If you want a holiday in a calm, quiet environment, but not completely away from civilisation, then Antiparos is an ideal choice. It is not crowded even in high season. Many Hollywood stars have holiday homes here.
What to do in Antiparos

This article gives you an overview of the following topics:

Things to do in Antiparos: Sandy beaches

You will typically find sandy beaches on this tiny island. Most of the beaches on the east coast can be reached on foot or by bus. But you can moor your boat anywhere as well. Half a day is enough to sail around the island and visit every beach suitable for swimming. Panagia Beach is near the capital of Antiparos. Here, you will find azure blue waters and a golden sandy beach. If you are looking for a family-friendly beach, choose the slowly deepening Glyfa!

There are beaches on the south side of the island as well where you can go swimming. We recommend visiting the beach near the village of Agios Georgios. You can swim in a bay protected from winds, but you have to come here prepared. There are no sun lounges or bars. From here, you can sail to the island of Despotiko, where you will find even more sandy beaches.

What to do in Antiparos: Landmarks

Take a look around the capital of Antiparos!

When the island of Antiparos became popular among tourists, the capital started developing quickly. There are several souvenir shops, cafés, and restaurants along the main street. Recently, clothing stores and jewellery stores have opened as well. You can find the Venetian castle built-in 1440 in the Old Town. Today, only a bastion and a gate remain. In the town, you can discover the Historical and Folklore Museum of Antiparos. In the museum, you can see photographs, maps, and other memorabilia related to the history of the island.

Visit the island of Despotiko!

The uninhabited island of Despotikos lies southwest of Antiparos. You can drop anchor in two beautiful bays on the south side of the island. Go for a hike and discover the temples of Apollo and Artemis.
what to see in Antiparos

Discover the dripstone cave!

The most important attraction of Antiparos is the dripstone cave. This is the only vertical dripstone cave in Europe. Four hundred steps lead down to the cave. The maximum depth reaches 85 metres.

Things to do in Antiparos: Entertainment options

Water sports

Antiparos is very popular among water sports enthusiasts. The east side of the island is great for surfing thanks to the stronger winds. You can find the Spot One surf training centre at Psaraliki beach. Here, beginner and intermediate surfers as well can improve their skills.

Antiparos is great for diving, too. You can discover countless shipwrecks, reefs, and sea caves this way. Most of the caves are on the south side of the island.


In summer, Antiparos has a very lively nightlife. There are many night clubs and bars near the town square, mostly playing popular music. Although, you can listen to rock music at The Doors bar, open since 1981.

If you want to spend the evening in a slightly quieter place, there are some smaller bars further away from the main square. If you like retro music, visit the La Luna disco, playing 80s music!

Gastronomy of Antiparos

Despite the size of the island, its gastronomy is very diverse. There are Italian pizzerias, but many restaurants offer Mediterranean and Greek cuisine, too. In Agios Georgios, you can try fresh seafood dishes. Many locals are engaged in winemaking and preparing food based on traditional recipes.

In this article, you could read about the opportunities Antiparos has to offer. If you drop anchor here, you can spend your time in a peaceful and quiet environment. If you are lucky, you can even run into some famous Hollywood actors in the summer! Read more if you plan Antiparos sailing or Antiparos boat rental.