Herceg Novi is your destination if you are longing for a picturesque seaside resort. Thanks to its thick, Mediterranean flora, long coastal strolls and historic sights this Montenegrin town is quite popular among tourists. What to do in Herceg Novi? Let’s see the most interesting programs of “the city of a thousand steps”.What to do in Herceg Novi

The main points of the article are the following:

Things to do in Herceg Novi: Beaches and water sports

The beaches of Herceg Novi with crystal-clear can be found along the 7-kilometre long Promenade Pet Danice. As a matter of fact, here the water deepens slowly and beaches are pebble-stoned. However, there is sand at the bottom of the sea in many areas. The main beach of the city has concrete shore in front of the Hotel Palace. Here you can rent sun umbrellas or if your stomach is rumbling away, there are many restaurants to choose from. Regarding water sports, fans can choose from swimming, snorkelling and kayaking. If you wish for a special vacation rent a boat Herceg Novi and sail in Herceg Novi.

What to do in Herceg Novi: as a nature-lover

Blue Cave

This natural wonder lies on the side of the Luštica Peninsula, between the Zlatna Luka Cove and the Mokra Gora Cape. The cave has two entrances: one is wide but low, and the other is narrow but high. The depth of the water in the cave is 3-5 metres and the height is 9 metres. The sea is crystal clear here, so the sunlight reflecting from the walls of the cave colours the sea a wonderful shade of blue.

Mamula island

This diameter of this limestone islet by the entrance of the Kotor bay is only 200 metres. Another typical feature of the island is that it is round; its original name was Lastavica. It got its new name after Lazar Mamula, a general during the time of the Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy who built a fortress here in 1853. It was formerly used as a prison. The fortress is under renovation now. Based on the plans it will be a complex with a gallery, catering services and a watersport club.what to see in Herceg Novi

Things to do in Herceg Novi: Explore the secrets of the city!

The centre of the historic old town is the Mediterranean main square with many colourful houses, fine restaurants and coffee shops. Here you can find one of the most spectacular sights, the Turkish Sat Kula Watch Tower. We also recommend the following churches and interesting places to visit.

Fortress Kanli Kula

The fortress was erected during the Turkish empire, its name means bloody tower. It was formerly used as a prison, nowadays it functions as a theatre and venue for a festival every year. There are also concerts and an open-air cinema. You can have a magnificent view from the tower of the fortress.

Forte Mare Castle

The castle as a main watchtower was built by Tvrtko I, Bosnian king. In the past it was part of a larger citadel, though, many parts of it fell into the sea during an earthquake in 1979. As far as it is concerned, nowadays the castle serves only as a tourist spot where you can watch films in the summer. Similar to Kanli Kula fortress there is also an amazing view of the coastline.

Regional museum

This 18th-century old compelling late Baroque building contains architectural, historical, ethnological and religious collections. During your walk in the garden, you can take a glimpse of over 100 carefully selected Mediterranean and subtropical plants. Just a few examples from them: palm trees, cactuses, aloe vera, mimosa, magnolia and, of course, herbs.

Church of Saint Michael

The orthodox church of Saint Michael Archangel is in the old town on the Bellavista square. It was erected in 1856 on the place of a Turkish mosque or Mohammedan temple. You can explore many different architectural features; its most precious treasure is a painting displaying Blessed Virgin Mary surrounded by saints. The painting stems from the liberation period from the Turkish.

Monastery Savina

If you want to visit this orthodox monastery, just take a 20-minute walk from the old town of Herceg Novi. According to early reports, this monastery with special Mediterranean ancient trees around it was built-in 1030 as an outstanding example of the Baroque style. The building is now home for many nuns, and it has a small museum as well. This museum preserves old cleric books, silver and gold relics.What to do in Herceg Novi

Traditions and events in Herceg Novi

This town of Montenegro awaits its visitors with numerous cultural events and festivals all year round. The most popular ones are Mimosa Festival, Herceg Novi Film Festival, Sunčane Skale and Guitar Art Summer Fest. The Mimosa Festival with a long history is held between February and March. There are also concerts, masquerade balls, dance performances and theatre plays. The film festival has been held since 1988 in August, its venue is the Kanli Kula Tower. National film-makers take part in a competition in many categories; moreover, they discuss the recent actions in the film industry. The Sunčane Skale pop music festival like the film festival takes place in the Kanli Kula fortress in July.

Nightlife in Igalo

However, Igalo and Herceg Novi are separate towns, nowadays they have grown together. This town famous for its medicinal mud and crazy bars and clubs is also accessible from the Promenade Pet Danica. For the younger generation, La Bamba and Casa are a must.

Gastronomy of Herceg Novi

Regarding catering facilities, one of the best choices in Herceg Novi is Konoba Feral right beside the port. They serve fairly delicious meals that are not overpriced. Furthermore, the Tri Lipe restaurant is specialized in Balkanian barbecue meat dishes.

Shopping on the local market

There is a wide choice of fresh products, such as vegetables, fruit, meat, local cheese, olive oil and flowers. Another interesting feature of the market is that you can see the paintings and statues of local artists on the booths. Among these many are real artist products for a relatively good price.

In the article, you could have an overview of the best things to do in Herceg Novi. Upon sailing here, you will find crystal-clear beaches, breath-taking historic sights and gain culinary experiences. Read more if you plan Herceg Novi sailing or rent a boat in Herceg Novi.