. There are longer and shorter trips to choose from.

In this article, we presented the best things to do when visiting Olbia. If you choose this family-friendly port town, you can swim in crystal-clear water and try many different watersports. The delicious local cuisine and the excellent wines will also make your stay unforgettable. Read more if you plan sailing in Olbia or yacht charter in Olbia.