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What to do in the Italian Riviera: An unforgettable experience on one of the most beautiful coastlines in Europe!

The Italian Riviera is a marvellous province in Italy located tightly between the Alps and [...]

What to do in Porto Pozzo: The best water sports

The idyllic Porto Pozzo and the surrounding area is a great place for relaxation. In [...]

What to do in La Maddalena: The most beautiful location in Sardinia

La Maddalena’s beautiful, untouched beaches are very popular among tourists. If you visit here, do [...]

What to do in Santa Teresa Gallura: The best hiking trails

If you happen to choose Santa Teresa Gallura, the main town of North-Sardinia, you will [...]

What to do in Portisco: We are going to show you a list of the most diverse programmes!

The breathtaking beaches here are among the most popular places of those who love the [...]

What to do in Olbia: The best programmes in the family-friendly holiday resort

Thanks to its atmosphere, the port town is ideal for families with small children, especially [...]

What to do in Cannigione

The crystal-clear beaches of the town are among the most popular places of those who [...]

What to do in Arzachena: Explore the most popular resorts in Sardinia

If you choose Arzachena in Costa Smeralda, there are dozens of recreational opportunities waiting for [...]

What to do in Genoa: an unforgettable experience in the Ligurian capital!

Genoa is Italy’s largest port city, the capital of Liguria, the centre of the Italian [...]

What to do in Puglia: live a true Italian experience on the coast of the Adriatic Sea

Would you like to experience the real Italian lifestyle? Are you keen on tiny, traditional [...]

What to do in San Remo: The City of Flowers is waiting for you!

Sunshine, palm trees, sandy beach, refreshing cocktails, and maximum relaxation? If you are longing for [...]

What to do in Liguria: the region of senses

If you’re keen on the Italian temperament and long for picturesque landscapes, you’re ought to [...]

What to do in Bosa: A paradise for watersport enthusiasts

The ancient picturesque town is a popular destination among tourists due to the cultural and [...]

What to do in Carloforte

Not only sea lovers will find Carloforte the perfect destination, but also those looking for [...]

What to do in Cagliari: The miracles of the Italian port city

Near Cagliari, you can find beautiful shore segments as well as mountains with giant woods. [...]

What to do in Alghero: Explore the magical town of Sardinia!

Alghero is one of the most frequently visited and beloved holiday resort on the island, [...]

What to do in Moniga del Garda: Explore this wonderful city!

Moniga del Garda is one of the most beautiful areas in the Valtenesi region. It’s [...]

What to do in Garda: The beautiful Italian lake with its many sights awaits!

Thanks to its pleasant climate and Mediterranean flora, Lake Garda is the most popular destination [...]

What to do in Navene di Malcesine? Explore the wide choice of activities in the area!

Malcesine is one of the many gorgeous settlements of Lake Garda. Apart from its medieval [...]

What to do in Salerno

However, Naples is more well-known and popular, Salerno is also a great destination to visit. [...]

What to do in Agropoli: The amazing Italian town provides an unforgettable experience!

If you are looking for a beach as a holiday destination, Agropoli is a perfect [...]

What to do in the Amalfi Coast: Don’t miss the wonders, this breathtaking coastline has to offer!

The Amalfi Coast is world-renowned for its manifold natural beauty. Majestic cliffs, charming villages nestled [...]

What to do in Italy: Discover the unforgettable sights of this diverse country

Italy is one of the favourite European destinations of tourists. The Italians are hospitable, temperamental [...]

What to do in Sardinia: Discover the second-largest island of Italy

When you pass by Sicily by boat and continue in the northern direction, you’ll see [...]

What to do in Costa Smeralda: You can find here everything that is needed for perfect relaxation

Costa Smeralda is located in the northern part of Sardinia, which is one of the [...]

What to do in Sicily: The largest island of the Mediterranean Sea is expecting you

Sicily as „the island of Sun” is surrounded by three seas. It is the view [...]