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What to do in Kolymbia: a peaceful resort town on Rhodes

Kolymbia is a relatively new resort town established at the end of the 1980s. It [...]

What to do in Skopelos: one of the most beautiful islands of the Sporades

Skopelos is the most beautiful of the four inhabited islands of the Sporades. The island [...]

What to do in Faliraki: one of the most popular resort towns on Rhodes

The resort town of Faliraki practically grew out of nowhere. A period of 10 years [...]

What to do in Skiathos: an island of peace

Skiathos, located in the western part of the Sporades archipelago, provides a quiet and peaceful [...]

What to do in Serifos: Explore the old iron mines!

The iron mines have always been an important part of Serifos' history. They are not [...]

What to do in Eleuthera

Eleuthera has everything we may need for a perfect sailing holiday: quiet beaches along the [...]

What to do in Folegandros: A peaceful island for swimming

Located in the south-western part of the Cyclades, Folegandros is perfect for those who want [...]

What to do in Amorgos: The southeastern border of the Cyclades

The mostly rocky island of Amorgos offers two important ports to sailors. There are diverse [...]

What to do in Syros: One of the most densely populated islands on the Cyclades

The island of Syros is an ideal compromise for a holiday vacation: It is not [...]

What to do in Antiparos: One of the smallest inhabited Cycladic islands

If you want a holiday in a calm, quiet environment, but not completely away from [...]

What to do in Naxos: The largest island of the Cyclades

If you want to spend some days on an island with beautiful beaches an gorgeous [...]

What to do in Greece: A paradise for sailors

Greece is a heaven of international tourism – it is the second most popular destination [...]

What to do in Rhodes: The Eden of the Aegean Sea is waiting for you!

Rhodes is one of the most popular destinations among the Greek island. This is not [...]

What to do in Paros: Memorable adventures on this picturesque island

Paros is a member of the Cyclades island group. It is the small pearl of [...]

What to do in Mykonos

Mykonos is located on the Aegean Sea and is a member of the Cyclades archipelago. [...]

What to do in Lavrion: Discover the magical world of Attic Peninsula!

Lavrion or Laurium is in the southeastern part of Greece, on the Attic Peninsula. It [...]

What to do in Santorini: Have an adventure in the realm of the Gods!

Santorini is the southernmost member of the Cyclades archipelago. It consists of several islands, although [...]

What to do in Kos: explore the Greek Archipelago!

Kos Island is situated in the south-eastern region of the Aegean Sea, close to the [...]

What to do in Milos: adventures on the island of Aphrodite!

Milos is a member of the Cyclades archipelago. It is located on the Aegean Sea, [...]

Athens, the cradle of Europe and the most colourful experiences

Would you like to spend an unforgettable and adventurous holiday in Greece? Relaxing is important, [...]

What to do in the Aegean Sea: The world of the Aegean sea awaits you with thousands of miracles, that you need to see

Do you want a breathtaking, picturesque environment? The archipelago of the Aegean Sea is the [...]