This beautiful town in Costa Brava and its neighbourhood offers an incredibly pleasant experience for visitors. You can enjoy the sun and the sea on perfect beaches, and it is also worth visiting the parks in the area. What to do in L’Estartit? Choose one of the following great recreational opportunities!What to do in L'Estartit

This article gives you an overview of the following topics:

What to do in L’Estartit? Visit the best beaches!

If you don’t mind large crowds, you should choose the main beach of L’Estartit, Platja Gran. Its advantage is that it is easily accessible, and offers dozens of great services. Furthermore, the Mini Beach Club provides entertainment for children between the ages of 4 and 10.

Do you prefer quieter beaches? Els Griells Beach is located near the Ter Vell natural preserve. We should try surfing and waterskiing here, and then have a refreshing cocktail in the beach club. The place provides a fascinating view of the Medes Islands and the mountains around L’Estartit as well. In the natural preserve mentioned above, you can find La Platera Beach, which is a hidden gem of the town. Many people don’t even know this spot because it is challenging to access it. If you visit the place, kite surfing might be the most interesting watersport to try.

Aquabrava aqua park

We recommend Aquabrava if you want to spend a refreshing day in a beautiful tropical environment. It is a great thing to do for both children and adults, with a spacious green area with playgrounds. There are two further spectacular parts established for kids. One of them is Pirate Island where, of course, there is a pirate yacht, and the other is Tropical Island with its two new slides. The relaxing area offers great services and pleasant spots with shade.

Things to do around L’Estartit: Beautiful parks

The wonderful Medes Islands

The Medes archipelago has located the app. 2 kilometres from L’Estartit. It is a paradise for divers due to its rich deepwater wildlife. You can find several diving schools here where you can rent equipment. You can also do kayaking, waterskiing or play golf. Fishing is forbidden on the nature preserve in order to ensure the protection of the large fisheries.

what to see in L'Estartit

Butterfly Park

Empuriabrava nearby has a wonderful park with a 2, 000 m² greenhouse, in which a tropical forest has been established. The place is divided into several parts; you can admire different types of butterflies. The park is also home to turtles, parrots and other exotic animals.

Cap de Creus National Park

The park, which has a territory of 13, 886 hectares, is located in Cadaqués. Its larger part is on the land, while the smaller ones can be found on the sea. The former includes 3 nature zones: the area around Cap de Creus in the north, and the one around Punta Falconera and Cap Norfeu in the south. The Serra Rodes sector is in the west. Walking and cycling routes are particularly tempting for visitors, and they provide a great opportunity to get to know the park better.

Festivals and other events

Fairs and festivals have always had a key role in the culture of L’Estartit. Are you visiting in the summer? Then you should see the so-called “Festival of Giants” with the parade of the “giants”. They organise other, more innovative festivals that are gradually getting more and more popular. Examples include the Mediterranean Fair, the Magic Festival, the Beatles Weekend or the Medes Islands Pirates and Corsairs.

Choose from the local specialities!

Catalonia’s gastronomy is incredibly rich and diverse. It is characterised by fish and Frutti di mare in the first place, but they also use fresh vegetables, olives and olive oil. Try the traditional Catalonian dishes such as pa amb tomàquet – bread with tomato – or the coca, which is a very thin flatbread baked with onion, paprika and other vegetables. They serve it with meat or fish, especially sardines.What to do in L'Estartit

Amazing restaurants

The city has many good restaurants and bars where you can try the traditional seafood as well as other delicacies of the region. The bar called Cal Tet is a great example; they have great tapas menus for fair prices. Typical dishes include fish skewers, shellfish, fried cuttlefish, grilled octopus and codfish. If you are looking for even more culinary experiences, you must definitely try the authentic and delicious anchovy in L’Escala nearby.

If you prefer peaceful places to the buzzing spots, L’Estartit is a great destination in Costa Brava. You can expect several beautiful beaches, wonderful parks and great programmes. Read more if you plan sailing in L’Estartit or yacht charter in L’Estartit.