Lavrion or Laurium is in the southeastern part of Greece, on the Attic Peninsula. It is about 40 kilometres from Athens, on the coast of the Aegean Sea. It got its name after the ancient silver mines. The city and the surrounding areas offer fantastic opportunities. White rocks, turquoise sea, vineyards and ancient ruins await you! In addition, the port city is still in its prime, the streets are always busy. The colourful fish marketplace is always an adventurous experience. The local wines taste like the sunshine, and the romance of ancient Greek ruins will surely touch your soul. What to do in Lavrion if you want to have the best vacation of your life? Read on to find out!What to do in Lavrion

This article gives you an overview of the following topics:

What to do in Lavrion: Discover the wonders of the ancient world!

For thousands of years, the Attic Peninsula has been considered the centre of Greek culture. The city of Athens was already an economic and cultural centre in ancient times. The coastal villages became prosperous city-states thanks to trading. Lavrion has a rich history. In this article, we will show you what to do in Lavrion if you are interested in Greek mythology!

Temple of Poseidon

The Temple of Poseidon is 8 kilometres from Lavrion. It is standing above the sea at 60 metres at Cape Sounion. This sanctuary is a marvellous testimony to the golden age of Athens. They built it in 450 BC to honour the god of the sea. Interestingly, it was built on the ruins of a then ancient temple, made of show-white marble.
Originally, 36 Doric columns supported the roof, but today there are only 15 of them. The height was 6 metres and there was a bronze statue of Poseidon inside almost this size. We know the original state of this building from the Odyssey and by the descriptions of Herodotus. You can visit the ruins, and the Greek state has made significant efforts to preserve the temple in its original form. This temple is one of the last wonders of the archaic world.

Theater of Thoricus

Thoricus is in close proximity to Lavrion. According to the myth, Hermes’ son, Kefalos used to live here. He had a very tragic love life. The city enjoys the protection of the goddess Demeter.
They built a theatre here that have survived for a thousand years, it is well preserved. The semicircular auditorium can accommodate thousands of people. There was a special place for the orchestra, and they even placed a Dionysus shrine on one side of the stage. The Greek tragedies are about important mythological events like the birth of the gods, their struggles with evil, and of course their tragic love life.
Sit down in the auditorium and populate the stage with your imagination!what to see in Lavrion

Lavrion Archaeological Museum

If you want to dive deeper into the history of the peninsula, visit the Archaeological Museum! You will find wonderful artefacts from the archaic times through Hellenism, from the Persian conquest to the culture’s decline. The city is very proud of this collection.

Mines in Lavrion

Mining was significant in this region in ancient times. They were mining silver, lead and copper and people were trading these ores. In addition to ore mining, a number of incredibly beautiful and rare minerals have been found in the depths of the earth. You can see them at the Mineral Museum. Furthermore, these mines are also open to visitors, you can even go on a guided tour!

Things to do in Lavrion: Taste the drink of the gods!

The Attic Peninsula is a well-known wine-growing region. The volcanic tuff provides perfect soil for the best grape varieties. Winemaking dates back to thousands of years in this region, so it’s no wonder we devote a separate chapter to the subject.
A glass of good wine is essential with a typical Greek dish. Furthermore, wine has the signature of its creator and the essence of the countryside. If you like this noble drink, read on and we will show you which wine is the best!What to do in Lavrion


The most popular grape variety in the Attic Peninsula. It prefers the drier, central part of Greece. There are many vineyards near Lavrion. It is a strong, dry white wine with a distinct citrus-flower note. Try this wine at a local taverna with grilled vegetables or smoked fish!


First of all, Retsina is made from a mixture of 3 types of grapes. Its unique taste comes from the pine resin as it is aged in barrels made of Aleppo pine. According to the original recipe, the sun-dried grapes were soaked in seawater and flavoured with smoked herbs. Often, fresh pine resin is also dissolved in the wine for an even stronger flavour. Breathtaking sunset on the beach and a glass of Retsina in your hand: the true Greek lifestyle.


Xinomavro is cultivated at 400 metres above sea levels. This grape gives a full-bodied, aromatic red wine. It is a high-acid wine, often flavoured. It may include cherries, tomatoes, anise, raspberries or fennel. This wine goes well with pot roast or roasted meat like mutton chops!

What to do in Lavrion: Active recreation

Go diving in the Aegean Sea!

First of all, the Aegean Sea is popular for its crystal clear waters and rich wildlife. A variety of sea sponges, bottlenose dolphins and seals populate the sea. Colourful corals and millions of interesting fish live near the coast. At the Read more about port of Lavrion, you can find a number of companies that will safely lead you to the most interesting places.

Visit the island of Kéa!

If you’d rather stay on the water, we still have some great ideas! You will find the island of Kéa behind Makronisos Island, about 20 kilometres from Lavrion. It has many beautiful beaches, they are usually sandy. In addition, lush greenery covers the island and there are a number of hiking trails. Ancient ruins, the best restaurants in Greece, and even an outdoor cinema await you here.

what to see in Lavrion

Go hiking on the Attic Peninsula!

The scenery is gorgeous, the weather is beautiful, so go hiking! From Lavrion, you can reach Thoricus and the ancient theatre on foot. After the trip, enjoy a local speciality at one of the restaurants in town. Don’t forget about the wine!

Go on a bike ride to Sounionba

There is a bike path through Lavrion National Park which leads to Cape Sounion. The terrain is hilly, but not too difficult, it is recommended for beginners. In exchange for your efforts, you will see a gorgeous landscape all around. Besides, when you spot the Temple of Poseidon on top of the hill, it is the real capstone of the trip. Believe us, it is worth it!

Visit the Attica Zoological Park!

If you love zoos, rent a car and visit the Attica Zoological Park! Lions, dolphins, seals, elephants, exotic reptiles and rare birds also live there. The zoo’s aim is to preserve biodiversity and successfully breed endangered species. It is a very well maintained, world-class complex.

In this article, we gave you some ideas on what to do in Lavrion. This region holds many wonders. You can go swimming, hiking, you can dive into the depths of the past. In conclusion, fun is guaranteed. The Attic Peninsula is one of the most exciting parts of Greece. Go to the sea and conquer the western part of the Aegean Sea! Read more if you plan sailing in Lavrion or yacht charter in Lavrion.