Rhodes is one of the most popular destinations among the Greek island. This is not by mistake since this island is the palace of wonders. Beyond its fascinating historical sights, numerous programmes await visitors. The festival season starts at the beginning of the summer. If you want to buy excellent handicraft works, go to the market. All in all, the island provides an action-packed holiday for you. What to see in Rhodes to gain an unforgettable experience? We give some useful tips!What to do in Rhodes

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What to do in Rhodes: Summer festivals on the island

Everybody loves the buzzing summertime of Rhodes. Not just locals, but tourists also prepare for festivals on the island. There are traditional, folklore festivals, religious and music events everywhere. What to see in Rhodes if you look for some entertainment? Read further and we will show it to you.

Medieval Rose Festival

Medieval Rose Festival is held in the old town of Rhodes. A group of people dressed in medieval clothes flood on the Streets of Knights and the Palace of the Grand Master. Templars, ladies-in-waiting, pirates and hawkers try to show the 15th century for three days. You can also watch the performance of fire jugglers and showmen. Contemporary puppet show entertains the smallest ones. Purchase some local handicraft and try out authentic medieval meals! The streets are loud from the noise of cither and bagpipes, and you can dance in the evening. Come around and check the former blooming century of Rhodes!

Summer Paradise Festival

There is a huge acropolis in Lindos, one of the most famous towns of Rhodes. There is a special night on the shore in July. The party starts right at a full moon. Greek and international DJs play music on many stages. Dance in the sand and watch the breath-taking fireworks above the sea!

Sound and Light Show Rhodes

The Sound and Light Show has been held in the fortress of Rhodes since 1961. The big performance does not involve actors or actresses; it is made with sound and light technique. You can watch mythical stories and medieval legends on a screen. The main element of the performance is the victory against the Turkish invaders. Thanks to the continuously developing technology the view is becoming more and more spectacular.what to see in Rhodes

Afandou Apricot Festival

The town of Afandou stretches along the north-western part of the island. The settlement is famous for its apricot production. At the time of fruit harvest, usually at the end of June, there is a more daylong event. Of course, it is unimaginable without folk music and dances. You can buy apricot jam, stewed apricot or apricot brandy. You can even buy dried apricot which is the ingredient of many cakes. Locals also make apricot kernel oil which is really healthy. If you want to experience the atmosphere of country festivals, definitely visit this! If you wish to see Rhodes from a different point of you, then rent a boat in Rhodes and sail in Rhodes.

Things to do in Rhodes: Shopping on the market

There are markets everywhere in Rhodes. You should definitely visit one, they are really lovely. Farmers and fishermen sell their stuff in two places of the capital city. What are the best things to do in Rhodes if you love local markets? Stay with us for the information!

Rhodes Saturday Market

The streets near Zephyr Beach are very busy on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The local farmers sell their products very loudly. The air is filled with fresh seasonal fruit. You can buy, for instance, peach, melon, grape, nectarine, fig or pear. Special long twisted pumpkins are hanging on the counters. You can purchase here fresh olive oil, goat and ewe-cheese or home-made sausages. Of course, you can find dried and fresh herbs too. There is also fresh fish from the early morning catch, such as sword-fish slices or sardine.
Wine also comes from local producers. Before shopping, you can taste them, of course.

New Agora

There is a quite pleasant market in the historic old town of Rhodes. You can primarily choose from sea fruit. The fresh offer is very rich, indeed. You can buy lobster, shrimp, mussel and octopus. The tables are full of anchovies and sea breams. The sinagrida is the queen of fishes. It is the best-grilled dish. But if you swordfish, you also find it here in filets or slices. If you want to make a typical Aegean dinner, purchase the ingredients here. You may get a good recipe besides…what to see in Rhodes

What to do in Rhodes: Family programmes

This island provides an exciting time for every generation. When you are travelling with small children, no worries what to do in Rhodes. Below you can see the best family programmes.

Waterpark of Rhodes

The only waterpark of Rhodes is 12 km from the town centre. This entertainment complex stretches almost along 10 acres. More than 10 pools and countless slides wait for the visitors. Furthermore, there are children pools, Jacuzzis, wave pools and a swimming pool. There are also extreme slides where you can experience free fall. A small train takes you from the entrance to the end of the park. Of course, there are plenty of restaurants, cafés and shops. For toddlers, there is a safe wet playground. Above all, you can book an appointment for wellness and massage.

