Marina is located in Middle Dalmatia, and being close to Trogir makes it a particularly attractive destination. It has slowly deepening waters, many sights to see and a well-equipped port. What to do in Marina? Make the most of your vacation and choose from the following diverse programmes!What to do in Marina

This article gives you an overview of the following topics:

Things to do in Marina: The best beaches

Pralisce beach, which has a Blue Flag certification is located in Pralisce Bay, north from the port. The beach is 500 metres long, covered with tiny pebbles. The water deepens slowly, so families with children often come to visit. Pralisce’s disadvantage is its southeastern orientation; because of this, the sun sets between the hills behind the old town. If you are looking for peace and quiet, you can also discover several abandoned beaches in Marina Bay. When it comes to watersports, you must try sailing, scuba-diving or sport fishing.

The 500-metres-long Pantan beach is 1.5 kilometres east of Trogir’s centre. We recommend this pebble beach is recommended to families with small children. The pine trees next to the beach provide shade on hot summer days. If you want to refresh yourself, choose the Mosquito beach bar.
There is another beach nearby, the pebbly Medena. It is only 4 kilometres from Trogir. The 3 kilometres long beach is surrounded by a pine forest. It is well-equipped, offering several program options. There is a tennis court, a football field, a basketball court, minigolf, waterslide, and the little ones can play on the playground.
The most popular beach on the Trogir Riviera is the Okrug Gornji. You can visit this place on the eastern side of the nearby Ciovo Island. This pebble beach is quite big, more than 2 kilometres long. In addition, because of its popularity, it is also called Copacabana. If you choose this beach, you can try many water sports thanks to the MAX Watersports Centre.
What to see in Marina

What to do in Marina: Hiking opportunities

Saint Jacob Cave

One of the town’s most interesting sights is St. Jacob Ca

ve, which is by the old main road, 140 metres high. Its depth is app. 60 metres, and it is 10 metres wide. Pieces of pots from before history, Roman pots and even a grave from Roman times were discovered here.

Ciovo Island

Several smaller and larger islands can be found in front of the resort. Ciovo Island is located next to Trogir. It is separated from the mainland by a 2 kilometres long strait. Rich, Mediterranean greenery and picturesque bays await you here. They are rich in wildlife. The largest town on the island is Okrug Gornji, which has almost completely merged with Trogir. However, the southern part of Ciovo is still mostly untouched.

Drvenik Islands

The Drvenik Veli Island covers an area of 12 square kilometres, the smaller Drvenik Mali Island covers 3.5 square kilometres. They have lush, Mediterranean greenery. The beaches have crystal clear water. Drvenik Veli got its name from a town next to Makarska, Drvenik.
If you prefer active holidays, you can go for walks, biking, skating, and you can try exciting water sports as well. The turquoise Krknjaši beach lies between the Drvenik Veli, Krknjaš Mali and Krknjaš Veli islands. It is also called Blue Lagoon. Thanks to its rich underwater world, it is a favourite spot for snorkelling enthusiasts. In addition to small fish, you can see sea urchins, crabs and octopuses here.

what to see in Marina

Things to do in Marina: Explore the sights in town!

One of Marina’s main sights is its tower built between 1495 and 1500. It consists of two parts: the fortress on the beach, which is the Citadel, and the tower in the bay, above the stone reefs. The latter was preserved in excellent condition – the hotel Marinska Kula operates inside. The tower can also be also seen on the town’s crest, showing its significance. You must also see the parish church built for Saint Jacob, the Church of Saint John the Baptist with characteristics of both the Gothic and the Renaissance, and the Church of St. Marina.
What to do in Marina

Events around Marina

Are you looking for entertainment? Visit Trogir only 12 kilometres away from Marina! The town hosts impressive festivals every summer. You can see many musical events in Fortress Kamerlengo, including the Trogir Summer Festival. Since this holiday resort is a historic site, you can choose from many medieval festivals as well.
On the Day of Trogir, the actors wear authentic clothes, and you can catch a glimpse of the everyday life of medieval craftsmen.

Gastronomy of Marina

When visiting Marina, you can find several good-quality restaurants where you can try the specialties of Dalmatian cuisine. The most important ingredients of the delicious meals are fresh fish and fruits, olive and dried ham. The restaurant Konoba Kod Duje welcomes visitors with excellent meals and great service. We particularly recommend the pizza and grilled fish. Konoba Marina is another great choice; besides the delicious meals, they have quality wines to offer too. The place is has a polite and helping staff as well as a beautiful view of the sea.

In this article, we have presented the best things to do in Marina. If you choose this cosy village, you can also try several watersports beside the natural sights. The excellent local cuisine also makes the trip unforgettable. Read more if you plan Marina sailing or Marina boat rental.