Medulin is a perfect little town resort. It is a clean and modern town with a picturesque landscape. The Roman architecture and history permeate the entire Istrian peninsula. In the summer, visitors can choose from dozens of entertaining programmes and sights to discover. What to do in Medulin

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What to do in Medulin: Enjoy the sunshine


This is the most famous and popular beach in the town and in the region. The sandy beach is ideal both for romantic weekends and for spending our holiday with our family or friends. As it is located in the middle of the bay, we can easily access it from the town as well. They have all the equipment we may need, including showers, restrooms, Wi-Fi connection and a waterslide. We can also rent lounges and sunshades. Summer sports enthusiasts may choose from many activities on the beach.

Alba Chiara

The other frequently visited beach in town. The beach, covered with smooth travertine pebbles, is suitable for a carefree swim. You can spend the entire day on the beautiful spot, as they provide everything here you might need. There is a restaurant nearby offering local delicacies.


The wonderful island of Ceja guards the entrance to Medulin. It is a beautiful and romantic oasis visited by many tourists year by year. Its crystal clear turquoise waters are ideal for scuba-diving. The local restaurant provides perfect service and food. We can relax far from the noisy cars and everyday life.
What to do in Medulin

Things to do in Medulin: Extraordinary hikes

Archaeological Park Vižula

The new archaeological multimedia park is located in the heart of Medulin, on the Vižula Peninsula. It is full of archaeological remains exhibited in an interactive way. The park was designed for kids as well, who can also enjoy the historic walk. It is incredibly modern and well-equipped, and we can ask for VR goggles at the entrance. There are several smart benches, e-trees and hotspots. We also find bars, playgrounds, an adrenaline park and an archaeological school here. They have Braille sign plates with tactile maps to aid blind and visually impaired people. Vižula is a very important archaeological site. The most significant finding is the remains of an ancient manor. The Roman luxury residence is located along the shores and is standing on a marble base.

There are many other sights to see here, so it is worth visiting the place even out of curiosity. You can dive into the Roman culture while walking on the Croatian shores, outdoors in the fresh air.

Samy’s Ranch

Samy’s Ranch is among the best-rated establishments around Medulin. The staff working here are enthusiastic about providing their visitors with the best services. Their most interesting activity is horse-riding but in a different way. At the end of the ride, we can descend into the water directly from the back of the horse. You don’t have to worry about the horses, as they are kept in great circumstances. The giant four-legged animals are loved and respected here. We can also rent an ATV (four-wheeled motorbike) or fight in a huge paintball battle. It’s something you must try if you spend several days here.

Brijuni Park

The Brijuni National Park is an archipelago consisting of 2 larger islands, Mali Brijun and Veliki Brijun and 12 tiny islands altogether. The territory, which is now a national park, used to be the resort of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the summer residence of President Tito. There are dozens of sights to visit here. Beside the beautiful beaches, there is also a safari park where we can observe African animals living free. We can admire ruins from the Roman period as well as dinosaur footprints. However, it is important to note that you will need the permission of the park’s directorate to sail among the islands of the archipelago and for docking.
What to see in Medulin

What to do around Medulin


If you are still interested in observing the Roman period, you should spend a few hours discovering Pula. This wonderful town has buildings with ancient history. People used to live here as early as before our Common Era, but the town was most flourishing during the reign of Caesar Augustus. The old city has countless historic monuments from the ancient Roman times. If you arrive on a boat, you can spot the famous arena of Pula from a great distance; it is the sixth-largest amphitheatre today. Going towards the town from the port, we can walk among the remains of the city walls, admire the old gates and shop on the ancient Forum. Beside the Roman monuments, the first ship museum in the world was also opened in Pula in 1870; we can still visit it. There are several city tours to choose from. Read about what to do in Pula.
What to do in Medulin


Similarly to Medulin, Pomer has also seen many epidemics and depopulation since its establishment. Thanks to its favourable location, it is a popular holiday paradise today. Its preserved buildings include the Sights Remains of the Benedictine convent of St. Ivan Biograd, the remains of the Church of Sveti Andrija and the Basilica of the Visitation of Our Lady. In the summer, the town hosts dozens of programmes, such as a Pomer night and a classical concert in the Basilica. The former is a traditional music festival where we can also try different local dishes.

Kamenjak (Premantura)

In the 16th century, due to the epidemic plagues, there was no life in Medulin and its neighbourhood. People arriving here decided to settle in a safer place not affected by the plague. They established the town of Premantura, which occupies the entire Kamenjak Peninsula. The peninsula is app. 6 kilometres long, and it is the southernmost point of Istria. Its curly coastline is around 30 kilometres long. It is very difficult – even impossible in some parts – to access this region from the land. Thanks to its rich flora consisting of rare plants the entire peninsula is a natural preserve. We can discover dozens of hidden beaches here. Those who like hidden, quiet beaches, it is definitely recommended to get on a boat and explore the area.

Whether you would like to enjoy an active recreation or want to spend the whole day on the beach, you will find what you are looking for here. In this article, we have listed some of the best things to do, but countless other opportunities await! Read more if you plan Medulin sailing or rent a boat in Medulin.