Aquarium of Rhodes

The Rhodes Sea Biology Institute is next to Elli Beach on the northern part of the island. The building houses an imposing exhibition. You can watch the colourful flora and fauna of the Aegean Sea in huge aquariums. An expert explains the fine balance of the sea and its threatening dangers. You can get to know interesting and rare species. Furthermore, interactive programmes await the children.

Valley of Butterflies

Valley of Butterflies lies a bit more than 10 km from Rhodes. This place like a fairy tale is beloved by every child. A certain type of butterfly lives just in this valley. It consumes the wax of storax tree growing here. The wonderful hiking path leads you through streams and lakes. Millions of tiny butterflies fly around you; if you reach out your hand, they can even fly on it.What to do in Rhodes

Things to do in Rhodes: another 5 tips to have a good time!

Rhodes is said to be the most attractive landscape in the Aegean Sea. Despite its growing popularity, Rhodes has preserved its intimacy up to now. The island’s capital city is quite friendly explaining the fairy tales of the past thousands of years. The country is a bit of mixture with sheep grazing by the acropolis and super modern holiday resorts. If you need more tips what are the best things to do in Rhodes, then scroll further!

Go shopping to the promenade of Rhodes!

Search for Sokratous Street in the old town which goes from Hippocrates Square to the Mosque of Suleiman. You can find here several handicraft shops. Purchase some local ceramics or hand-painted scarves. The second-hand bookshop has very rare treasures. Elegant jewellery stores and luxurious brand shops offer unique stuff. Cosy taverns and coffee shops make the street interesting; definitely visit them when you get tired on your way.

Participate in a real Jeep Safari!

Whether you get ashore on the South or on the North, take part in a Jeep Safari! The company organising it offers a 3-4-hour programme. Go up to the Profitis Ilias Mountain by touching Archipoli around the Lake Gadouras. You will see mountain villages on your tour where you can stop to taste some local specialities. You can explore the land by 4WD off-road cars.

Rent Segway!

Explore the old town of Rhodes on two wheels. You can rent a Segway and take part in a guided tour to check the main sights. The tour guide can speak in English. If you don’t have time a whole-day stroll, then try it immediately!

Snorkel in untouched coves!

The Aegean Sea is known for its rich flora and fauna. It is typical for the surroundings of Rhodes where the micro-climate of rocky shores is home to many species. Sponges, corals and other calcareous animals live underwater under the cliffs. But you can also spot different colourful mollusc on the warm areas by the shore. Multi-coloured jellyfish, octopus or cuttlefish float on the water surface. Dip into the sea to explore its secrets!

Watch the sunset from the Monolithos Castle!

Sail to the western part of the island up to the height of the town of Monolithos! You can find a nice small shallow bay by the shore where you can drop anchor. About 2 kilometres from the shore there is a 15th century-old castle which was erected by templars. However it has not been used for centuries, it has a fascinating view. There is an unforgettable panorama from its western bastion. Watch the sunset from here, then consume a daily menu in a tavern nearby.what to see in Rhodes

Wine, drink of gods

Rhodes was the very first Greek island where viticulture became traditional. They even had a symbol, a tiny rose, on the Rhodes wine amphoras. The centre of viticulture is the 1215 m high Mountain of Attavyros. The best quality grapes grow on 650-metre height. However, the output is low, the quality is outstandingly great.

White wines

The main white grape types are Athiri and Assyrtiko; which are really tiny, but resistant types. Wines need to be ripened for at least 5 years until it reaches its final taste. Winemakers produce both sweet and dry, also domestications.

Red wines

The ingredients of red wine are Amorgiani and Mandilaria grapes. Thanks to their high tannin and acid content they also need some years of ripening. Usually, family-owned wineries deal with viticulture. Therefore, on a wine tour, you can taste many traditional types of wines in Rhodes.What to do in Rhodes

In the above article, we have shown you the numerous opportunities in Rhodes. Whether you are looking for a passive or active relaxation, you will find here both. One of the most beautiful islands of Greece you have the world at your feet. Do not hesitate; plan the holiday of your life! Read more if you plan sailing in Rhodes or yacht charter in Rhodes.