Although one of the most exclusive ports is located in Tivat, the coastline still has a very friendly atmosphere. The town and the surrounding areas offer many holiday activities for tourists. What to do in Tivat? We will show you the best activities.What to do in Tivat

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Things to do in Tivat: The best beaches

The Belane Beach is located at the promenade, next to the Kalimanj yacht port. The pebbly, well-equipped beach has a restaurant, showers, beach umbrellas and sun lounges. Lifeguards look after the safety of tourists. The Plavi Horizonti beach in Tivat is also an excellent choice. The Blue Flag” href=”” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Blue Flag-certified beach is covered with golden sand and is recommended for families with small children. If you like snorkelling, you can see many unique fish species in the crystal clear water. If you wish for a special vacation rent a boat Tivat and sail in Tivat.

What to do in Tivat: Nature is calling

Gornja Lastva

Do you like hiking? Visit the little village of Gornja Lastva, located in the mountains surrounding Tivat. The village lies 300 metres above sea level, offering stunning views over the Bay of Tivat and Porto Montenegro marina. If you are visiting, discover the old stone buildings and the gorgeous olive groves.

Island of Flowers

This tiny island is 300 metres long and 200 metres wide. It is connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus, which makes it possible to walk here from Tivat. The island got its name after the rich vegetation: you can see the beautiful flowers in spring, in May. The Mediterranean olive and palm trees are also typical here.
In addition to the natural beauties of the island, it is also unique from a cultural and historical point of view. Visit the remains of the famous orthodox St. Michael’s Monastery, which is currently being restored. Another interesting fact is that the Island of Flowers was a holiday resort for Yugoslav military personnel.
The beach is 1200 square metres, and the restaurants offer wine and cheese tasting events and a wide selection of seafood dishes. There are also fish picnics on the island where you can enjoy fresh seafood in a picturesque setting.

Island of St. Mark

The unspoilt natural island was formerly known as Stardiott, meaning soldiers. According to a legend, Greek soldier settled here in Venetian times. The island is 4 kilometres long and its beauty is enhanced by olive and cypress trees. If you like hiking, it is a great destination, and the island also has some great beaches. The island reached the height of its popularity in the 70s when it was operated by a French company called Mediteranee as a luxury holiday resort, up until the 90s.

Blue Cave

This natural wonder lies on the side of the Luštica Peninsula, between the Zlatna Luka Cove and the Mokra Gora Cape. The cave has two entrances: one is wide but low, and the other is narrow but high. The depth of the water in the cave is 3-5 metres and the height is 9 metres. The sea is crystal clear here, so the sunlight reflecting from the walls of the cave colours the sea a wonderful shade of blue.what to see in Tivat

Lovćen National Park

Kotor’s gorgeous park is located on the border of the Mediterranean and mainland climate. The 900 square metres area is home to 200 bird species and 85 butterfly species. In addition, 1300 species of Montenegro’s rich flora are represented here.
Moreover, aside from the rich flora and fauna, you can also find many cultural and historical monuments in the park. The site of the mountaintop Mausoleum of Petar II Petrović-Njegoš, this impressive tombstone offers breathtaking views over the area. He was the first bishop of Montenegro who made Montenegro and independent state. He is considered one of the most outstanding Serbian poets. In the mausoleum, you can admire the stone statue depicting Petar II Petrović and the large stones surrounding it. The stones showcase Montenegro’s history and culture.
There are many hiking trails in the National Park with well-marked signs.

Things to do in Tivat: Discover the highlights of the town!

Church of St. Anton

One of Tivat’s main attractions, the Church of St. Anton was built-in 1373. It is located in the part of town called Kalimanj. Although it is small in size, the church is of great importance. In addition to the date of construction, the inscription on the building also mentions the name of I. Tvrtko, the Bosnian king who had power over the Bay of Kotor during construction. Although the interior used to be covered in frescos, the humidity ruined them.

Buca Summer House

The house is located in the centre of town, surrounded by a beautiful park. It was built about 500 years ago in Renaissance style, but the characteristics of late Gothic architecture can also be found. The summer house was named after the famous noble family of Kotor, the Buca family. The complex consists of five parts: a residential building, a church, a chapel, a farm building and a porch. Each building was built using white stone, and the complex is safeguarded by a stone wall. The Tivat Gallery is in the residential building, while the garden serves as a venue for exhibitions, literary events and other cultural events during high-season.

Porto Montenegro

Foreign investors built this yacht complex on the site of the former Yugoslavian Army’s military base. It has 450 berths and interestingly, the Porto Montenegro boasts the world’s longest berth with 250 metres. Although a private yacht of this size is yet to be built.
There are many facilities around the port, and even the Austro-Hungarian sawmill has been renovated. The sawmill houses a collection of maritime heritage and a museum exhibition. Read about what to do in Montenegro.
What to do in Tivat

Traditions and events in Tivat

The Youth Day, taking place in May is a rich cultural and entertainment event. It lasts until late at night. Another important event in Tivat is the summer festival, from July to the middle or end of August. Visitors can watch excellent theatre performances, literary events and fine art exhibitions. Thousands of tourists visit the summer events like Bokeljska Noć or Summer Carnival. People wear colourful masks and clothes, and they march through the city to drive off the ‘devil’ at the beach.

Nightlife in Kotor

If you like having some fun, Kotor is a great destination. There are many pubs and night clubs in the Old Town. Maximus is a great choice. After reopening, this club became the centre of nightlife in Kotor once again. This nightclub is a huge venue, accommodating up to 4000 people.

Gastronomy in Tivat

From the dished of the local cuisine, you should definitely try the seasoned black mussels, cultivated around Tivat. If you are in town, we recommend visiting the Al Posto Giusto restaurant that has a spacious interior and a waterfront terrace. The menu offers risotto, pasta, fresh seafood, meat dishes and pizza. This Italian restaurant is in Porto Pozzo marina, so book a table in advance.
One is also a great restaurant, and it has a spacious terrace. In addition to the quality dishes made from local ingredients, it is also important to mention the drinks. The wine list offers the widest selection of rosé wines in the country, as well as excellent champagnes like Cristal.

Known for its impressive port, Tivat is a great holiday destination. There are great hiking trails, holiday activities and beaches available. You should try the delicacies of the local gastronomy as well. Read more if you plan Tivat sailing or rent a boat in Tivat.