The town’s main source of income is tourism. Owing to its natural beauties and marvellous beaches the number of tourists has grown over one thousand. Here you will receive a guideline on what to see in this region. This article summarizes the best activities in Rabac.
What to do in Rabac

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What to do in Rabac: In the nature

Sentonina Staza Waterfall

During touring between Rabac and Labin you can find many small hidden streams in the forest. You will be fascinated by nature and the fresh air full of oxygen. The waterfall is the loveliest in spring and autumn. Take a pleasant stroll in the shade on a hot summer day. Or you or your children can even dip into the crystal-clear water. The waterfall is a small hidden paradise where there are only two of you: you and the eternal nature.

Four Elements Beach

Here just land, water, air, and fire – the four natural elements – surround you. This is a unique, tranquil place in a cosy bay. The water is crystal-clear suitable for diving and other water sports. There is a small cottage on the beach where you can rent sunbeds and buy freshly made drinks.

Duga Luka

Duga Luka lies in the bay of Prolog protected by the winds. It was Labin’s main marina during the Roman times although it has lost its former popularity after the prosperity of Rabac. The main activities of the inhabitants are fishing, olive production, and trading. Thus, the town’s main source of income is tourism. When you steer your boat around this town you will feel as if it was your own island.
What to see in Rabac

Things to do in Rabac

Girandella Diving Centre

The coastline and vicinity of Girandella are perfect spots for tourists. As far as the coast is concerned, it is ideal for surfing and diving. The trainers of the Girandella Diving Centre are really reliable and put safety first. Therefore, relaxation is guaranteed with this pleasant atmosphere and the professional staff. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, the underwater world will surely enchant you.

Energy Park

The programs at the park focus on relaxation and team building. The teams can get into here many exciting and extraordinary challenges. It provides a sheer unique experience for everyone. You can try several well-known and new games as well. There is also a chance for mini-golf, Jet Ski and motorcycle rent. The Energy Park awaits families with children with programs for more days.


The hiking trail between Rabac and Labin is quite popular for tourists. It is quite understandable since you can really feel part of nature under the shades of the fabulous pine trees. You can choose from many hiking trails although your rucksack must include a swimming suit. The enchanting forest hides numerous hidden streams, waterfalls and you can see the marvellous Negri Cave too. If you follow the South trail from Labin you arrive at the Skitaca and Crna Punta lookout towers. However, there are many uphills on the road, it is worth completing the track which means a real adventure. In the evening watching the rose sky and the sunset put the crown on your day. So do not hesitate, put on your hiking shoes!
Things to do in Rabac

What to visit around Rabac

Visit Labin

Rabac and Labin perfectly match each other. One of them is an amazing coastal town whereas the other is proud of its rich history and wonderful medieval monuments. Labin is the only larger town on the wild Eastern shore of Istria. Its history similar to other Croatian towns is really long and action-packed. Its oldest building is the Saint Justus Church erected in the 6th century. The Church is St. Mary is also interesting for tourists who seek wondrous painting and marble altars. This church commemorating Blessed Virgin Mary’s Birth incorporates the features of the Renaissance, Baroque and Neoclassical styles. Other interesting sights are the 17th-century old Baroque palaces of the Negri family. The façade of the Saint Stephen Church is one of Istria’s ornamental Baroque façades.

Labin’s economy developed during the era of coal and bauxite mining. However, after the crisis of mining, the town started to focus on energy production and tourism. The last mine was closed in 1990’ and tourism has become the main driving force of the economy. There is a magnificent view of the Adriatic Sea, the Kvarner islands and the vineyards on the slopes.


Plomin is a tiny region on the North from Rabac. Not just the route is beautiful, but the coastline too where you can drop your anchor and take a rest. If you want to look around, you do not need a lot of time. You can really get lost in the nature of this tiny village. Among the nice stone houses, you can hike to the highest point of the region where you can marvel at the breath-taking Croatian landscape.
What to see around Rabac

Olive oil and wine tasting

If you are bound to travel to the amazing town of Labin, you should definitely pay a visit to the Negri palace. Here you can taste the real Istrian olive oil and wine types. The owner proudly shares secrets of oil production and some Istrian traditions. The atmosphere accompanied by the feeling of passion is very pleasant, indeed.

Rabac is one of the perfect holiday resorts where you can forget your grey workdays and listen to the fine sounds of nature. Come and gain an unforgettable experience! Read more if you plan Rabac sailing or boat rental in Rabac.