Travel to Montenegro and discover this little-known tiny country! Sail from the bay of Kotor to the city of Ulcinj, where a 12-kilometre-long sandy beach awaits you. There are several beautiful azure-coloured bays, a 293km long coastline and crystal clear waters. On top of this, the climate is pleasant and the prices are friendly. These are the things you can expect during your visit to Montenegro: a country that makes up for in beauty what it lacks in size.
what to do in Montenegro

Why Montenegro?

Because of its name, Montenegro is often mentioned as the country of the Black Mountains. The name choice is not a coincidence. The country itself is located in the area of the Dinaric Mountains. As a result, in all directions, we can see lush green mountain peaks with beautiful trees. It is magnificent, as the steep mountainsides stretch to the sea, a sight that is simply beautiful either from the shore or observed from the high seas. It is impossible to get enough of it.

The place where tourism is not industrial yet

It is a very small country with relatively few inhabitants, but it can be said that they are very friendly and hospitable. Montenegro is not among the most popular Adriatic resorts yet. This adds to the naturalness of the place that is preserved permanently, and we will not be overwhelmed by tourist crowds. Compared to neighbouring countries, Montenegro offers significantly cheaper possibilities for recreation. This applies to accommodations, restaurants and port fees as well.

Montenegro’s weather

Due to the location and the terrain, the climate of Montenegro is very diverse. Along the coast, the Mediterranean climate is dominant, which results in a very pleasant temperature of 26-29 degrees Celsius during the summer. Towards the inner parts of the country, however, this gradually changes. It allows you to enjoy almost any kind of leisure activity, from swimming to hiking and mountain climbing. Of course, most visitors come to the country because of the recreational opportunities of the seaside. Check the sailing conditions and wind rose diagram of Montenegro

The most popular cities in Montenegro

You can choose from many small beach resorts. The most popular cities are waiting for you with lots of attractions, and they are only an arm’s length apart from each other. This can be said both in the northern and southern parts of Montenegro.
What to do in Montenegro

Herceg Novi

The Bastion of the Gulf of Kotor. It’s several kilometres long seaside promenade offers gastronomic experiences. Read about what to do in Herceg Novi.


It is also a quiet small town at the entrance to Kotor Bay. Nearby we can find two smaller islands, Sveti Juraj and Sveti Dordi.


This resort town is surrounded by palm trees on the outskirts of Kotor Bay. Visit the not too far situated Porto Montenegro – a sailboat and yacht harbour. Read about what to do in Tivat.


This beautiful old town with azure blue waters, lying on a peninsula is a very popular settlement. Numerous sandy beaches can be found here. Read about what to do in Budva.


Small town lying at the edge of Budva. Here you can see Kastel, a fortress built on a cliff.


Touristically less frequented the big city. Bar has one of the largest ports and is also an important trading node. Read about what to do in Bar.


The southernmost town of Montenegro not far from the town of Bar. Ulcinj has the longest, 12 km long sandy beach.

Main attractions in Montenegro

Anchor in as many harbours as you can and discover Montenegro’s charming Venetian-style ports and its old towns. Walkthrough the narrow, historically rich streets, while enjoying the true Mediterranean atmosphere.

Castle of Kotor

what to do in MontenegroOne of the emblematic symbols of Montenegro is the Kotor Bay, which is protected by UNESCO, and the Kotor Castle. The castle was built-in 1453 during the reign of the Republic of Venice and to this day it is incredibly well preserved in its original form. The Gulf of Kotor is the largest natural bay in the Southern Adriatic, and it is also the southernmost fjord in Europe. After sailing the bay, it is worth to dock at the harbour and take a look at the castle and the old city. You won’t be disappointed by the sight, it will be a very amazing experience.
What should you do, if you are here? If you don’t just want to walk around in the old town, but also venture to climb the castle wall, then you can see the gulf, the castle and the old town as one wonderful landscape sight from the surrounding higher hilltops. In the summer, however, it is worth thinking about the general high temperature, so it’s best to start the trip in a comfortable outfit. Read about what to do in Kotor.

Gosba od Skrpjela church

If you are near Kotor, don’t miss to visit “the Lady of the Rocks” church. This little island is only a short voyage away from Kotor’s old town. The island itself was formed in a very interesting way. Each time the old merchant yachts departed from Kotor’s old town, they took a rock with them on to the road. When they came back and saw the castle wall they threw the rock into the water, thus laying the foundations of the temple now standing there.

Skalar Lake

The nature conservation area has been added to our list due to its beautiful views. If we don’t want to go alone, we can discover this lush greenery area with a guided group tour

The island of Sveti Stefan (St. Stephen)

One of the largest port and tourist centres in Montenegro is just a few kilometres away from Budva. A true luxury hotel is located here, which can be found in most postcards of Montenegro as one of the main attractions. The island itself is only visible from the outside, but for the visitors, there is a possibility to use the open sandy beach

Things to do in Montenegro: Leisure and relaxation, beach activities

On the Adriatic Coast, Montenegro offers one of the most varied opportunities for bathing. Ranging from the secluded silent coastline to the tiny, almost intact islands. You can find here a large number of sandy, crystal clear waters perfect for diving, and snorkelling. Feel free to explore and submerge on Mala Plaža- or Pláv Horizonti. It’s one of the most beautiful secluded spots in Montenegro, which is a wonderfully clean, slowly deepening bay at the end of Przno Valley.
boating in Tivat

What to do in Montenegro: discover the most beautiful bays!

For the lovers of sailing, Montenegro’s tiny, romantic crystal clear waters provide unforgettable experiences. If you travel to Montenegro, you can choose from a variety of exciting programs and water sports. One of the best and most popular options is sailing and catamaran rental. Thanks to the almost 300km long coastline in Montenegro there are plenty of bays for exploring and yachting. The most famous and most popular is the Island of Flowers, which is 2km away from Tivat.
In addition, many small islands can be reached by a short boat trip from the shore, and by the time we arrive, we might feel that we came to paradise on Earth.

Gastronomy of Montenegro

Wherever we go to Montenegro, we will certainly find local restaurants offering delicious specialities. In most resort towns, the main beaches and shores are bordered by such catering establishments. The most popular among these specialities are Mediterranean-flavored dishes, such as various free-grilled meats and vegetables, oven-baked bread, which are also filled with various meats and sauces. One of their traditional dishes is the pljeskavica is made a similar way. It is strongly recommended to try at least once. Like in most coastal countries, fish is also popular here, and are a staple in local gastronomy. After a pleasantly spent dinner with a cool cocktail, you can admire the sunset from a seaside bar.

One of the big advantages of taking a sailboat in Montenegro is that its islands and bays can be easily sailed around due to the country’s small size. Therefore, it is not necessary to travel enormous distances for discovering many natural wonders. Read more if you plan sailing in Montenegro or yacht charter in Montenegro.