This modern coastal town is located on the island of Pag. Novalja has become famous as the Croatian Ibiza in recent years. Life is sparkling on its beautiful beaches from morning to night throughout the season. The city itself is a resort filled with restaurants, hotels and cosy bars.
In addition to crazy parties, it’s also famous for its divine local cheeses, heavenly lamb and delicious wines.
What to do in Novalja

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What to do in Novalja: Local attractions

City Museum Novalja

The city museum of Novalja reveals the history of the island from the ancient Romans to the present days. There are old items for everyday use, kitchenware, and nautical tools. One of its curiosities is an exhibition of amphoras, dating from the 1st century BC, from the storehouse of a sunken merchant ship.

Roman aqueduct

The town’s gem is the famous aqueduct. The canal that remained from the Roman Age is more than a kilometre long, narrow, shabby underground passage open to tourists. This huge tunnel system provided water for the city and the surrounding soils. We gain insight into the fascinating work of Roman engineering and the sheer power of the people of that time. It is a very interesting feeling to walk through a work of more than 2 centuries.

Pag’s Bermuda triangle

Anyone who loves paranormal phenomena and wants to know all the mysteries of the universe has to be here. We find this phenomenon on the east of Novalja on a deserted hill near Caska. The so-called Pag triangle was discovered from the space in1999. The stones are situated about 30 meters wide forming a perfect triangle. Their origin is a mystery, but locals and visitors alike find it supernatural, because the whole area is filled with incredible energy. This is a journey through an unusual moon-like landscape that presents our stunning scenery. So follow the red arrow to the triangle and recharge with the unique energy of the landscape. Walk carefully, as all stones are unusually sharp. Don’t leave your hiking shoes at home!

Things to do in Novalja

What to do in Novalja

Bungee jumping

On the famous Zrce beach, there are other things besides the dawn to dusk parties. A 41-meter-high crane tower stands out and awaits bold entrepreneurs along the beach. An unforgettable experience, whether day or night. This is one of the most popular leisure activities for tourists.

Flyboarding (flying water ski)

The most common sport on Pag today is the exciting flyboarding. On any of the major beaches in and around Novalja, they will be waiting for you and teaching you how to ski and float at the same time. It is an extreme sport where both skills and endurance are important. Swim like a dolphin and fly like a bird. Experience the thrill.


Everyone loves history and beautiful landscapes, but if you go to a party town, it would be a pity not to take advantage of the opportunity. In Novalja, you will have a new adventure and a new experience every night. It does not matter whether you are in a bar by the beach or letting off steam in the Noa Beach Club with the music of the best DJs in the world. Here you can be sure to find the perfect place to release tiredness.


Try the healing travarica (Croatian brandy)

Travarica, the Croatian brandy, is a local specialty. This aromatic distillate sometimes contains up to 40 different herbs. It is often used as a medicine for various complaints such as rheumatism, gingivitis or intestinal problems. Herbs often contain rosemary, chamomile, lavender, mint or sage. It is based on the pure grape spirit (grappa), in which the herbs are placed and allowed to be absorbed for at least one month. The combination of brandy and essential oils creates a wonderful aroma. Of course, the longer you let it stand, the stronger its effect will be. Almost every bar on the island of Pag has this divine nectar.

The delicious cheese of Pag

Before Zrce Beach made the area famous for unforgettable clubs and parties, the main pride of the island was the local cheese. Delicious Pag cheese is made from the milk of a rare breed of sheep. Hard cheese, matured for months, with a typically salty taste, is best complemented with local prosciutto and olive oil. Of course, a glass of white wine such as Žutica is essential for a full taste experience.
Things to do in Novalja

Wine specialities

Of course, no cheese is worth trying without the perfect fitting wine. The island’s peculiar, sandy soil gives the local vineyards an excellent dry aroma. The two best known white wines on the island are Gegić and Žutica. The magic gold drops have fairly high alcohol content, so be careful. Burin is the most popular red representative of Pag wines. Pag has plenty of shops and restaurants where you can try out.


Zrce Spring Break Europe

Zrce Spring Break Europe festival is not only a simple festival. In its short 10-year history, it has grown into one of the most unique and well-known festivals in the world. Each year, it awaits every bold candidate with wild and crazy programs. Whether your music style is techno, hip-hop or house be sure to find the perfect party here. The early evening concerts start after the morning sunbathing. This can be followed by a wild night party and an afterparty. If you want to experience how to rush into a real boat party, you have the opportunity for that. Come and enjoy the summer in Ibiza style on the wonderful Croatian coast.

Sonus Festival

It is held from sunset to sunrise. One of the most famous summer festivals of the Rab Peninsula takes place in three huge clubs. You can wait for the sunrise among the best DJs in the open sky clubs. Sonus festival does not only entertain the guests in the evening, but it also awaits tourists with various summer sports during the day. It is the perfect combination of your dream summer vacation and an unforgettable festival.

Hideout Festival

Join the leading electronic music festival in Europe. It has been ten years since the Hideout Festival exploded into the public eye with overwhelming success. All-day pool parties and evening concerts await you with the best DJs for 5 days. It is an amazing music festival on the Adriatic Sea on the fabulous Zrce beach.

As you can see, the city of Novalja and the whole island of Pag await all visitors with lots of activities and crazy beaches. Experience the perfect harmony of unforgettable parties, unique taste, historic sights, and magical landscapes. Read more if you plan Novalja sailing or rent a boat in Novalja.