Do you want a breathtaking, picturesque environment? The archipelago of the Aegean Sea is the ideal choice! Would you like to experience swimming in the crystal clear water, the pleasant air by the sea and a wonderful archipelago? The Aegean Sea is the place where you can have a truly sunny, Mediterranean relaxation. Whether you love the sea or you’re a historical explorer, here you are guaranteed to find the right program! What to do in the Aegean Sea
This article summarizes the following:

Geography and winds of the Aegean Sea

The Aegean Sea is part of the Black Sea, on the western side of the Greek peninsula, 214, 000 km2 of water around the Greek archipelago. The Aegean Sea extends from the Sea of Thrace to the Sea of Crete. In this region existed the Cretan and Peloponnese civilizations, and the first city-states like Athens and Sparta were founded here by the Greeks. Persians, Romans, Byzantines, Venetians and Ottomans lived here as well. Some islands have a volcanic origin, most of them have fertile soil covered by dense Mediterranean flora. The area is also referred to as a vineyard because of its many excellent grape varieties and wines, which is due to the many sunny hours and the fertile volcanic soil. Islands, reefs, hidden bays, bluish-green lagoons give you the chance for a magical adventure.

The following archipelagos are the most well-known:

  • Dodecanese Archipelago
  • Sporades Archipelago
  • Saronic Archipelago
  • Cyclades Archipelago

Seasons in the Aegean Sea

In this area, the real season is 9 months long, it lasts from March till November. By June to August the sea may heat up to 23 – 25 ˚C, and it can be 23 ˚C even in October. During the warm period, the high temperature is moderated by the fresh sea breeze, and from the country’s coastal areas the north winds.

Winds in the Aegean Sea

From the Aegean Sea, the so-called “Etesian” wind blows, or other known as the Meltemi. This dominates the Aegean Sea from May to September; above the waters, the high-pressure air masses from the northern Balkans blend with low-pressure ones from the Turkish territories. From spring to early autumn the air is extremely clean and dry. In summer the north wind is the ruler. From June, it blows north-west direction, in July it has full strength that is 5-8 strong. From September to October, it stops, and it’s replaced by 2 to 4 strength south sea winds. Check the sailing conditions and wind rose diagram of Aegean Sea. What to do in the Aegean Sea

What to do in the Aegean Sea: If you like nature

If you want to explore the beauties of nature, the Aegean Sea is an excellent choice. In most places the shore is divided, you can find small bays, and in many places still intact nature, crystal clear water. Many people believe that Europe’s best beaches are located on these islands. Its most famous shores and islands are located in Greece. The north-eastern Aegean islands are less popular than the other island groups. The most ideal period for swimming is from late May to early October when the weather is good and the sea water is pleasantly warm.
The shores covered with rich, lush greenery, olive trees, myrtle and cypress trees provide wonderful views. In the mountains, there are many herbs like oregano, marjoram, rosemary and lavender. Enjoy the salty air and the scent of the flowers.
Each island is unique and special with its attractions and traditions. On the islands you can choose from a wide range of programs, you can discover the bays and beaches: dive in the deep; explore the national parks and nature reserves; try rafting or kayaking. Here you can meet seals and sea turtles. Those who like popular entertainment will find the typical coastal bustle on most of the beaches. If you like simplicity and intimacy, there are many small villages to choose from, where life is quieter.

Things to do in the Aegean Sea: Where not just sailing is good

Besides the beachside recreation, there are many historical monuments and adventures waiting for you. Visit the local nightclubs, dine at a seaside restaurant, while the magnificent sunset crowns the sea and the beach!
The gastronomy here is more than just a meal. It means the enjoyment of the food, the flavour of drinks, the conversations and the atmosphere of meetings. The world’s first cookbook was written here, titled “Luxury Life”. It was written by a Greek called Archestratus in 350 BC.

