Ciutadella is located on the west coast of Menorca. Its population is barely 30, 000. This settlement is the real gem of the Balearic Islands, preserving the historical memories of thousands of years. Hundred-years old dwelling houses are on the seashore, watching the arriving yachts. You will find wonderful, untouched beaches step by step and the shadow of ancient olive trees provides shelter from the hot sunshine. The whole city breathes, and the eternal cycle of life leaves traces in every corner. Stay with us and enjoy Ciutadella’s captivating pulsation. If you are interested in what to do in Ciutadella, read on!What to do in Ciutadella

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What to do in Ciutadella: Millennia’s heritage

Until the 18th century, it was the capital of the island, whose title was later won by Maó-Mahón. The origins of the city date back to ancient times. Approximately 4, 000 years ago, important material memories remained for the after-word. The people of the talaiotic culture have made majestic structures from rock blocks. You will find these monumental works on the island in countless places. It was also under the authority of Carthaginian, Phoenician, Roman, English, and French, but eventually, it belongs to Spain for over 200 years. The Islanders are very friendly, speak Catalan and Spanish. In the following, we will show you what to do in Ciutadella if you are interested in history!
Things to do in Ciutadella

Torre del Rames

This is a very important archaeological site in the agglomeration of Ciutadella. Stone buildings from the Bronze Age and an underground place were also revealed. It’s curiosity, scratches depicting sailing yachts were discovered in the (likely) tomb. According to these, the unknown people living here have known the sea and the science of yachting for thousands of years.

Na Comerma de Sa Garita

To the east of Ciutadella, an ancient building of religious significance was discovered. There are table-sized flat rocks on huge stone columns. They are similar to the European megaliths raised by the Celtic peoples. It is an incredible experience to go in this place, as this creation belongs to 3, 000-year-old people.

Placa des Born

Ciutadella’s historic main square is surrounded by 18th-19th-century palaces. Go for a walk on the paved streets. Admire the Palao Torre Saura or the Ajuntament building, which is a British military fortress. A multitude of neo-Gothic houses enchants visitors.

Port of Ciutadella

The port is the heart of the city. It was designed in a long, narrow bay that runs deep among the houses. You can have long walks along its coast and choose from a wide range of restaurants and hotels. Listen to the hustle and bustle of the seagulls with a cappuccino in your hands at one of the cafés on the pier.

Castillo de Sant Nicolau

In the 18th century, Spanish built this watchtower beside the harbour. On the beautiful spiral staircase, you can reach the terrace from where you can see a breath-taking sight. The infinite blue water and the image of the city is a perfect photographic theme!

Cap d’Artrutx lighthouse

This 150-year-old lighthouse stands on a windy cliff north of the city. It has been renovated several times and it is now open for visitors. At the bottom of it, there is a restaurant serving local specialities. Have dinner here one night, and then walk on the quiet shore! You can go up to the tower, but it has special opening hours.what to see in Ciutadella

Things to do in Ciutadella: Extreme adventures on earth, water, air

You can experience every adventure on this island! If you love extreme conditions and have some courage, then the world is yours! In our next compilation, you will find out what the best things are to do in Ciutadella if you need excitement!

Flyboard Flight in Ciutadella

Want to rise high? And what if you can do all this on the sea? The fly board flight is a really exciting sport! You can get up high with a jet of water through a hose connected to a jet ski. You can surf in the air up to 12-15 meters high! Adrenaline floods your body and grabs you from the groove of daily routine.


On the beach of Cala en Bosch, 10 kilometres away from Ciutadella are great opportunities! Spend an hour in the sea while a manual underwater scooter driving you forward! Without experience, you can dive in with an instructor and discover the rich wildlife between the rocks. Every moment of the adventure is documented for you by a professional underwater camera. Do you need more?

Sightseeing Helicopter tour

If you’re not afraid aloft, you can rent a helicopter! Under the guidance of an experienced pilot, you can admire the city from the clouds. You can spend an hour on the clouds and take fantastic photos. You can see the whole island during the flight.

On Camí de Cavalls by bike

The Camí de Cavalls is a hiking trail around the island. Formerly designed for riders, but nowadays it is also accessible by foot and by bicycle. Rent a bike in the city and go for a great trip on the route going through the city.

…or Rent a boat in Ciutadella and Sail in Ciutadella

What to do in Ciutadella: Festivals on the Land of Miracle

Mediterranean islanders can celebrate very much. The joy of life, gratitude, and happiness are part of their daily lives. A multitude of festivals creates an opportunity for easy entertainment. What to do in Ciutadella if you want to celebrate life? You will see hereinafter!

Sant Joan festival

The ancient pagan holiday is held at the time of the solstice. Today they are also linked to the anniversary of the birth of St. John the Baptist, which is a month later. At this time, life in the city buzzing for several days. The ceremony is moving alongside the city with a snow-white lamb, followed by a Mass. The next day the fun begins. After visiting the horses bred on the island, a marvellous parade comes. Bands blow the music for dancing and the dedicated participants fight with peanut shells. They are dancing, singing and drinking the famous gin of Menorca with barrels.

In the evening, they fire up bonfires and admire the huge fireworks over the sea. On the last day, a spectacular medieval fun begins. Traditionalist teams measure their strength in the medieval outfit. You can’t fell time for three days, and the boundless passion for life takes its place.

Ciutadella Summer Music Festival

If hijinks are not your world, visit the Summer Music Festival! Here, classical music is in the foreground. Since 1973, the El Socorro Church is the home of world-famous musicians. Chamber music, opera, orchestral lineup and solo performances entertain the audience.

Sant Martí

The city of Es Mercadal is just 20 kilometres from Ciutadella. Sant Martí Festival is held on the 3rd weekend of July each year. Earlier they had bullfighting, but they no longer exist today. Horse parade, skill competitions and many music programs await visitors. Craftsmen offer their items and you can taste the culinary delights of the island.

Things to do in Ciutadella: 3 tips if you’re with a child

Where to go if you’re travelling with kids? Ciutadella offers many opportunities for this. Here are some ideas for entertaining the little ones.What to do in Ciutadella

Let’s take a big bath!

Ciutadella and the surrounding shores offer wonderful beaches. Cala en Blanes is right next to Ciutadella. The beach is covered with fine sand and very shallow. There is also a restaurant and toilet, as well as rental umbrellas. There is also a pirate playground on the beach. Cala Santandria is a super-equipped seaside with all infrastructures. The water is slowly deepening here, and the little ones can bath safely. Cala en Bosch is a popular beach, there are more people here, but it is richer in programmes too.

Castillo Menorca

Castillo Menorca is an exciting playground for children! There is also a jumping castle, a playground and a football field. They have created a water playground where fountains, pools and water cannons await the always moving little ones. If the whole family want to play, it is also possible because a mini-golf course has been placed in the complex. Spend a whole day in this little dreamland!

Aquapark Los Delfines

In Ciutadella, you will find this super water park! Pools for the small and the big ones, giant slides and a wave pool are all there. You can try the Kamikaze slide or the Black Hole. For relaxing, choose the jacuzzi or the terrace of the bars. If you bathed enough, go-carting on the go-kart track!

In this article, we have collected the best ideas for what to do in Ciutadella. You can see that this wonderful city offers exciting experiences in every area. Don’t wait any longer; this is the right time for you to experience it all! Make sail and conquer Ciutadella! Read more if you plan sailing in Ciutadella or boat rental in Ciutadella.