If you prefer a peaceful holiday, close to nature, Šolta is an excellent destination. Just 15 kilometres from Split, it is the perfect starting point to discover the Island of Brač or Drvenik Islands. What to do in Šolta? In this article, we will show you the best holiday activities this Central Dalmatian island has to offer. What to do in Solta

This article gives you an overview of the following topics:

Things to do in Šolta: Beautiful beaches

The largest beach on the Central Dalmatian island is the 400 metres long Nečujam beach, located in the town of the same name. It lies in beautiful natural surroundings, and the pebble beach is embraced by palm trees. If you are visiting, we recommend trying kayaking and canoeing. There is a tennis court on the beach, but you can even play table tennis. Interestingly, according to a legend, this beach was the favourite place to rest for Diocletian, a Roman Emperor. You can visit the remains of the walls, and even today, divers still discover Roman pottery in the area.

The westernmost town of Šolta is Maslinica. You can explore many beaches in the bay in front of it. They are protected from the wind by the smaller surrounding islands. The best dive sites around Šolta are the bays of Livka, Stračinska, Senjska and Jorja. You can discover some beautiful coral reefs, and there are underwater caves in Jorja and Senjska.

What to do in Šolta: Programs in nature

Whether you are walking or biking on the island, the hills and slopes are perfect for a hike. Visit the highest peak of Šolta, the 238 metres high Vela Straza, offering gorgeous views over the region. Discover the beautiful nearby islands!


Brač Island, which has a large size and wonderful natural characteristics, can be reached in-app. 45 minutes from the port of Split. We recommend that you visit the place if you are looking for active recreation, as it is ideal for scuba-diving, swimming, hiking and cycling. Read about what to do in Brač.
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The Drvenik Veli Island covers an area of 12 square kilometres, the smaller Drvenik Mali Island covers 3.5 square kilometres. They have lush, Mediterranean greenery. The beaches have crystal clear water. Drvenik Veli got its name from a town next to Makarska, Drvenik.

If you prefer active holidays, you can go for walks, biking, skating, and you can try exciting water sports as well. The turquoise Krknjaši beach lies between the Drvenik Veli, Krknjaš Mali and Krknjaš Veli islands. It is also called Blue Lagoon. Thanks to its rich underwater world, it is a favourite spot for snorkelling enthusiasts. In addition to small fish, you can see sea urchins, crabs and octopuses here

Things to do in Šolta: Visit the monument of the island!

Stomorska boasts landmarks such as the Church of St. Nicholas, the palace of the Cindro family, or the old fisherman’s cottages in their original form. In the western part of Šolta we also recommend visiting a famous castle. Its history goes back to 1703 when three Marchi siblings received permission from the Venetian authorities to build a castle over the Bay of Maslinica. Pirate attacks were common then, so it was very important to finish construction as soon as possible. Today, the noble family’s castle houses the Martinis Marchi Heritage Hotel.

Traditions and events in Šolta

The most important event on the island is the ‘tugging of Mrduja’, commemorating a legendary debate whether the small island of Mrduja belongs to the Island of Brač or Šolta. People tie their boats to Mrduja and start tugging to their side. The friendly competition ends with a celebration in the beautiful Stomorska Bay. There are fisherman festivals in the smaller towns of Šolta, while Nečujam hosts concerts.
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The gastronomy of Šolta-island

In addition to wine and olive oil production, honey production is also of great importance on the island. The French and Italians rank the honey made here among the best in the world. Wild rosemary honey is particularly famous.

Stomorska is the most developed town on Šolta. There are many restaurants and bars offering delicious delicacies. If you want to try the best pizza in town, we recommend visiting Pizzeria Volat. The Pasarela restaurant is also a great choice, and it has a gorgeous location. The restaurant is on the shore, only 50 metres from the port of Rogač. But keep in mind that it is very popular. If you are visiting, you should try fresh fish dishes, black risotto and delicious pizzas.

This article introduced you to the best holiday activities Šolta has to offer. If you choose this Central Dalmatian island, you will find some breathtaking bays and beautiful historic monuments. Local delicacies and quality wine will also make your visit here unforgettable. Read more if you plan Šolta sailing or rent a boat in Solta.