There are many restaurants in the area. Vitamin-rich fruits, vegetables, spices, cheeses, olive oils and seafood make up the taste of delicious meals. It is worth to try local specialities. The most famous is the Greek bean soup, the Fasolada; the meaty eggplant casserole, the Mousaka; the Greek stew, stifado and stuffed grape leaves, the dolmades.


The city is the cradle of art, the guardian of many secrets and curiosities. Beside the 3000-year-old historical monuments, we can find a pulsating, vibrant, modern big city here. If you have only a little time, do not miss Acropolis. This is the symbol of the city and the largest church of the ancient times. The Temple of Olympian Zeus; is also a very famous attraction. In the Syntagma Square watch the guards change in front of the Parliament and the Plaka part with its traditional streets, buildings and tasty Greek restaurants. Read about what to do in Athens.
What to do in the Aegean Sea


The beaches of Volos have great popularity. They attract thousands of visitors every year because there are plenty of recreational opportunities for visitors. The City Gallery, which is located at the City Hall, contains an impressive collection of paintings, statues and engravings of modern Greek artists. There are also many famous temples and chapels in the city, such as the Metamorphosis churches and the chapel of Agia Triada. Rent a boat in Volos

Porto Koufo

The small settlement is surrounded by huge rocks and hills, which form a closed, curved coastline. Thanks to the natural conditions, it looks like an inner lake. From the outside, this secret gem of the Greek coast is almost invisible. On the narrow sandy beach, you can enjoy the sunshine and the pleasant air, the deep water is ideal for a refreshing swim or diving. You can arrange a mountain tour and explore the scattered ruins of the ancient Torone. Rent a boat in Porto Koufo

What to do in the Aegean Sea: Discovering the islands

Sailing is decisive in the region, so there are more than 50 ports on the Aegean coast. We can find smaller ferry ports and bigger internationally renowned bigger marinas on the Aegean Sea.
What to do in the Aegean Sea


The island is one of the most beautiful resorts in Greece, and one of Europe’s best excursion destinations. It is only 3.5 km2, in the south-east of the Aegean Sea, close to the island of Rhodes. Its fine sandy beaches are ideal for water sports enthusiasts and travelling families as well. In the city, there are plenty of entertainment options and great restaurants await visitors. From the island of Kos, you can visit the dormant volcano Nisyroz and the sponge fishers island, Kalymnos. Read about what to do in Kos.


The “party island” has many nightclubs and young audiences. Its beautiful seaside cove is known as “Little Venice” because of its beauty and its similarity. With its beautiful, traditional blue-and-white houses and tiny streets, it enchants the tourists and besides that, it is full of shops, temples and windmills. You can find here a real seaside paradise. Besides swimming, you can try water sports, scuba diving at the beaches. Rent a boat in Mykonos. Read about what to do in Mykonos


There is no place, from where we couldn’t have a wonderful panorama. The view is picturesque from every accommodation, restaurant terraces, just like a postcard. Wine tasting, garden cinemas and a multitude of taverns are waiting for you on this beautiful island. Its sights include the volcano, cave fishing, and part of the city known as the “Greek Pompeii”, which remained intact after a natural disaster. Rent a boat in Santorini or read about what to do in Santornini.


Skopelos is considered one of the greenest islands in the Aegean Sea, like many trees, flowers and shrubs are native here, but the island is mostly covered with pine forests and oak trees, orchards and olive groves. The cosy island is famous for its narrow streets, delicious olive oil and the marvellous beaches.

If you want to enjoy the sunshine with a cocktail in your hand or you are a sailing enthusiast than the Aegean Sea is the perfect choice for you. Islands, reefs, hidden bays, bluish-green lagoons give you the chance for a magical adventure. Diving, windsurfing, dancing in the evenings, you can find something exciting program for every day. On the seashore, you will find the most ideal beach for you, whether you are looking for a sparkling life, a beach party or calm relaxation. Read more if you plan sailing in the Aegean Sea or yacht charter in the Aegean Sea.