This wonderful historical, Mediterranean city awaits its visitors with numerous sights. Upon visiting this city you can choose from exclusive entertainment facilities and programs. Above all, many stars regard it as his or her favourite holiday resort. What to do in Dubrovnik
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As far as it is concerned, Dubrovnik is not just amazing in the summer. Actually, the weather is really pleasant and warm from the beginning of March. The summer is hot, though, the temperature is quite mild from September to the end of October, which is perfect for tours.

What to do in Dubrovnik: Cultural programmes

It is important to know that Dubrovnik was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979. Interestingly, the city is the most significant centre of Croatian literature and art. Many famous poets, writers, painters and scientists lived or live here. The literature of Dubrovnik is fairly determining in the Croatian language. The literary works stemming from here made the base of the Croatian language.
The city’s patron saint is Saint Blaise who played an important role in the city’s culture. The beautiful Baroque church named after him, the Church of Saint Blaise, can be found in the main square. It is a local tradition to celebrate the city’s patron saint on 3rd February with a large procession.
The Port of Dubrovnik is quite close to the downtown; thus after getting ashore, you can immediately get indulged in countless sights and programmes.

Maritime Museum and Dubrovnik Aquarium

Two things in one place! First, Saint Lawrence Fortress is one of the most important fortresses in Dubrovnik. It is right beside the port. A long breakwater was built-in front of it that makes this huge monument so spectacular.
The Maritime Museum occupies the first floor of the fortress. There are exhibitions on the history of Dubrovnik, maritime and navigation tools and maps. The entrance to Dubrovnik Aquarium is downstairs. You can learn about the flora and fauna of the Adriatic while walking past 27 pools. If you happen to stay in Dubrovnik, do not miss this out!

Dubrovnik Cathedral Treasury

The Treasury reveals the former wealth and culture of Dubrovnik. The exhibition’s most valuable pieces recall the city’s patron saint, Saint Blaise. By the way, these historic relics were made by the city’s world-famous goldsmiths.
The most special relic of the Treasury is a wooden piece from Christ’s cross. A famous goldsmith of Dubrovnik put it into an artistic cross in the 1500s.

Cultural History Museum

It is located in the Rector’s Palace. There is everything in connection with the culture of Dubrovnik. There are exhibitions of coins, stamps and watches. Moreover, you can see nicely-fabricated furniture, portrays, uniforms and weapons.
What to do in Dubrovnik

What else to do in Dubrovnik: Game of Thrones walking tour

This is a quite interesting and exciting program, indeed! The scenes of the King’s Castle from the Game of Thrones were filmed here. Due to the series’ popularity, the city made Game of Thrones walking tours. During the tour, you visit the most important shooting spots that are also the city’s main sights.
Of course, a tour guide is with you during the whole tour. It is worth choosing a tour for 6-8 people because they are not so crammed. Now let’s check some places.

Trsteno Arboretum

Trsteno Arboretum, the world’s oldest and Croatia’s first arboretum, is one of the stops lying a few kilometres from Dubrovnik. Nowadays it has become a popular destination for visitors. The main sight of the arboretum is the impressive Baroque fountain with the statue of the god, Neptune, flanked by nymphs.

Fortress Lovrijenac

Another stop in the Game of Thrones walking tour is a fortress built-in a 37-metre high rock. It was constructed within 3 months by the inhabitants of Dubrovnik.

Fortress Minceta

This special building appeared many times in the film of Game of Thrones. It has a unique form resembling a multi-layer wedding cake. Its construction finished after 100 years. The fortress has become the symbol of the unconquerable Dubrovnik.
what to see in Dubrovnik

Gastronomy of Dubrovnik: the most exclusive restaurants


This is the top restaurant in Dubrovnik. It is in the Old Town, you can have a magnificent view from its terrace of the castle wall and the Fortress Lovrijenac. If you are looking for a really special experience, visit it at sunset.
The restaurant is highly elegant. As a consequence, you can meet here many celebrities. For instance, Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russel, or even Sir Roger Moore was here as well. The menu is fairly various ranging from seafood to lamb chops. If you prefer wines, ask the sommelier.

Bota Oyster and Sushi Bar

If you love sea fruit, choose this restaurant! The world’s best oyster, the flat oyster, is served here. Besides the delicious meals, you can amaze at the view of the city. You can even spot the Cathedral of Dubrovnik from here.

Unique clubs and programmes

What to do in Dubrovnik

Club Revelin

This popular club is in the Revelin Fortress. It has a huge dance floor and you can watch the lights of the Old Town at night since it has Dubrovnik’s largest terrace. When you are seeking for a really exclusive experience, you can rent the whole interior of the Revelin Fortress.

Cave Bar

If you are looking for a bit calmer entertainment in an exclusive environment where you can drink some fine drinks with your friends, choose the Cave Bar in Dubrovnik. It is definitely a luxurious place with mouth-watering dishes and good fellows.

Dubrovnik Summer Festival

This is an excellent programme for culture vultures. This event has been held in July and August for many years. And it lasts for a month! You can watch theatre plays, concerts, dance performances and operas here.

New Year’s Eve in Dubrovnik

Despite the fact that this feast is held after the sailing season it is worth visiting it at the end of the year. As you know, the climate of Dubrovnik is really mild in autumn and winter so you can plan a New Year’s Eve outing to here. It is a sheer curiosity to spend New Year’s Eve in Dubrovnik. The party starts earlier than 31st December. It commences with the Drazen Zecic concert on 28th December. This is the most well-known and popular music band in Croatia.
All in all, Dubrovnik is an excellent holiday destination. As the autumn is fairly mild here, it is also worth visiting this time of the year. If you want pleasant weather during your trip, plan a sailing cruise to Dubrovnik in autumn. This time is not so crowded either. Read more if you plan Dubrovnik sailing or rent a boat in Dubrovnik.