If you prefer a quiet vacation, close to nature, Supetar is a particularly attractive holiday destination. It has beaches with crystal clear water that are surrounded by pine forests, quality restaurants, and it is also rich in historical landmarks. What to do in Supetar? Choose from the best holiday activities!What to do in Supetar

This article gives you an overview of the following topics:

Things to do in Supetar: The most popular beaches

The Banj beach is in a wind-protected area, 15 minutes from the town centre of Supetar. The water is shallow, thus we recommend it for families with small children. The excellent beach offers many high-quality services. There are bars, restaurants, showers and changing rooms. You can rent sun umbrellas and sun lounges. This sandy pebble beach is surrounded by pine trees that provide shade on hot summer days.
If you are visiting, snorkelling is the best water sport available, but you can go paddle boating, kayaking, canoeing, or you can try picigin, a ball game. There is a volleyball court near the beach. There are a water slide and an amusement park for the little ones.
The 200-metres-long Vlačica is also just a few minutes’ walks from the town centre. Kids can play in the shallow water. The pebble beach has a concrete area, perfect for sunbathing. The pine trees enhance the beauty of Vlačica. They provide shade on hot days.

What to do in Supetar: Nature is calling

Kopačina cave

Northwest of the nearby Donji Humac, the cave is the oldest archaeological site on Brač Island. It is a popular tourist destination thanks to the unique finds. The archaeologist Frano Bulić discovered the site in 1890. He found pieces of antlers, bone and stone tools. Interestingly, the cave was inhabited from 8000 BC to 3000 BC.

Vidova Gora Mountain

The Vidova Gora is the highest peak of the Adriatic archipelago. Most of it extends over the territory of Nerežišća. The 778-metres-high peak is Sutvid. From the lookout tower you can see most of Brač Island and the island of Hvar in clear weather.
The 46-metres-long Vičja cave is near Vidova Gora Mountain. It is the deepest cave on the island of Brač. The 285-metres-deep Matešića Stana cave is also in this region, northeast of the mountain.
What to see in Supetar

Things to do in Supetar: Discover the highlights of the town!

The town was named after St. Peter’s Basilica on the hillside. St. Peter is also the patron saint of Supetar. The church was built-in 1773 with a wide stairway leading to it. There is a Baroque chapel next to the basilica. A local painter, Feliks Tironi decorated the interiors. These decorations date from the second half of the 18th century, while the altar painting is the work of an unknown Venetian artist. There are some old gravestones near the building, with a sundial on the left.
Another interesting monument on the Main Square is the Church of the Annunciation from the 18th century. It was built on the ruins of an early Christian basilica. Nearby attractions include Leroy Bell Tower, Church Museum and the Statue of St. Victor. In addition, you can also see Roman mosaics from the 6th century next to the church.

The bay of Supetar is famous for the mausoleum of the Petrinovic family with its beautiful white dome. It was built-in the neo-Byzantine style. It is located in the cemetery next to the Church of St. Nicholas. There are two early Christian sarcophagi and the ruins of a Roman villa that you can visit. One of the nineteen Roman churches on the island of Brač is the Church of St. Luke, built-in the 11th-12th century. It is located between Supetar and Doni Humac. It is notable because, in Dalmatia, this church has the oldest depiction of a ship carved on the inside wall.
What to do in Supetar

Traditions and events in Supetar

The International Brač Summer Carnival lasts seven days and takes place in a different town every day. Friendly hosts, guests from several countries and great sports games characterise the event. If you want to have even more fun, there are great clubs and bars in Supetar. Discover Havana, the Paparazzo and the Thriller clubs.

Gastronomy of Supetar

The holiday resort and the surrounding areas have many excellent restaurants where you can try the best Croatian dishes. The Apinelo restaurant is characterised by attentive service and reasonable prices. In addition, it offers wonderful views over the port. If you are visiting, be sure to try the delicious hamburgers.
The Konoba Vinotoka is also a great place where friendly waiters and delicious meals await you. We recommend the grilled fish and meat dishes. If you choose this restaurant, you should make a reservation in advance.

In this article, we have shown you the best holiday activities in Supetar. If you are visiting this Central Dalmatian port town, beaches with crystal clear water and exciting water sports welcome you. The historic landmarks and Croatian cuisine will also make your stay memorable. Read more if you plan sailing in Supetar or boat hire in Supetar.